The Ideal Cat Breeds For Sagittarius

Cats are wonderful animals, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Their personalities vary widely, and so do their behaviors. Sagittarius, being a Fire sign, often find comfort in having a pet that keeps them company, but which are the best cat breeds for Sagittarius natives? In this article, we will be analyzing which cats would be the ideal match for a Sagittarius!

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If you were born between November 22nd and December 21st, then you can proudly call yourself a Sagittarius. The ninth Zodiac sign is known for its generosity towards the people they love and care for, as well as for their idealistic way of looking at the world around them. Sagittarius natives are the biggest travelers, philosophers, and outdoor people in the Zodiac.

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People born under this sign are animal lovers and, while they don’t tend to be picky about what type of animals they give their love to, there is one particular furry being that is the favorite of most Sagittarius. That wonderful animal is the cat, which not only matches the relaxed energy of Sagittarius but is also an incredible companion.

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People born under Sagittarius enjoy having pets that they can relate to, and that is why cats tend to be their favorites. Sagittarius is smart, quick to pick up cues, and enjoys the occasional chill night at home, which seems very similar to your average cat personality? Cats are also extremely low maintenance, which is another plus for Sagittarius. 

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Being the type of people who enjoy living in spontaneity, having a kitten that is playful by nature, will be the ideal match. Sagittarius also feel excited about the possibility of sharing their living space with pets that are sophisticated and not overly needy. But, with all this in mind, which are the best cat breeds for Sagittarius?

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Probably one of the most glamorous and elegant felines in the world, the Siberian cat comes from the Siberia region in Russia. They evolved in order to be able to handle the freezing temperatures of the Siberian taiga, which equipped them with one of the longest, most luxurious, and fluffy coats of hair in the cat world.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Mona Magnussen

Siberian cats are excellent family pets, mostly due to their highly affectionate nature and their jovial playfulness. They enjoy spending time snuggling close to their human and will often follow you around the house to make sure you are not in danger. This is also one of the best night-time companions, as they will keep you extra warm in the winter nights.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Sergey Semin


Not only are Siamese cats beautiful, but they are also highly intelligent, and for the Sagittarius who enjoy outdoor activities, you will be happy to learn that this is one of the best breeds to walk on a leash. Siamese cats are very easy to train and will be glad to join you on your hiking adventures.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Sharon McCutcheon

These cats are also very affectionate, however, they can sometimes have a short temper and will just move to a different room to be alone for a while - sounds familiar, dear Sagittarius? Nevertheless, when their mood is right, Siamese cats can also be very vocal and will try to engage with you through their meowing.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Alex Bertman


LaPerm is one of the most fascinating looking cat breeds you will probably encounter, and that is due to their curly coat. They are friendly, loving, and extremely curious, which might bring some excitement to the house, especially when you find your kitty stuck in a box or hole they went to investigate. 

Image Credits: Getty Images / kimberrywood

The coat of LaPerm cats comes in all types of colors and lengths, however, their curly hair usually only arrives once they reach maturity. In fact, these cats may even be born bald. The Sagittarius who are looking for a loving pet that will return their human’s love with enthusiasm will easily find that in one of these cats.

Image Credits: Getty Images / oxico


If you are looking for a cat breed that will easily and quickly learn tricks, then Ragdoll is the one for you. These adorable cats are wonderful pets for the Sagittarius that enjoy the constant loving company of an animal and, in case you have children in your family, the Ragdoll is the ideal cat for your household. 

Image Credits: Unsplash / Kevin Chinchilla

Ragdolls are sweet and docile cats, who enjoy snuggling up to you and just relax. They are also very caring and will often wait for you to get back home, frequently greeting their humans at the door when they arrive. These easygoing felines are one of the most adorable cats out there! 

Image Credits: Unsplash / Klugzy Wugzy


Originally from New England, the Maine Coon used to be working cats, being particularly popular mousers, ship’s cats, and even working on farms. This is one of the biggest breeds of cats you can find, and not only are they big, but they are also extremely adorable and affectionate.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Bob Commander

Maine Coon are very adaptable and excellent hunters, so if you live in the countryside you may want to consider getting one of these kittens to do the pest control work around the house. They enjoy keeping their human’s company without being needy and will make for an adorable extra pillow in bed!

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Being known for their docile nature and long fur, Persians tend to be one of the preferred breeds for Sagittarius. They are relaxed animals who are extremely easy going, however, they still retain their feline poise and grace. While this is an excellent pet for a family, a Sagittarius that has children should be careful and ensure that the cat is not being harassed.    

Image Credits: Unsplash / Touhid Arastu

Persians are beautiful and royal, however, they are the type of breed that require extra gentleness when being handled, as well as regular grooming. Their luscious long hair can quickly become tangled, so it is crucial that you maintain a brushing routine with these cats. For the Sagittarius that want a royal in their home, this is the right breed for them! 

Image Credits: Unsplash / Touhid Arastu


You may not know, but Nebelung means “creature of the mist” in Germany, which refers to the beautiful coat of this breed of cat. They are graceful, incredibly intelligent, and very affectionate, which makes them one of the best family pets. Their mysterious energy also pairs extremely well with Sagittarius. 

Image Credits: Pexels / Roman Skrypnyk

For the Sagittarius that love long-haired cats, the Nebelung might just be the right option, as they are not only gorgeous but also very elegant looking. Nevertheless, you must take into consideration that this is a new and rare breed, so you might not find them very easily. Try to see if there are any kittens for adoption at your local shelter! 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Cavan Images


Originally from Thailand, the Korat is a symbol of good fortune in their home country, and what Sagittarius doesn’t want a little lucky charm living with them? These cats have bright green eyes that symbolize prosperity and a wonderfully shining blue-gray fur that glistens like silver in the sun. Something you should know about the Korat is that they are a slowly maturing breed. 

Image Credits: Unsplash / Paul Bryan

This means that they won’t reach their fully grown size and maturity until they are around 5 years old, so Sagittarius that enjoys the playfulness of kittens will have a long-term one with this breed! Korats are related to the Siamese cats, however, they are the most relaxed breed of the family.

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A Sagittarius that loves beautiful cats (even though they all are) will fall in love with the Birman, which is covered in a mid-length fluffy coat, paired with piercing blue eyes, and a cute little face. These cats come across as really docile and chilled, however, don’t let yourself be fooled!        

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Under their fluffy hair, Birmans are very muscular and energetic, and will never be too tired to play or run around the house. While they might sometimes take a nap or two, they are a high-energy pet. A Sagittarius that likes keeping busy during the day might find a partner in Birman cats! 

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Often confused with Ragdolls, the Ragamuffin is the lapdog of the cat world. These cats are sweet, well-tempered, and very affectionate. They will follow you wherever you go, especially on the sofa and bed, as they love snuggling up to their humans for some love and care. There are no set-colors for this breed, but their most common feature is their loving personality.  

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Ragamuffins are also very talkative and have a specific chirp-like noise they make when they want to communicate. Sagittarius that are looking for a loving and caring pet will find exactly that in this breed of cat. If you enjoy traveling, you can also easily train the Ragamuffin to walk on a leash!  

Image Credits: Unsplash / P K

So, dear Sagittarius, are you ready to adopt your next furry friend? Let us know in the comments below which cat breed you prefer and make sure to share this story with all the cat lovers you know! Bonus points for you if you share a picture of your cat in the comments! 

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