Woman Finds Her First Love On Facebook 28 Years Later

Are you a fan of enchanting love stories? The story of Kay Gibbs and Michael Matinovic is something straight out of wonderland. It is a rollercoaster ride filled with shocking turns and twists that you won't be expecting. Kay Gibbs and Michael Martinovic met each other in 1980, a time when there existed no dating apps or social media. How did their story move forward? 

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Back then, technology wasn't as advanced as it is now. Long-distance video calling or email did not exist back then. People had to make do with the regular mailing through the post office to send a message. Otherwise, they had to meet the other person face to face. Online chatting with other people as it is now is a huge convenience to everyone who uses social media.

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The idea of social media alone was to allow people to stay in touch 24/7 with their friends and family and keep up with each other. However, in the 1980s, these conveniences were like fairy tales to everyone. People had other ways to keep each other company, and one of those ways was meeting in a club. 

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The Falcon's next club, which was known to be a military area, was also visited by ordinary citizens. People came to party all night with their friends, enjoying their drinks, and living their lives to the fullest. It was a good way for people to leave behind their worries and have fun.

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This highly renowned club also happened to be the first meeting place for Kay and Marty - the two love birds. Not knowing that this one trip to the club would have a huge impact on the events that were to come in the future. Fate had a rollercoaster ride in store for them.

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The very night at the club, Kay was partying to the core with her friends. She could visit the club as she lived near it despite not being in the military. Kay was a single mother. She had a 3-year-old son that she had to look after. She did not have any intention to date, anyone, from anywhere. This was the time when she was uninterested in any relationship. 

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Michael, unlike Kay, was in the military that gave him the benefit of enjoying the club to his heart's content. This was just one of the military privileges. He visited the club as it was convenient for him to chill with friends without traveling a long distance. 

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Michael was also not looking for love or anything of the sort and he came to the club only to kill time with the boys. For him, it was a good spot to take his time off and have a cold beer with his friends. Marty, however, found something very intriguing.

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Marty and Kay vividly remembered their first encounter when they were asked about it decades later. They hold this memory dearly deep within their hearts since this encounter intertwined their fate together. The first thing Kay noticed about Marty was his Military boots. They were shining brightly and got everyone's attention.

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On the other hand, the first thing Marty noticed was Kay's beautiful gem-like eyes. Marty narrated this romantic scene being very "electric." This was the first stepping stone towards their relationship. But they were unaware of what was going to happen next.

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Most couples throughout their lives never forget the initial conversation that they had. These conversations are like music to someone's love life since they carry many deep-seated feelings towards one another. It was just the same for our main love birds.

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The main man approached the main woman and asked about her life and other things while maintaining his words flow. He also took his chance to explain how he felt for her. You won't believe what Marty did next.

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Marty had a goal in his mind, and that was to get Kays digits as the chat between them was getting exciting. However, Marty's daring move made Kay hesitant because she wasn't interested. Being a divorcee, Kay had made an oath to herself that she wouldn't date anyone from anywhere. In the end, Marty got his offer rejected, but he refused to give in. 

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Marty proved his iron will of not giving in by trying to get her number even after she refused to do so. Marty had to attend to his duties, but he made another attempt by going back to Kay and trying his luck one more time as soon as he was done with them.

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Marty had visited the club many times before, but Kay was the only one that sparked a fire in his eyes. There were many different women in the club, but none seemed to interest him other than Kay. Luckily for our main man, Kay eventually complied after his multiple tries. The blossoming of a new relationship finally began. 

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Their relationship could now begin as Marty finally got Kay's number. They had long conversations over the telephone line and eventually decided to go out. It's always natural for anyone to think that the first date will be a wonderful moment for them. This was also the case for Marty and Kay.

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When you hang out with friends or someone you love, you know that these special outings can strengthen the bond between you and your close associates. Marty and Kay had a blast on their first time out together. Does the fire in their hearts grow even wilder?

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Anyone after their first time out with each other would generate bonds such as love. The same case was for these two lovebirds. Marty was quite surprised to realize that such a thing could happen within his own stationing. Kay loved the way Marty treated her, just like how a king treats his queen.

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He showed affection towards Kay in a very caring manner, which made Kay skip a heartbeat. Naturally, their bonds strengthed as time flew. Did their love grow or did it fell apart eventually?

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Every day the love birds' bond only got stronger and stronger. Kay and Marty shared a very spiritual bond. As time passed, they both got to know more about one another and made more heartfelt echoes with each other.

