January For Gemini: Drastic Changes Ahead

Finally, 2020 came to an end as we embrace a new upcoming year. This coming January is a time for drastic changes and our darling Geminis must be ready; relationships, careers, and personal outlooks will be challenged, but there really is no reason to worry... Find out more about what is to come this January! 

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Geminis are born from the 21st of May up until the 21st of June. They are considered to be air signs just like Libra and Aquarius. Our dear Geminis usually come in pairs and they are always the life of every party, so it really pays to have a Gemini by your side and in your friendship circle. 

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If you are having difficulties finding the brighter and the more fun side of life, then simply tag along on a Gemini’s adventures. The twins of the zodiacs are some of the most spontaneous, uplifting, and intelligent people out there so they would know exactly what to do. However, they might be a tad bit too loud if you are used to silence and peace. 

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Geminis are some of the most amazing, adventurous, and daring people that you will ever meet. They love a sense of action and they will go all out to simply feel a dash of adrenaline rush. Their stories are endless and their adventures are as exciting as their personalities. 

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When you find a Gemini, you should never let them go because they are probably some of the most authentic people that you will ever meet. Geminis are not really fussy and they do not care about materialistic things. For them, experiences and shared memories are much more valuable than tangible items. 

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Obviously, our darling Geminis also have their negative side. Most people tend to withdraw from a Gemini’s life because they often feel like they can never keep up. In return, our Geminis would go as far as they could only to be excluded even more; since they can sometimes get mad at themselves when they are all alone. 

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However, we know that seclusion often leads to negative emotions. So our dear Geminis should learn how to tone it down sometimes so that their friends can keep up. Also, our Geminis can often come off as loud and obnoxious, and they really do not care if you think badly about them...which is not a bad thing, but they should still be considerate of this.  

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If there is a zodiac sign that would eventually dominate Hollywood, it has to be Gemini. We know how fun, exciting, and talented our darling Geminis are, so it does not surprise us that they are everywhere in Tinseltown. Some of our favorite actresses who happen to be Geminis are Grace Kelly, Helena Bonham Carter, and Marilyn Monroe! What a dazzling list!    

Image Credits: Getty Images / A portrait of Grace Kelly.

Naturally, our dear Geminis would also want to try different things like music. You might not know it, but some of our favorite musicians are also Geminis. Some of the more familiar faces include Blake Shelton, Macklemore, and Sir Paul McCartney.

Image Credits: Getty Images / A portrait of Sir Paul McCartney.


January is a month that is going to be filled with good news with regards to your romantic relationships. The planets Venus and Mars will be on your side for most of the month, so our darling Geminis should really make the most out of this rare occurrence. If there is a decision that needs to be made with your partners, then this is the perfect time to do so!

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Worry not for our Geminis who are single, since you really do not have to look far in order to find a suitable match. This month, a potential partner might cross paths with you and you will be surprised since they could come in the form of a great friend. So keep an eye out for this occurrence; you will surely know when they come. 

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If you have been quarreling with a particular family member in 2020, then January is the perfect time to make peace. Not only because this is the start of a new year, but because Venus is on your side. Our darling Geminis will have that extra boost of charisma, so your apologies will surely be accepted!

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This month is also great when it comes to building a stronger relationship with the children in your family. These children can be your own or your nieces and nephews...they can even be your grandchildren! Come up with a fun activity this January and simply take these children out for a fun-filled day; they will surely love you for it.

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Our dear Gemini’s friendship circle will be in full swing this coming January. This means that it could be perfect to set up a date or even a fancy home dinner with your friends. Naturally, our Geminis would want to go all out, so simply warn your friends in advance so they can come prepared for a bustling environment.   

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As we have previously mentioned, a potential lover might introduce themselves in the form of a life-long friend. This means that you really have to consider the risks of dating someone from your own friend group...but usually, friends can be the best lovers because they really know who you are. So think about it and decide from there.

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Everybody’s lives were completely changed in 2020, so it might be great to try out something new this coming year. Does this mean that our darling Geminis should focus on getting new experiences, new clients, and maybe even a new job? Obviously, this is easier said than done but we know how Geminis love a good challenge!

