December Horoscope for Capricorn

With a new month comes new challenges, are you ready Virgo? December will somehow be not that full of adventures but it promises to bring some drastic changes. It would help to see what the month has prepared for you, especially in the love department! 

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Capricorns are those born between December 22-January 20 and they belong under the earth element. The lucky numbers are 4,8, and 13, and they are ruled by the planet represented by the God of Time, Saturn. Being an earth sign makes sense as they are grounded to reality when reaching for their dreams. 

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As they are also symbolized by the sea-goat, a creature in mythology that has the tail of the fish and the body of the goat, these natives are skillful both in the material and emotional realm. They even have an unwavering focus that people misunderstand and will perceive them as cold and unemotional. 

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Will you ever ask another person to do something that you yourself would not do? We know you won’t! It’s because you are one of the signs that do not like to depend on people. You can be the sweetest person in the world unless someone annoys you off, but you are also keen on fixing things up.   

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If someone ever questions something about you, they better get their facts straight first, or else. You will not speak your thoughts aloud when you’re upset. They just have to deal with your silent treatment. People find it amazing that though you are hard to understand, you are easy to get along with.

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Who would not like to be near the detail-oriented people who will never take no for an answer? Capricorns can simply achieve anything that they set their hearts on, and one of their greatest power is inspiring people without even intending to. It’s because they are so hardworking, people also work hard when they’re around!  

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The sea-goats are willing to try a new skill anytime. Cooking? Trying out a new sport? Changing the tires? You name it. They will always view this as a challenge that they must get over with. Usually, people are also impressed with the Capricorns, thanks to their esoteric knowledge that makes them look like a master of all trades. 

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No matter how great some of your qualities may be, it just can’t be avoided that you have an attitude that makes you imperfect. That’s natural because you are only human after all. Even though people will admire you, they will also find it hard to understand some parts of you. 

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You will sometimes be too hard on yourself because you feel like you’re not doing enough. Voicing it out to your friends will not be an option as they’d always tell you that you’re full of potential, and somehow that won’t help. You even have some impossible standards for the people around you, and it breaks bonds at times. 

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We told you to look out for this one because Jupiter and Saturn will be leaving your sign this month, and as if they are biding their time, the love gods will seem to hold back. Do you know what that means? Sadly, this December is not the time to be merry with a partner. But patience is a virtue!

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The gods are only focusing on preparing you for a new burst of activity in the romance department in the early days of 2021. Venus will spend Christmas on your sign, however, and will bring you some romantic nostalgia that will allow you to take a sentimental trip down love’s memory lane.

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Though you are not so lucky in the love department this month, who cares? You have your friends right beside you. Together you will have one of the best Christmas celebrations this year. Venus in Scorpio will favor your meeting with friends. They’ll even try to understand your cold form of defense.   

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Venus will also be in Sagittarius and that will inspire you to discover some secrets, or shall we say that the secrets will just directly come to you. There’ll be things that your friends are hiding from others but they’ll want you to know, so be careful and don’t lose their trust by promising that you’ll keep it to yourself. 

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You should be thankful that your relationship with friends is on the Brightside because you will have people to run to when things get rough this month. Your family will be a little chaotic this time and you will need to rely on some people outside your home. This is because the combination of stars is not that favorable in the home life of a Capricorn. 

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The first cause of the problem within the family will be some financial issues as you may not do well in this aspect. There will also be problems regarding the children that will be hard to deal with. However, you must face it and talk about it before it gets out of hand. 

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Ho-ho Jupiter will be your Santa in the career department this month as it will send you professional opportunities and great successes in your work. Somehow, Mars will help as it will make you restless, impulsive, and more aggressive, and that will help you to stay motivated and productive in the workplace.

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You will receive a lot of projects and will gain a lot of recognition for your efforts this month. You’ll of course get more money from them too. You’ll just encounter minor problems in paperwork on the 4th and the 23rd of the month but it will not lead to a bigger one. Just be active, and nothing will go wrong. 

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The fiery Mars will be in your home zone this month and the war god is telling you that you must get the exercise equipment that you stocked up in the corner and start using them. You may also want to purchase a treadmill or elliptical trainer and have one of your rooms in the house dedicated to your workouts.

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Yes, you may get more money from the projects you’ll have this month but it’ll seem to slip away without you even noticing where it all went. There is no planetary activity in either of your two money houses this month so maybe that’s why. It all ended in October and the sun will only return in that sector in January.

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This is why you need to set some budgeting plans before the year will end, Capricorn. You’ll not like to have a repeat of this experience, next year, would you? Try to save as much as you can and not be impulsive in buying all that is good in your eyes. Speculative activities are also not good for you this month.

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Ambitious people like you are of course also attracted to those people that have ambitions and who work hard for it than to those who are laid back. You, Capricorn, deserve people who will be loyal to you and are also practical, goal-oriented, and even enigmatic. These are the signs that will be fitted with a sea-goat. 