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Kay always said that she "loved him more and more each day." Although, she hid her true feelings, which were even more potent than this. However, there is not always a happy ending.

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Marty and Kay had a perfect relationship going on where all seemed to be fair, and it only could've gotten better; however, time is a cruel mistress, and it brings upon misfortunes. Marty being in the military, found out that a redesignation was being filed for him, and he was going to be sent to a different military base in Guam.

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This could only mean one thing for them, and that was an end to their relationship. They tried their best to part ways in the best possible manner without leaving scars on each other's hearts. Will they meet again?

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Kay and Marty had been together for a very long time, a total of nine long months. Still, at a young age, they were scared to show how they truly felt for each other. Without knowing one another's feelings, they were heartbroken by Marty's sudden transfer. It's never easy to suddenly say goodbye to someone you have been with for a long time. 

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In those times, things like social media did not exist, which would allow others to keep in contact on long distances. During those times, moving away from one another meant "bye-bye" for good in most cases. Kay and Marty tried to relieve themselves of the memories they had together. Eventually, they moved on.

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As times passed, the realization grew dimmer and dimmer as they knew fate had preordained this, and they could've done nothing to prevent this from happening. As they aged, they found new partners, married them, and broke up with them through the years.

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The sadness and sorrow of life can be a grueling experience for people, but Kay and Marty dealt with it as they dealt with their other problems. Despite all this, they still tried to find their inner peace. Will they survive without each other?

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You must be wondering if they ever thought about each other during their time apart. The answer is they did! It's only natural to never forget about someone with whom you spent nine long months. You always think about how they must be doing and if they are with someone else.

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They both spent a little bit of their time thinking about one another as they were also getting into different relationships. Although she didn't feel as good with other men as she did with Marty, Kay stated that she didn't feel that bad. It's unbelievable how their story takes a different turn.

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After being left by Marty, Kay tried to live alongside her son and raise him well. As all mothers should, she took her responsibility and cared for her son, dearly. She did all a mother can to provide for her son. She got a decent job at a phone company; however, things took a dark turn after she developed an illness called Meniere's Disease in 1999. 

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The Menieres disease causes disarray in one's ear. It has multiple symptoms and can vary from being a disease that can be taken lightly to a condition that can be very dangerous. The disease, in most cases, occurs on a single ear but sometimes on both too. The effects, which consist of lack of hearing or ringing sound, can last for very long periods. 

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Kay was having a hard time dealing with the disease's effects and was bedridden for a year and six months. Her sickness increased day by day. She would have an operation that bore the risk of various unwanted side effects if the whole thing went wrong. She was afraid, but she did it anyway as there was no choice left for her. 

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Kay got the good news from the doctors after her operation, and they stated that the operation was successful. However, it also comes with a piece of bad news that one of her ears wouldn't function anymore. Naturally, it came to her like a wrecking ball that she would have to make do with one ear.

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At the same time, she was relieved of the bad effects the disease had on her. She did not want to get back to her old job anymore. There was something else going on in her mind. Kay was planning to make a bold decision.

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After some time deciding whether she would go back to her old job, she decides to head back to it. She chose to go to work for now. After spending a great deal of time skipping work, she had to go back to provide for her son and herself. She concluded that her current job was not amusing to her anymore, and she wanted to do something different instead.

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After her treatment, she thought life isn't so long, and you should do what you want to do most. She ended up submitting a letter of resignation. Kay's decision will now lead to an occupation that she desired most.

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After quitting her old job, Kay had to plan what she would do for her son and her future. Despite having saved some money, it wasn't enough and she couldn't live under these conditions for a prolonged period of time. She wondered what she should do for work, something that she would enjoy doing.

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At the beginning of the 21st century, when the internet was rising, the idea to shop remotely came along with it. This piqued Kay's interest in shops that operated in the delivery of goods. Where will this new interest take her?

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Kay used to sell some old household items online. She enjoyed online selling, and that's where she got the confidence to start her consignment store. She named it "Kay's Designer Consignment." Her customers loved her service due to her welcoming nature.

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Most of her customers ended up becoming her regulars. After working from home for a long time in 2002, she decided to expand her business. She ended up buying a consignment store, which relieved her of working from home. Her business began to reach newer heights.

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Her consignment shop allowed people to ask for help selling their items in exchange for a fifty-fifty profit between them. Fifty percent of the profit goes to Kay for helping out and fifty percent goes to the ones who are selling their items.

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People quickly came to know about her consignment shop as her business was booming, and she was getting praise from all around. Unfortunately, misfortune struck her again.