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Another thing that our dear Geminis should focus on this January is simply finishing up the tasks that they have left unattended last year. We know that you might want to try out a lot of new things, but always remember that we should always finish what we started. So simply sit down and finish all of your pending tasks.

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Before you focus on anything else this January, it may be great to really assess where you are when it comes to your own personal health. This month can be perfect when it comes to finding a more appropriate diet or workout plan for our darling Geminis. There is no reason for you to slump repeatedly, so go out there and start your fitness journey!

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Our dear Gemini’s finances are actually looking quite well this January. This means that you will be financially stable and you might even get some monetary bonuses from your job. However, this is no reason for you to splurge; instead, put this money in the bank and save it for later.

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January is a month that will surely test our Gemini’s strength, patience, and sanity. For this reason, it might be best to have a loyal companion and a supportive friend by your side. We all know that Leo is the most loyal and the most supportive person that you will ever meet, so they are a perfect fit for our Geminis this January.

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If you want to avoid any unnecessary drama and argument, then might we suggest that you avoid a Virgo at all costs! We know that both signs are intellectuals and they both love working. However, their styles and their personalities really do not match so they might bump heads quite often this January... it probably is better to avoid a connection with a Virgo for now.

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If you want to welcome this new year with new experiences, then you should call up an Aries. A bond between these two signs is highly recommended for January because they will both bring something positive to each other. Plus, both Gemini and Aries are keen on trying new things, so they will surely enjoy each other’s company this month!

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A connection between a Gemini and a Taurus is the perfect platonic connection for either sign. If you are looking for a friendlier face or a relationship that often resembles that of a sibling’s, then a bond between a Taurus is your best bet. Sometimes, you really do not have to get romantically involved with someone to have a blast, because friends are fun too. 

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The bond between a fellow Gemini is highly encouraged since you both know how each other’s mind works. You are never too loud, too spontaneous, or too much of anything when you are with a fellow Gemini. So if you want to be yourself or if you have been trying to do something fun, then why not hit up a fellow Gemini for that extra dash of a good time? 

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Another connection that is better off as a platonic relationship is one between a Gemini and a Cancer. We know how simple our Geminis are, but they actually love a Cancer’s sophistication. These signs are the perfect example of how opposites do attract and they love each other for it; plus, they are the perfect duo when it comes to simply talking all day!

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As we have previously mentioned, a connection between a Gemini and a Leo is highly recommended this January. This month, our darling Geminis will really be tested and they will need someone to lean on when times get rough. Leos are naturally loyal and they will make sure that our Geminis have everything that they need to get through these tough times!

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As we have stated above, a match between a Gemini and a Virgo is highly discouraged for January. This is due to the fact that these two signs have a different way of running things and once they are together, they might bump heads with each other. We all know how Geminis hate losing, so might we suggest skipping this one for now?

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If there is someone who can match our darling Gemini’s level of intellect and curiosity, it would be a Libra. These signs are some of the most intelligent people out of all the zodiacs, and they will never run out of things to talk about. A connection between a Gemini and a Libra is highly encouraged this January because they will help each other reach their full potential.

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This month, if you are looking for a fuss-free relationship, then you might want to ditch that Scorpio in your life. We all know how free-spirited and how intellectual our Geminis are; whereas Scripios are a tad bit sensitive and quite emotional at that. January is not the time for our Geminis to dive into their emotional side, so this match is a no-go this month...

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If you are looking for a relationship that closely resembles that of a mentorship, then might we suggest reaching out to a Sagittarius? Yes, our darling Geminis are smart but they could always learn a thing or two about life’s different aspects. This month, a Sagittarius might teach you a lot of things when it comes to leveling up in the career ladder, so give them a call today!

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A connection between a Gemini and a Capricorn has a 50-50 chance of succeeding this January. Normally, a Gemini appreciates a Capricorn’s loyalty, but they also find a Capricorn’s stability quite boring. So if our darling Geminis are willing to learn and to be a tad bit more grounded for our dear Capricorns, then this match may eventually succeed in the long run.

