Unrecognizable Celebs Who Aged Badly

Life in the limelight might seem glitzy from the outside but it certainly takes a toll on the stars. From Britney Spears to Lindsay Lohan, you won't recognize these celebrities who have aged badly... Stay tuned for the number one actor that doesn't look anything like he did as your favorite child star!    

Image Credits: Getty Images / Steven Tyler on the red carpet.


Meg Ryan's appearance seems to have taken a terrible turn for the worse these days. From rumors of medical procedures to her break from Hollywood, this actress has fallen a long way from her glory days. We remember her from hits like When Harry Met Sally and You've Got Mail but it seems her fountain of youth has dried up.  

The acclaimed actress has spoken out about her experience with aging in Hollywood. She expressed, "There’s a lot of hatred in the world today. It’s so easy to judge ... I love my age, I love my life right now. I love the person I’ve become, the one I’ve evolved into.” 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Meg Ryan at an event.


Pierce Brosnan is undoubtedly one of the most notable James Bonds ever, yet lately, he appears to have invested more energy in his attempts at activism than actually being active (in the gym). Not only has he aged in his face but his fitness levels are not what they used to be. Mister Bond, Money Penny would not be impressed!    

Image Credits: Getty Images / Actor Pierce Brosnan.


Amanda Bynes was overflowing with potential thanks to her sweet demeanor and acting skills. We saw her in beloved films like What I Like About You and She's The Man but the young actress is no longer that sweet and youthful little girl. After some personal issues, she has not been cast in Hollywood for years and we think her aging appearance might be the reason. 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Amanda Bynes


John Travolta turned into a handsome symbol in the late '70s with his roles in Saturday Night Fever and Grease. This shot him to immediate stardom in Hollywood. We can't exactly say the same regarding Travolta nowadays. He appears to have aged significantly over the past few years. In his defense, he has been facing personal tragedy with the passing of his wife

Image Credits: Getty Images / Actor John Travolta.


The eminent and appealing star of Baywatch appears to have zero desire to accept that she has aged. Attempting to shroud the impacts of time on her with make-up has led to some displeasing results. The press believes that the make-up she wears these days doesn't work well with her age and makes her look outdated...  

Image Credits: Getty Images / Pamela Anderson.


Kate Moss was, and still is, one of the most celebrated supermodels on the planet. Ascending to wide fame and distinction in the 90s after she was found by talent reps at the young age of 14, Moss spent most of her life in the limelight. The now 40-something model has been tainted because of her party-lifestyle. She now displays somewhat dull-looking skin.    

Image Credits: Getty Images / Model, Kate Moss.


Being a dad to eight kids is causing Mick Jagger to age pretty quickly. His big life events have definitely affected the artist's appearance... As the once alluring and heart-consuming artist of the notorious band Rolling Stones, Mick is by all accounts filled with wrinkles and looks nothing like the heartthrob he once was. 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Mick Jagger.


With over 30 years of experience in the acting business, Leonardo DiCaprio quickly fixed his name as a Hollywood heartbreaker after roles in movies like Titanic and Romeo & Juliet. Having stayed an unmarried hunk, Leo appreciated and lived quite a party-filled way of life.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Leonardo DiCaprio at an event.

It is thus no surprise that the entertainer's once-loved looks have started to blur. The star is routinely observed out and about, not taking care of his health or skin. People have spotted him with heavy facial hair and an ever-looming potbelly. He might be using his beard to conceal a few enhanced wrinkles... What do you think?  

Image Credits: Getty Images / Leonardo DiCaprio spotted.


Johnny Depp shot to fame as a young symbol because of his eerie yet dazzling looks. This paired with great acting adaptability scored him roles in movies, for example, Edward Scissorhands and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Having dated a large number of lovely young ladies (Winona Ryder and Kate Moss), it was clear he had good looks.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Johnny Depp at an event.

Prior to having two children with his former partner, Vanessa Paradis, the actor was also linked to Amber Heard. This marriage went up in flames and has left Johhny with a very bad reputation. His appearance has no doubt gained more than a few wrinkles thanks to this drama.  


One of the most famous musical heroes ever, Steven Tyler didn't age quite as well as his career. The lead vocalist of Aerosmith known for his pouty, full lips, flighty dressing style, and love for cosmetics is to some degree unrecognizable. He now looks gaunt, depleted, and old. The rockstar lifestyle has these effects on people... 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.