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A fascinating mix will come out of your relationship with Scorpio and you two will even be a power couple. You don’t trust easily but would like to earn it so that will make you a pair that understands what the other wants. You and Taurus will also both aim for success and achievement, while Virgo will be supportive of you.

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Knowing what you don’t like in others and what you would like in the people that accompany you will make you aware of who you should surround yourself with. Remember, not all people will like you, so you must put yourself in a place where the ones spreading negativity in your life can’t reach you. 

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Stay away from the drama by not having anything to do with Aries. The power struggle between the two of you will be so strong that you will be annoyed by each other in the end. Libra will also displease you because their fear of conflict will seem too weak for you.  

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When the goat meets the ram, one wouldn’t know how these signs can get along. In spite of having different views on things, your trust can make this possible relationship last. Keep your trust and hold on. You will also be encouraged by your partner so working on your craft will be more bearable this month! 

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However, you must be wary of an Aries’ personality that is quite different from yours. Aries is impulsive and will act recklessly and this might put you off. You’ll want to think things through and you will be having a hard time talking about this with an Aries partner. Just stand your ground, Capricorn!  

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Capricorn, you'll have a great match with Taurus this month! Not only that you connect on a spiritual level, but your practical approach in life clicks very well, too. You can keep your relaxed demeanor this month for a Taurus will surely be more attracted to you. If determination attracts you, it’s most likely a Taurus. 

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Your being aloof will not turn off your Taurus partner for they deeply understand you and your personality. However, this should be a mutual effort as you must also be sensitive to your partner. Not every time they can understand you so be more conscious this month. Inspiration is overflowing this December! Make sure to have extra space on your plate! 

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This relationship has a different touch of something special. You and your partner have a good level of understanding and the respect for each other’s individuality is beyond measure. Your Gemini partner is also with you in battling life’s problems, making sure you both overcome all of them. Oh, let’s be reminded of your comfortable life with a Gemini partner! 

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This month, you will be on a journey to ensuring success in both the personal and professional life of your partner. You will be seeing yourself working more with your Gemini partner, hand in hand. Just make sure to be more conscious of your emotions, for it will cause problems despite your great compatibility. 

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You are a logical zodiac and you tend to overanalyze things. Your Cancer partner will light your seemingly boring life as they bring emotional intensity to this relationship. You have to keep up, Capricorn, and extend the same effort as your Cancer partner. Your emotional security must be built to make this relationship last! 

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Since you have deep-rooted respect towards each other and one another’s individuality, nothing will make you lose interest because of your partner’s opinions. However, you must still be there whenever your partner is in need of making serious decisions. For sure, they will very much appreciate your effort and will most likely return the favor!

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In spite of being different (and opposing) signs, you can keep being hooked with a Leo partner and be constantly happy with them only if you are able to share a similar goal and work on it together. Navigating your way towards something you both like is a way you can further build the love and foundation of this relationship!

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However, Leo’s emotional nature might catch you off guard. You are an emotionally steady zodiac while the Lion can change their moods in a matter of time. Make sure to be more understanding of Leo as well as communicate your concerns. Remember that this is a two-way relationship and you must understand your partner while knowing your emotions as well.

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You and Virgo’s devotion to one another is incomparable. No one is willing to end the day with a misunderstanding, perhaps the reason why this relationship is said to be the sweetest pair. For some, talking about strategies and business goals might be boring, but this isn’t the case for you and Virgo, who happens to enjoy more every bit.

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This is why you will most likely meet your Virgo partner at your workplace or a conference. Work is both of your priority so you’ll not misunderstand if one is too busy to update the other. However, keep in mind that you still have to check on your Virgo partner. They are sensitive people so make sure they feel loved.

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Lock eyed on a fashion item - this is how your relationship with Libra might start. You will be enticed by each other’s sense of fashion and be more drawn by the time you get to know each other more. Your main goal this December (and in any other month) is to look good, and the same goes for Libra.

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However, you have to know that the mask you are wearing will someday come off. Your relationship with Libra might seem to be superficial, especially that you both tend to mask your true feelings. Know that you have to be more open and honest with each other or you will face serious consequences. You don’t want to end this, right?

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Whenever you feel insecure, a Scorpio partner is always willing to reassure you. This is one of the best things you’ll have in a relationship with Scorpio this December. Not only are you secured by a Scorpio’s possessive nature, but you will also work things out in regards to your emotional instability by your partner’s practical ways.

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Keep up with your determination in achieving your goals for this is one of the reasons Scorpio is attracted to you. More so, you have to understand Scorpio’s personality and habits to be able to adjust and compromise. Of course, you have to be more open with your feelings as well. Oh, money matters should be talked about, too!

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Sagittarius is someone you will exercise your mind with. This month, you will find yourself be more drawn towards Sagitarrius’ way of thinking while not minding how they look. It’s a good thing, dear Capricorn, for you and Sagittarius will have a deeper emotional attachment not built by your physical attraction.

