Strict Rules That The British Royal Kids Have To Follow

Strict Rules That The British Royal Kids Have To Follow

Being a royal kid isn’t easy. While they may be in line to the throne of England, they do have certain restrictions thanks to that privilege. Did you know that they cannot wear fancy clothes with Disney characters on them? And apparently, Monopoly isn’t allowed due to its combative nature! Here are certain strict rules that the British royal kids have to follow.


While modern kids rock fancy clothes with their favorite cartoon characters, that’s not something Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are allowed to wear. Yup, no Disney dresses or superhero T-shirts, not even socks with dinosaurs are allowed to be part of the royal kids’ public wardrobe.

Perhaps, the harshest rule concerns the royal boys: they have to wear shorts instead of pants till they are 8 years old. Yet there are some exceptions to this rule. Prince George wore pants to Prince Harry’s and Princess Eugenie’s royal weddings and has recently been spotted in pants for several other occasions.

And, well, he’s going to turn 8 years old next July, so shorts’ time is almost over for the big boy. What about his sister? The Queen’s mini-me, Princess Charlotte, is obliged to exclusively wear dresses in public. Well, isn’t this gender norm obsolete? Luckily, depending on the weather, she might also wear cardigan and tights.

And while any ordinary girl can cosplay princesses and wear a tiara on their birthday or any other day, Charlotte, like every real-life princess, isn’t allowed to wear a tiara until she gets married. Also, royal kids, as well as their grown-up relatives, are not allowed to wear black during the day, except for mourning occasions.

Looks like blue is the royal black and the other colors are mostly pastels. But no royal can ever be dressed brighter than the Queen. Another aspect is the price policy of the wardrobe. Kate Middleton often wears mass-market clothes in public herself as an influencer for every class. Similarly, the garments for her children also have to be affordable for the average English person.


While some celebs choose not to share their pregnancy and childbirth news with the public immediately, that’s not something the royals can choose to do. Usually, the royals announce they are expecting an addition to the family after 12 weeks, but Kate Middleton was an exception to the rule.

Due to severe toxicosis, The Duchess was visibly absent at official events, so her family had to explain why. However, the gender of the royal baby is a top-secret up until he or she is born. And the baby’s gender, as well as the name, become subjects of bets and guesses, with experts analysing Kate’s outfits and royal genealogy tree.

Royal kids can have up to 3 names and they don’t have last names. Still, their titles may be used for certain purposes. For example, Prince George is known as George Cambridge at school. And there’s a strict no on nicknames (at least in public). The royal kids are addressed only by their full names.

The Queen must be the first to be notified of the birth, and then a royal proclamation is placed on an easel in front of Buckingham Palace. Nowadays, the official royal social media accounts are additional platforms for royal birth announcements.

A few days after the birth, the new royal is shown to the public, usually on the steps of the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London, which was the case for all three Cambridge children. And unlike their great-grandma, Queen Elizabeth, all royal kids need to have passports. They are issued passports at birth for travelling with their parents.


Since the British Monarch is also the head of the Church of England, all her family members must be baptized. This tradition goes far back to the 16th century, and it’s not something that is going to change anytime soon. The ceremony is supervised by the Archbishop of Canterbury and features Holy Water from the Jordan River.

The royal parents must also dress their children in the traditional christening gown, a replica of the one first worn by Queen Victoria’s daughter in 1841. The royal kids must be raised Anglican and practice the same religion into adulthood.

But another crazy thing is that before 2013, royals could not marry Roman Catholics. While British royalty have always been allowed to marry Muslims, Jews or Hindus, marrying Catholics was banned since 1701, as they were seen as a threat to the English crown.


Of course, royal kids have a specially trained nanny and attend private schools, but they also have to undergo etiquette training. Their manners education covers everything: the way they walk, stand, sit, wave, eat and talk in public, as well as how they need to accept gifts.

To greet the public, little princes and princesses do a special kind of wave known as the Windsor Wave. They cannot slouch and are not allowed to have their hands tucked into their pockets. Sitting requires a straight spine too and when they stand, their feet should be shoulder-width apart.

Girls are not allowed to cross their legs when they sit. Only crossing of the ankles is allowed. Also, while greeting Her Royal Majesty, George and Louis need to bow their heads, while Charlotte should curtsy with one leg behind the other.


Royals never use baby talk, and royal kids are required to learn to speak properly from a very young age. And despite the minor stuttering at the word ‘animal,’ Prince Louis was adorable with his first public words to Sir David Attenborough.

