U.S Cities That Are Perfect for Sagittarius

U.S Cities That Are Perfect for Sagittarius

Dec 15, 2020Danica

When you think of Sagittarius, you think of strength, passion, and creativity since these are their key traits. Now which cities could use a little bit more of this? If you are a Sagittarius wondering which city you should live in, then simply keep on reading this article! We have the best suggestions catered specially for you!    


We know how nerve-wracking it really is to choose which city you should live in. This is even harder for our darling Sagittarius since they have the tendency to be a bit indecisive. However, there are options that come with the decision-making process; plus, there are factors that you should really consider before you make your move. 

Obviously, one has to think about their income, their hobbies, their families, their own personal taste and so much more! There are so many factors that come with the decision of finding the perfect city to move to. Although, our dear Sagittarians should give this article a read before they weigh out their prospective cities. 


It is no secret that our darling Sagittarius are some of the most workaholic people out of all the zodiacs. This means that they would want to live in a city that is equally beautiful as it is progressive. There is only one city in mind and we are quite sure that our Sagittarians will immensely love Boston, Massachusetts. 

Boston is one of those cities that are beautiful, historical, and very fascinating. This city is equally beautiful no matter which season you end up moving in; although, this city is so much more beautiful in the winter. There are so many reasons why our Sagittarians should move to Boston, but a great career path might be the top choice! 


If there is one person in the whole zodiac that you can really count and depend on, then this is a Sagittarius. We know how much of a home person our Sagittarians can be, and so a city with a really huge community is pivotal in making their decision to move. A city in mind is, most definitely, Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

We know how big of a community Philadelphia has, and we are quite sure that our darling Sagittarius will love its people as much as they will love the city. Philadelphia is so rich in history, culture, and beautiful people. It is almost guaranteed that our darling Sagittarius will never regret moving to this amazing city.  


Another thing that not many people know about our Sagittarians is their innate kindness. They would want to help anybody in any way that they can; so this means that they would love to live in a city that is tight-knit. Particularly, a city that comes to mind is Portland in Oregon. 

Portland is becoming one of the United States’ most livable cities and so this can mean that building communal relationships here can be great. There are also so many great places to go to around Portland, so we are quite sure that our darling Sagittarius will never have a problem exploring these places. So think about Portland if you are looking to move somewhere! 


A trait that can either be a good thing or a bad thing for our dear Sagittarius is their criticalness. They are always overly critical of everything, of everyone, and of themselves. Sometimes, this can weigh them down, but a city that can help them overcome this is Los Angeles, California.   

When you think of Sagittarians, you really do not think about Los Angeles since this city can be a tad bit too carefree for our Sagittarians. However, moving somewhere new can really help our Sagittarians in exploring who they really are in the long run. We are sure that the vibe, the people, and the lifestyle in Los Angeles will really help our Sagittarians reach their full potential!


It is no secret that our darling Sagittarius can be really creative when they want to be, but we also know that creativity often lies in the place that they live in. So why not look for a city that can really encourage your own creative liberty? A city in mind is none other than Nashville, Tennessee.  

Nashville is famous for its art, its culture, and its music; it is the safe haven of most budding singers all across America. If you are a Sagittarius and if you are an artist (no matter what medium), then Nashville can be a place that will truly inspire you to create more. Moving can be quite daunting, that is for sure, but you can always visit this city first then fall in with it later. 


Sagittarius' are quite wild–in a good way though, so they usually use this trait to their own advantage. They usually like to feel free and liberated, so when they choose a city to settle down in, these factors always come first. One particular city in mind when it comes to our wild Virgos is Las Vegas, Nevada.   

Now, Las Vegas can seem like such an unlikely place to live in, but if you are a Sagittarius who craves fun and liberation, then this is the perfect city! This city offers a wide range of activities for everyone to do, plus the casinos and the hotels are only the cherries on top. So why not visit Las Vegas and experience this majestic city for yourselves?  


It is no secret that our darling Sagittarius are some of the most ambitious people out there. They work hard, they try to do things their way and they are pretty good at it! A city that really speaks to a Sagittarius in this sense is none other than New York City!  

Honestly, who does not want to live in New York City at least once in their lives? This is the city that can really make you feel like yourselves, and this city has a magic that makes you feel like you belong here and that you are successful. If you would like to feel this way, then there is only one thing left to do: move here! 


If you are a one in a million Sagittarius; chances are, you are quite the adventurous soul. You will do everything for a good thrill, a nice adrenaline rush, and a day full of beautiful exploration. If this is you, then we are quite sure that you will love living in Denver, Colorado.  

Denver is a city that has the best of both worlds; it has amazing skyscrapers and it has that majestic mountainous backdrop. There is a whole world to discover in Denver, and this city is probably one of the most picturesque and exciting cities in the whole of the United States. If you are not quite sure, then simply check it out for yourselves if you have the chance! 


Sagittarians are naturally sunny people and they love the feeling that they have whenever they are near the waters. If the thought of living in a city filled with culture, great food, and beautiful beaches is quite appealing to you, then we know just the place! Miami, Florida is a one-of-a-kind city that has a great vibe and an equally great community.  

This is a place that will surely appeal to our darling Sagittarius since they might feel inclined to be outgoing once they move to Miami. Plus, can you simply imagine all of the delicious food that you will be eating in this city? Plus, the beaches here are simply breathtaking; you will never regret moving here...not once! 


For our darling Sagittarius, culture is one of the most important things to them whenever they are looking for a place to settle down to. They love a good vibe, beautiful people, and an equally beautiful community...but culture is the most important one. If this is you, then might we suggest moving to Atlanta in Georgia?  

Not many people know this, but Atlanta is one of the most cultural spots in the whole of the United States. This city is filled with beautiful spots, iconic landmarks, and really beautiful people. Our darling Sagittarius should see Atlanta for themselves because they surely will fall in love with this beautifully cultural city!  


Moving is no joke; it is actually one of the most life-changing and liberating decisions that a person can do for themselves. Our dear Sagittarius are adaptable, strong, and very culturally inclined so these are factors that they try to work out before deciding on which city to move to. However, lists like this make life a tad bit easier, right? 

Each city has a different heartbeat, a different soul, and a different vibe to it; so it really is important to choose wisely. Which city on this list is your favorite one? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and share this article with your family and friends!   

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