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There really is nobody else who can bring out a Gemini’s sense of purpose and sense of fun like an Aquarius. Our darling Geminis and our dear Aquarians are both air signs, and this means that they basically alike. This month, it might be great to develop a deeper connection with that Aquarius in your lives and see where this may go. 

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This month, a match between a Gemini and a Pisces is highly discouraged since both signs have a very different set of priorities. Naturally, our Geminis love to take advantage of their adventurous side, but a Pisces might hate this most of the time. So instead of trying to fit each other’s molds, why not ditch this connection and find somebody else who is more suitable?

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We know how hectic life can be for everyone when January comes because we all try to change drastically and we all try to wrap things up quickly. This means that we might have a harder time spending quality time with our loved ones and with ourselves. However, we all know how fun watching films can be, so why not try this out? 

Image Credits: Unsplash / Sayan Ghosh

Geminis love a dramatic film, so we might have found the perfect one for you to watch: The Prom. This film is newly released and it is star-studded with Hollywood’s most iconic stars such as Nicole Kidman, James Corden, and none other than Meryl Streep. The fact that this film is a musical is only the cherry on top, so go watch it whenever you can!

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It is often hard to recommend music to listen to for our darling Geminis because they tend to change their preferences quite often. One thing is for sure though: they love anything artistic, experimental, and different. For this reason, they might love listening to Rosalía’s albums because she simply has a great voice and our dear Geminis can practice their Spanish. 

Image Credits: Pexels / cottonbro

If you do not know who Rosalía is then you are missing out! She is probably one of Spain’s most successful entertainers and she is slowly getting the worldwide recognition that she deserves. So whilst waiting for Rosalía’s latest album, why not listen to her previous ones: Canta Victoria, Los Ángeles and El Mal Querer

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The new year is a great excuse to buy and hoard books that you would like to read over the year. However, you have to make sure that you will really read these books because they might just end up as a waste of money and space if you just discard them. For this reason alone, it is vital to choose the perfect books to keep you company for the rest of the year.

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To start our year right, might we suggest reading The Spy by Paulo Coelho? This book is a masterpiece and it is historical fiction so our darling Geminis might find this particular novel quite intriguing. So you might want to cozy up with a hot chocolate near you and just immerse yourself in the fascinating world that Paulo Coelho has shared with all of us.

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It is important for our dear Geminis to really think about the things that they would like to do for the year. We know that January is the beginning of a completely new era and so we must always welcome the change that comes along with this. So before embarking on a few new tasks, why not list down your plans and goals for the month and for the year to come?

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In doing so, you will have a much better grasp of what actually needs to be done instead of simply going with the flow. We cannot emphasize enough how important planning is when it comes to our Geminis this January...and for the rest of the year, frankly. It really is pivotal for you to think about your plans instead of doing things spontaneously.

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As we have stated above, it probably is best to stay away from any spontaneous decisions when it comes to your career this January. We know that spontaneity is one of our darling Gemini’s most remarkable traits but it will simply not work career-wise this month. So plan ahead and really tackle your workspace with force, intent, and success!

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You might also want to stay away from any unhealthy snacking this month because this might end up being the reason for a very minor health inconvenience. No matter how small of an inconvenience it is, it is so much better to be healthier and to be prepared when the time comes. You do not have to stop snacking, but it probably is best to find a healthier alternative.

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January is a new start and we must always welcome it with open arms especially since nobody knows what the future truly holds for us, but maybe that is the beauty of it. Uncertainty is what makes it all the more appealing to our dear Geminis. In return, they will try to navigate life with glee, with positivity, and with a free-spirit...that is just how they normally are.

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As we leave 2020 behind, our darling Geminis should also learn how to leave their inhibitions, their negative energies, and their doubts in the year that has passed. These troubles have no part in their future, so it simply is best to let go of these things as quickly as you can. After all, you surely will be better off without carrying these unnecessary burdens.

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This coming month brings along hope, adventure, and a keen sense of positivity; be sure to make it count! What are you most looking forward to doing this January and for the coming year? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and share this article with your family and friends! 

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