January For Virgo: Drastic Changes Ahead

Hey there, Virgo. Cheers to a new start! As this is the first month of 2021, there’ll be many things for you to look forward to. Virgo natives will focus on the changes in their love life and work-related transitions this month, but there will be more turnarounds to watch out for. Get ready to face this new year by reading further... 

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The Maidens are born on August 23- September 22 and they are represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture. That is the reason why they have a deep-rooted presence in the material world. They are systematic and logical, and they are governed by the planet of communication, Mercury. 

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Because of that, they can deal with information well and they can transform even the most complicated concepts into an organized set of ideas. These natives are some of the most perfectionist people among the signs and are always pushing themselves to improve.   

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There is no doubt that Virgos will be highly skilled when it comes to reading and writing and in other forms of communication because they have Mercury as their ruling planet. Virgo is also the largest astrological sign out there. Virgos are very attuned when it comes to details and their eyes never miss any flaw.  

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These people are not usually scammed when they finally make investments because they have a very good logical sense that helps them a lot when making decisions. They will also be good when it comes to people-related jobs because they have very good intuitions that help them read others easily. 

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What makes a Virgo beautiful? It is their pure intentions and love for authenticity. They will never show other people something that’s not genuine. They are true to themselves and will not just stay put where they currently are. Virgo will always strive to improve as they won't settle for less. They also have keen eyes and this makes them one of the best signs. 

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Those eyes see every detail and don’t miss anything. That means that they are also observative about what’s going on with the lives of the people around them and they will be ready to take action and give some help. They will never make excuses when someone reaches out to them for help and people will love that about them.  

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Sometimes, the best things about the Virgos will also be the point of their faults and the people that surround them may not like it. Their detail-oriented eyes will lead them to become a little too judgmental and critical that they will hurt the people that they love.  

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It will become toxic and that’s the last thing that people need at the start of the year. These people will overanalyze everything that’s happening and sometimes because they are so worried and helpful, they will become intruders of privacy that their friends and family will find it irritating.   

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As Virgos are thoughtful and deeply introspective, there are some instances that are shown in the personality of the celebrities that are the perfect embodiment of this sign. Blake Lively, Shania Twain, Keanu Reeves, Beyonce, Idris Elba, Adam Sandler, and Evan Rachel Wood are just some of the Maiden stars. 

Image Credits: Getty Images | Beyoncé is a famous Virgo


This month will be full of passion and romance and you may even be facing the question that will have an impact on your whole future. Will you finally settle down and marry the love of your life? Or is this not the time for you to leave your own shell yet? This month is crucial in answering this big question. 

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For those who are single, this will be a favorable time as they will become more active in terms of their social life and they will go out more and meet new friends during their free time. That means that there will be a chance that they’ll meet someone new and create a new relationship.   

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You may be hesitant to create new contacts and relationships at first because the previous year has been full of toxic friendships that only took advantage of your helpful nature. But then, as the new year opens, you should also open your heart once again to other people, Virgo. Take a risk and show some love. 

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You never know, the new people that will come into your life will be your lifesavers when you are in deep trouble and you may run to them when you are in need. Not all people are the same. Do not compare them to the people of the past and try to see the best in them.  

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It’s been a while that your family has gone on a beautiful trip together, isn’t it? Why don’t you start the year by taking them all to a wonderful place that will help you create a few good memories? It will be a good starter to create a healthy and happy environment in the family this month.  

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If there are members that cannot go, make sure that you will check on them from time to time while you are on the trip and make them feel that they are still involved even though they are not physically present. Be ready to open up to them and have some talks during the time that you’re all together. 

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January will bring you much luck in your career and it will lead you to finally take a step on the ladder of victory. Be careful as you climb because there will be many things that will try to block you and make you fall. Dodge them all and just focus on your work. Self-belief and self-improvement are the keys to success this month. 

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Your perfectionist side will be perfect for your work environment this month and instead of irritating your co-workers, they will admire you for it. You will obtain good results from all your efforts and you will find even more enthusiasm. There’s no doubt that financial rewards will soon come after that. You are off to a good start! 