And as other royals, the Cambridge kids need to show restraint with some words. For example, they should use the word lavatory instead of bathroom, and scent instead of perfume. While it is expected that senior royals speak various foreign languages, they start learning them as kids.

Yes, languages are useful for numerous royal travels around the world, and using the language of the hosting country is a sign of politeness and respect. Spanish is the one language every royal child has to get accustomed to, and Prince George and Princess Charlotte have already started learning it. Isn’t that impressive?


While they are not working royals yet, the Cambridge kids must attend all major royal engagements and family events throughout the year. Yes, Louis, Charlotte and George frequently join their parents on royal tours and other events, despite their occasional public tantrums. Thus, royal kids get used to their royal duties and being in the spotlight.

Another responsibility the royal children have is taking part in the bridal party for royal weddings. We can totally imagine them as the cutest flower girls and pageboys. Also, all royals must participate in the family holidays, and kids are never an exception.

Christmas at Buckingham Palace is a big deal, and usually, everyone is involved. Last year, Prince George made Christmas pudding with the Queen, but the current situation may call off the annual festivities for the first time in 33 years. Still, Kate Middleton’s mom Carole is planning to use her royal grandchildren's help to decorate the Christmas tree over Zoom.


You’ve probably seen that the Cambridges often travel together as a family unit, but that will only be the case for another four and a half years. Why? That’s because heirs aren't allowed to travel in the same car or plane. Two or more members who are in the direct line to the throne must be separated in case any tragic accident occurs.

So, as soon as Prince George turns 12, he won’t be able to travel alongside his father. Crazy yet logical, right? Security is very important for the royals, so in addition to having regular bodyguards, royal kids are also accompanied by the security force at school. Another rule is taking a different route to school every day so that they won't be tracked.

Even now, when Thomas's Battersea school asked parents to drop their children off at the school gates due to quarantine restrictions, the Cambridges are an exception to that rule. They accompany their children into the school grounds. This will probably be really annoying when the royal kids become teenagers, but, well, they have no choice.


Everyone loves royal kids, so it’s no wonder they get tons of presents from all over the world, even more than the Queen herself! The total amount of presents throughout the year can reach up to a thousand, and people give them different things. Woah! What would you give to be born in a royal family?

No matter how weird a gift might be, the royal children must accept it gracefully, with a smile and sincere thanks. But while they always accept gifts, the royal kids, as well as their relatives, are not allowed to keep most of them. What a bummer!

It must be hard for a parent to explain it to their kid. The official royals’ website states that the royal family may accept small items, like flowers or books, with a price tag of less than £150. But the Queen is the one who decides what they can keep. Anyway, the royal support team makes sure that the recipient of every gift sent receives a thank-you card.


As you probably understand by now, royal kids can’t do whatever they want. That also includes their playtime. Poor kids! They have their own daily schedule and the royal nanny, Maria Teresa Borrallo is responsible for making their lives as healthy and normal as possible.

That’s why the royal kids dedicate their free time mostly to outdoor activities, even when the weather is bad. Bike rides, playing with their dogs and the basics of gardening are among their favorite activities. When it comes to toys and games, the royal kids mostly play with toys that have some sort of educational purpose.

But in addition to jigsaw puzzles, they do have stuffed animals, dolls and cars. They have limited screen time on their iPad, but social media is a strict no-no, as is … Monopoly! That’s right, Monopoly is not allowed in the British royal family because of its combative nature.

As Prince Andrew once shared, “it gets too vicious.” Royal kids also make their own beds, clean up after themselves and help with minor chores. By doing all that they learn to respect other people’s work. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis go to bed at 7 PM sharp every night.


It’s no secret that there are certain foods forbidden for the royals like shellfish and other seafood. These are the most common food to cause food poisoning. Her Royal Majesty also does not allow garlic at Buckingham Palace or potatoes, rice, pasta for dinner. But royal children have additional restrictions: they can’t have canned baby food.

After all, there are private chefs to make sure that their first meals, like twice-puréed fruits. Kids are not allowed to sit at a table with seniors till they learn the ‘art of polite conversation’ and how to mind their manners. So, the little Cambridges have their own table at family dinners. The question left is whether they too have to finish their meals as soon as the Queen does. 

While the food restrictions are surely fair, no Monopoly is certainly sad. But we could totally get behind having a whole security force accompanying us to school. What do you think of these strict rules? Is it a fair price for being a royal?

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