The youngster shot to fame thanks to her roles in The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls, yet after altercations with the law, she started making the news for unacceptable reasons. The star has started to bear the brunt of her risky lifestyle and we can see it in the lines on her face and over-plump lips.   

Image Credits: Getty Images / Lindsay Lohan.


Ozzy certainly has a story of his own. Being the lead vocalist of the notorious band Black Sabbath and his own band, Ozzy Osbourne has been one of the trailblazers and pioneers of metal music around the world. His insane way of life guaranteed that one day he would resemble an old woman as opposed to the appealing young vocalist that we all knew... We were right.  

Image Credits: Getty Images / The singer Ozzy Osbourne.


Brad Pitt made his mark as a star in the hit film, Thelma and Louise back in 1991. He immediately picked up a slew of fans for his hunky looks. The entertainer has since been routinely referred to as one of the world's most appealing men, but after a big separation from Angelina Jolie, he looks nothing like the handsome man we know and love. 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Actor Brad Pitt.


The American entertainer soared to popularity as our top pick thanks to her role as Bridget Jones. Her adorable and relatable character saw Zellweger's prevalence spike and she thus landed more roles in hit movies, for example, Chicago and Cold Mountain. 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Renee Kathleen Zellweger at an event.

It appears to be a lot of strain to keep up an energetic composition and youthful glow. Zellweger was the talk of the town for many years and the media debated that the star was donning an unmistakably "younger" yet unrecognizable face. Sadly, everyone could see past the new look and realized one thing, aging has not been her friend.  

Image Credits: Getty Images / Renee Kathleen Zellweger at an event.


Matthew Perry who is most popular for his beloved role in the long-standing TV series, 'Friends', has faced many personal issues. They have left their own blemishes on the entertainer who currently seems older than his age. Have a look below and decide for yourself.   

Image Credits: Getty Images / Actor Matthew Perry.


At a certain point, Britney Spears was the favorite musical star of each Noughties boy and girl. Brandishing the broadly mainstream all-American dream and breaking out hit tunes like Baby One More Time and Oops! I Did It Again, she was the ultimate "it-girl." 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Britney Spears at an event.

It appears that all of her notoriety came too soon, and the star endured an obvious breakdown in 2007, shaving her head bare and getting involved with a paparazzi vehicle and an umbrella. From that point forward, the pop star has gradually attempted to bring back her fame, however, her profound private matters have definitely negatively affected her once youthful glow. 


He was one of Hollywood's most beloved men, it is, of course, Mel Gibson. Thanks to the film, Mad Max and a progression of hit movies, for example, Mrs. Soffel, the Lethal Weapon series, and Air America, he went from a simple entertainer into a real life superstar.  

Image Credits: Getty Images / Mel Gibson photoshoot.

Ladies adored Gibson's amazing blue eyes and perfect facial features. With a dash of masculinity that shielded him from being viewed as just a pretty kid, he had it all. However, as the years went by, mounting pressures seem to have taken their toll on his once-charming appearance. The star certainly looks very different today... 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Mel Gibson at an event.


Mickey Rourke has graced our screens for years. His handsome looks and great build thanks to his time as a former boxer made him a leading man in drama, and thriller films like Sin City. Yet these days he is unrecognizable... After living the life of a star and going under the plastic knife, we now miss his once-youthful glow!    

Image Credits: Getty Images / The actor, Mickey Rourke.


One of the most unmistakable kid stars within recent memory is none other than Macaulay Culkin. He took off to notoriety in an instant thanks to the 1990 Christmas top pick, Home Alone. He was only ten years of age at the time and if you see him now, your Christmas joy may be gone with the wind...   

Image Credits: Getty Images / Macaulay Culkin at an event.

Subsequent to finishing the Home Alone sequel, the star apparently dropped off the public radar, battling to find acting work.  Whenever the now almost 40-year-old makes the news it is for unpleasant reasons. From run-ins with the law to unsuccessful relationships, he is no longer the little Kevin McCallister from your favorite holiday movie. 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Macaulay Culkin at an event.

It is clear that stardom is not for everyone. While a natural progression to a more mature appearance is only normal, these celebrities were hit pretty hard when it comes to aging. Their often pressure-filled lifestyles and party antics might be to blame. Which star's appearance shocked you the most? Leave us a comment to let us know! Be sure to share this article with your friends and family if you enjoyed it. 

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