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Since the past years that you have been working, you have always tried to put your family first and there were even some strains because there were ego clashes with the members of the house, especially the elders. You may be happy to hear this: you will no longer have to deal with that starting this month. 

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You will have all the money that you earn for yourself because your family is stable on its own. You have the choice if you will give some money to the house or spend it on whatever you wanted. This is also a good time to invest in speculative activities for it will bring you good fruit in the end.  

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Uh-oh. The food that you have consumed in the festivities of the previous month can be seen by the weight addition that you’ll have this month. That will not be good because it may affect you holistically. If your BMI is still normal, then that’s okay but you should take some action if it’s beyond the typical line. Remember, good health will create a good aura. 

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It is a good start to have an appropriate dietary and health regimen that will last you the whole year. Contact your doctor and ask for some advice so that you will be doing the right thing. Eating fruits and vegetables is highly recommended for you and exercising will be very beneficial for your holistic health. 

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You will be meeting new people and creating new friendships, and who knows? You may be finding the love of your life as well. This month, as early as possible, you should know who you should be with and the people that will bring out the best in you. If you are curious about it, we have them here for you. 

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Cancers will be a healthy company for you this month and beyond. You won’t ever feel that you lack support when you are by their side. Taurus will also support your love for material things and will be as logical as you, and Capricorn will be there to cherish you. 

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Now, you would not like to start the year with some bad blood with other people, would you? In order for that to happen, all you have to do is to dodge and get out of the way of the people that are not compatible with you. Who could they be and what can they do to ruin your day? 

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First and foremost, Sagittarius will be looking down on you and will make you feel that you are an insignificant person that appeared in their world. That’s rude and harsh and you’ll be hurt by it. Gemini will annoy you with their recklessness and lack of neatness, while Leo will have different perspectives from you.

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Let's start your sign compatibility with your own, shall we? So what is a Virgo dating another Virgo going to be like for you? For starters, you and your own will be on the same wavelength all the time. Your shared intellectual capacity will lead you along stimulating conversations with one another. 

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However, you both also share the same faults. Overthinkers and perfectionists, you two are going to have a lot to work on to get your relationship going. This January, your critical eye for detail will make you see some faults in your partner. Just keep yourself from being a nit-picker.  

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January and dating a Libra is going to be all about balance for you, Virgo. Libra's amazing skill at thinking clearly, and being discerning despite all your eccentricities will get you falling for them fast. Don't get ahead of yourself, and make sure that you keep a good balance in your life with Libra. 

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Unlike the relatively shy and timid outlook you may have about your relationship, Libra is going to pull all the stops to make the world know how much they love you. The best thing about this pairing of Zodiac signs is that you'll both manage to get yourselves out of rough patches with relative ease. So, communicate well and make sure you keep a level-head. 

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While we're on the topic of compatibility, you should know that there's a sign out there that's the best fit to be your best friend. It's Scorpio. You might already be tight friends with one already, and if you explore a more romantic relationship with one it's goning to be one full of understanding. Some of the greatest love stories have started out with best friends, right?

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Talk about a fiery relationship. A pairing with Sagittarius and Virgo can be one of the extremes. If it's a bond of friendship, you two are gonna be as thick as thieves. But if we're talking romance, well, that's an entirely different story, dear Virgo. Best be prepared for a rocky love story.

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In the end, a pairing of Sagittarius and Virgo will have issues about trust. The freewheeling centaur will get the controlling and precise Vigo stressed and confused with all the spontaneousness. So ask yourself, Virgo: How much are you gonna be willing to put up with? To what extent will either of you sacrifice for each other? 

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Having a couple of earth signs pair up is a wonderful thing. So this January, if it looks like you and a Capricorn are about to inch ever so close to a relationship, go for it! You will have a smart and intellectually stimulating relationship. Both of you already share a lot of similarities thanks to your star signs. 

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Both Virgo and Capricorn are ruled by your rationality which will make communicating such a breeze, especially when it comes to disagreements. When it comes to letting loose or feeling good, both of you seek some material comfort. If you want to know what it's like to be in a practical and pragmatic relationship, go look for a Capricorn.