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This December, you will feel more committed towards your Sagittarius partner, and they’ll extend the same level towards you. You can lean on your partner more for they will surely make time to be of help whenever you need them! Don’t take this for granted, though, for they will also need the same level of dedication from you.

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You have similar views, similar personality, and most likely similar goals that is why you have a deep understanding with a fellow Capricorn. Both of you keep on thinking of long-term relationships and are not interested in other zodiac’s games of courtship (well, not most of the time). In all seriousness, you are bound for a lasting relationship.

Image Credits: Getty Images/Kumpan Electric

You want to take control so this relationship is mostly full of power struggles. You two will duel for domination over the other and this is what you’ll have to work on this December. Make sure to work on your egoistic natures, dear Capricorn, or say goodbye to a possible lasting relationship.

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If you want to be with an Aquarius, there are many things you have to work on, as well as your partner. This union is of two different signs, despite being neighbors on the zodiac wheel. The first thing you have to consider before entering a relationship with Aquarius is if you want the same thing in life.

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Because you two are far different (by theory and by reality), not only should you work on the way you communicate but you will also have to work on your passion, and the clashing perspectives. You have many things to consider and sacrifice to last in this relationship. Are you ready? 

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There will be a clash of perspectives between a Capricorn’s practical approach in life and Pisces’ dreamy and ideal reality (or fantasy). This is something you might want to know before getting more serious with Pisces. There are more differences than similarities, and you two would have to work on these differences to find a common ground.

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Pisces don’t care much about the structure which might set you off this month, especially when your organized self will kick in more. Being sensitive to this personality of Pisces and understanding them is your first step. You also have to be open and communicate your sentiments in a manner that they would understand. You’ll make it with Pisces! Good luck!

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Given your grounded personality as an Earth sign, you are well-mannered but can be a bit stoic by nature. However, it doesn't mean that humor is crossed out of your list! Come on, everybody needs a good laugh even for a serious Capricorn! Arrange your work schedule and have time to unwind by watching movies! 

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But being an infamous picky Capricorn, it might take you a while when choosing the right movies. So, we have got this list of comedy movies that will surely make you burst into laughter! This includes Harold And Maude, Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love The Bomb, Planes, Trains, & Automobiles, and Mrs. Doubtfire. 

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Who can't help but be productive this year? Raise the roof, Capricorns! You just love to be ambitious and relentless at what you do! With your great work ethic, you surely have accomplishments that need to be celebrated before this year ends! Turn up for a playlist that can enliven up your energy for a new year and new goals!

Image Credits: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Listen to "Flames" by R3HAB & Zayn & Jungleboi, "Still Into You" by Paramore, "Preach" by John Legend, "golden thing" by Cody Simpson, "Jolene" by Dolly Parton, "No Ordinary Love" by Sade, "Self Care" by Mac Miller, "Hate Me" by Ellie Goulding and Juice WRLD, No Lie" by Sean Paul ft. Dua Lipa" and "Lonely" by Noah Cyrus.

Image Credits: Pexels/Kaboompics .com


Capricorn season is the most wonderful season of the year! It is a perfect time to get cozy by reading a book on a couch and sipping a mug of hot cocoa while covered in a warm blanket. Sounds nice right? So if you still haven't found a good book to read, don't worry because we have got you covered, dear Capricorn!   

Image Credits: Pexels/Taryn Elliott

These books are just the perfect ones for you! Add these to your reading list: Permanent Record by Mary H.K. Choi, The Toll by Neal Shusterman, The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson, SLAY by Brittney Morris, Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw, Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu, and Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson. Happy Reading!

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The new year is fast approaching but it is not yet too late to get yourself into a number of hobbies! That's right, Capricorns! You can still experience a lot of new things and learn new skills. You are practical and hard-working so you mostly prefer to put your time and efforts into something productive.

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Your choice of a hobby is influenced by your ruling planet, Saturn. Yes, it makes you persevering but grounded and cautious. Capricorn is introverted in nature so as much as possible, you prefer hobbies that can be carried out from the comfort of your home like gardening, yoga, painting, making crafts, reading, eating, and bird watching. 

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The year 2020 is a great year for self-improvements. You will have to learn to value your material and emotional well-being as these would do you good in the future. You might find a continuing struggle to balance love and work but don't worry because you may find more fulfilling relationships by the end of the year.

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Your career and financial aspects will suffer small losses. Both your personal and professional life will improve and the goals you have in mind will be achieved. Invest in yourself and you will likely find success and stability this year. All in all, you have done well in a tough 2020. 

Image Credits: Pexels/Thaís Lima

You will surely end 2020 with a bang! Keep up your hard work and welcome the new year with more positive energy. You don’t have to worry, we will make sure to keep you updated on how the universe lays your future. Keep on going, Capricorn! Let us know how your final month turns out! 

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