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After some time working in her consignment shop, Kay realized that she was having a lot of fun working there. She gets to talk a lot with her customers, which is fun for her. However, things took a wrong turn once again. During 2006 Kay encountered yet another severe illness.

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This had a significant impact on Kay's life. Will Kay find her inner peace soon, or will she have to endure these hardships for the rest of her life?

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Kay's issue was resolved soon after she found a surgeon, and as time passed, she got better. After suffering severe migraines for 18 months, she finally rid herself of the problem and got back on her feet. However, her business was taking blows as well due to her inactivity. She also got separated later on, which had quite the mental stress on her.

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However, her son suggested a plan. The plan was to shift her business onto Facebook. This was because Facebook was gaining a lot of users at the time. It would undoubtedly help her company in the right way. So she did just that and launched her Facebook page. At this time, she started to think about an old flame that once had a special place in her heart.

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While she did use Facebook primarily to run her business page, she eventually learned more about the site and realized how so many people are there. Surprisingly she once again remembered Marty. She ended up searching for him on the social media site.

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She found an account with the exact name but no photo making her uncertain whether it was the same person. Just for the sake of confirmation, she decides to message the profile. The message she sent was astonishing.

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Despite being aware that the profile might belong to someone else, Kay gathers up the strength and hopes to message the profile. After her past experiences with illness and other disasters, she realized that life changes all the time, and it is necessary to cherish life to the fullest.

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After thinking about it carefully, she messages the profile inquiring if it was the same person from 28 years ago. What happened next was very shocking to her.

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The message went something like this, "Is this the same Marty that was in Homestead in 1980/81 with the Air Force Security Police?' If so, it's Kay, and I am wondering, how are you?" Once she got the reply, she was so eagerly waiting for her joy immediately re-sparked.

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Marty also could not fathom what he had experienced. The shock of talking to her once again was a huge one. He then positively replied that he, in fact, was the man she met 28 years ago. They ended up exchanging messages discovering what both of them had experienced in those 28 years. What was in those messages?

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Marty and Kay were both in shock as to what they had just witnessed and wondered how their fortune began to shine once again. It was thanks to the internet that they had managed to do so. Kay told her about her life events, and so did Marty.

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They just kept talking endlessly, and the fire in their hearts reignited once again. Will this rekindled flame grow even larger than it was 28 years ago, or will it just die out again?

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Twenty-eight years ago, both Marty and Kay could not tell each other about how they truly felt. However, this time, they did not waste any moment and told one another about the deep-seated feelings they had for one another. Marty told Kay that he would sell his current place of residence and move with her to Florida.

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Marty also asked her to come to him, which she did. It was 2009 when she left for Florida from Utah. All this to once again meet the one meant for her. What has fate left in store for them after this?

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Once Marty arrived in Florida, Kay asked him if he wanted to work alongside her in the shop. Marty decided to do it after thinking for a while. It didn't take long for him to feel accustomed to the atmosphere of the shop. After a while, they worked together in unison effortlessly without having any communication issues.

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They both also contributed to the business in any way they could to take it to greater heights. Does their love finally get to the next level? 

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After spending so much time together 28 years ago, they finally decided to get married as they complete each other like a puzzle. They did not waste any time in doing so. For all the time that was spent alone by the two of them, they finally got to make it up for each other by getting together once again. After getting to the next level, what lies up ahead for the couple?

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After struggling day after day, night after night, both Kay and Marty proved that the red ribbon of fate might be a real thing. You are bound to a partner the day you are born, and no matter what, there will be a time when the ribbon will finally connect you two.

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Kay and Marty's story holds profound meaning for love, and many people should learn from it. Their iron will to not give up should stand as a lesson for everyone. Does the story end here? We don't think so!

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As time flew by, Kay and Marty lived in harmony, along with their son. They had times filled with sadness but also times filled with sweet memories. These memories would end up being cherished by the two of them. However, just like any bad thing eventually meets its end, the good thing also has to meet its end.

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On April 4, 2020, Marty left this world and met his creator. Kay broke this unfortunate news to the world through her Facebook profile. May Marty rest in peace.

Image Credits: Facebook/Kay Martinovic

So now that you finally found out how deep the rabbit hole was, did you enjoy the ride? We absolutely loved how Kay and Marty cared for each other even when they were separated. They always had a fragment of each other in their hearts. Whatever life threw at them, they always found a way to push through. If you enjoyed reading this amazing journey of love, please share this with your friends and family. They will definitely thank you for taking them on a wholesome ride!

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