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Can you imagine a practical, detail-oriented, and controlling Virgo, like yourself, be with someone as chaotic and irresponsible as an Aquarius? No? Well, neither do we. A pairing between these two signs only spells trouble for the lovely maiden. In this case, opposites don't attract at all. Start your new year right, and avoid this sign. 

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On the other hand, Virgo and Pisces, now there's a case of opposites attract. You will be enthralled with the dreaminess of the visionary and passionate Pisces. The genuine nature of the fish will want you to push yourself to be true too. The hardworking nature of Pisces is one that'll inspire you to do much for your relationship.

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If you're looking for a quick and passionate romance for this first month of the new year, then look no further than the Aries. The impulsive, brash and often confrontational ram will get your blood pumping. However, they're also quite the opposite of what you are, so be prepared to be burned out after a while

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The emotionally charged Aries will get your calm, collected, and well-throughout mind stressed out a lot. Arguments between the two of you will go nowhere. As long this relationship stays fun and casual, there's really nothing wrong with it. It's just when things get serious that it will take a toll on you, Virgo.  

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If you're looking for a strong and steadfast partner for the cold January times, look no further than Taurus. The bull is one of the most reliable, and trustworthy partners for you. They're also great for a long, warm, and gentle embrace should you need one. A truly versatile zodiac. 

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As a practical-minded Virgo, you want someone who is always honest and straightforward with you. Taurus is that person. Their sign is one full of a sense of purpose, it's also one that can help their partner. So if you're looking for inspiration to be your best at all times -- look out for a bull and try to catch them by the horns! Wink!

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The duplicitous nature of the Gemini will be a bit of a challenge for you, Virgo. It's not an impossible one though. The twins represent the ability to see things from multiple perspectives. Thus granting the Gemini the ability to discern things better than most. Sound familiar? It's just like you. 

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The tricky part for you, Virgo, is that you have to adapt to the changing nature of Gemini. This January, if you're seeing a twin, then work on providing your partner what they need. A steadfast and understanding partner, that is also able to allow them the freedom they so crave once in a while. Your ability to understand Gemini will do wonders for the two of you. 

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Oh, what more can we say about the amazing paring between a Virgo and Cancer that hasn't already been said? A bond between these two signs has the potential to last forever. A strong relationship between these two must be rooted in trust, something both signs value. So if you're looking for an endgame partner this January, Cancer could be the one!

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Every Virgo needs a doting Leo at least once in their life. Your dedicated and caring nature will only make Leo fall in love with you so much more. The emotionally charged and always uplifting Leo will also help you deal with your overthinking and negative self-talk every time you criticize yourself. 

Image Credits: Pexels/GUIVERG '

One could say that a relationship between these two signs is one of growth. You, the ever serious Virgo will be shown how life can get so much fun with the right person. Leo, on the other hand, will be shown what it means to be critical and thoughtful of everything in a positive manner. Looking for some self-improvement this January? Leo could be your partner on that journey.

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The best way to get your 2021 going on a high note is with some laughs. This January, entertain yourself with some comedy. Being that you're an earth sign, you're pretty grounded. This also means that you like to be entertained by stuff that is a little deeper and darker than usual. Here are our top picks. 

Image Credits: Pexels/Anastasia Shuraeva

Wes Anderson's many highly detail-oriented worlds will be a great way to start off. Try Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Grand Budapest Hotel for some high-brow comedy delivered in such symmetrical precision that only Anderson can provide you. You may also like the off-beat stylings of Taika Waitit's What We Do in The Shadows! 

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How do you plan on starting off your 20201, Virgo? Has the thought of the new year got you as excited as we are about to start fresh? It's high time you let all the worries and stress that the past year has given you fade into nothing. This January is a crucial month, one that could set the tone for your whole year! So do it right.  

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Keep an eye on opportunities that can change your life for the better. There will be a lot of them coming your way. In times of stress and doubt, look to your support system. Learn to love yourself better and do not deny yourself happiness or peace because of overthinking or negative self-talk. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Moritz Knöringer

While the final month of 2020 was a difficult time for you, Virgo, this first month of the new year looks like it's setting up some extremely fun conditions. Our dearest maiden, never let the thought of a new horizon get the better of you. You have everything it takes to overcome the challenges that are yet to come! Are you excited for the new year? Let us know in the comments! 

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