Which U.S. States Are People Leaving And To Which Ones Are They Moving?

Apr 26, 2021Rita

The moving giant, Atlas Van Lines, has released a report that tracks the migration trends across the country during the past year and its findings have been quite revealing... In this article, we will be giving you an overview of the favorite states chosen by citizens who are looking for a new place, as well as which ones people are not keen on remaining in. 

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While there are some balanced states, in which the inbound migration is enough to cover the number of people leaving, there are ten states that are being chosen as the ideal destination for many individuals. Let’s have a look at where most citizens are moving to, as well as the reasons why they are making the move! 

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With the second-biggest economy in the country, the state of Texas is currently one of the top 10 migration destinations for citizens. It is also the leading state in terms of growth prospects, especially due to its strong employment rate as well as income growth forecasts for the upcoming years.

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The capital city of the United States also deserves a place in the top 10, even if it is not a state itself. The former District of Columbia currently hosts over one hundred and fifty international embassies and also acts as the head-quarter location of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Pan American Health Organization.  

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The southern state of Alabama has also become one of the main destinations for migrants, especially due to its massive employment power in the automotive industry. There are several facilities currently in place in this location from some automotive giants, such as Honda Motor, Hyundai Motor, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota Motor.

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With the expectation of becoming the third-leading state in terms of employment growth and development, Arizona takes number seven in the top 10 of preferred locations for migrating citizens. Not only that, but it’s wonderful weather and business-friendly climate also allows for a prosperous environment for people who want to build their own businesses.

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Although the migration trend of Rhode Island has been outward between 2005 and 2017, there is a change being observed at the moment. It's ranking on the Forbes Best States for Business has also been slowly but steadily improving, which means that citizens who are looking for an unsaturated location to open new businesses might want to give Rhode Island a try.

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Entrepreneurs who are looking for one of the best states in the country to do business might want to look into moving to Tennessee. Not only is this state offering a pro-business regulatory climate, but it also counts with one of the best fiscal health rates in the country. On top of that, you can also take advantage of the breathtaking Great Smokey Mountains National Park.

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One of the main reasons New Mexico makes it to this list is because for years it has been suffering from a weak labor supply for the hundreds of job openings it has to offer, especially in the oil and gas industries, tourism, as well as federal government positions. Those who aim to find a job with ease can try their luck in New Mexico.

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Since 2017, North Carolina has ranked as the Best State for Business by Forbes, and currently has one of the highest net migration rates in the whole country. In fact, for the past ten years, it has been deemed one of the preferred destinations for citizens who are looking for a new place to settle.

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Some of the biggest national companies have their birth in Washington, including the technology giant Microsoft, retail mogul Amazon, and even Costco. For those who are interested in investing in their own business, you will be happy to hear that Washington is the ideal place to get the attention of venture capitalists, who are always looking for the next big idea to invest in.

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At the top of the list is Idaho, which conquers the title of the best state for the first time in ten years. It’s expected that its economy grows by 3.5% in the upcoming years, which is something that will not happen in any other state in the country. Moreover, there has been a steady development in the local industries such as food processing and mining.  

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On a contrary perspective, we will also be analyzing which are the ten states that keep on losing their residents to cross-state migration. Below you will be able to discover which are the main motives as to why people are leaving these states, even though sometimes it is hard to decipher the reasons why!

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The leading reason why citizens want to leave Connecticut lies with the high-income inequality that is seen across the state. Moreover, the business costs are higher than the average in the country, which forces companies to look for different locations that are most cost-effect to bring jobs to. Not only that, but its regulatory and fiscal climates rank in the worst of the country.

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Although Indiana has rated among the best states in the nation, especially when it comes to debt and business-friendly climates, people just seem to want to move somewhere else. It is still difficult to understand why someone would like to leave Indiana as the cost of living there is actually 5% lower than the national average.

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Nebraska has ranked quite positively in the Forbes’ Best States for Business list, however, there have been some negative changes happening in recent years, which led to a huge decrease in the growth rate of the states’ economy. Due to that, employment options and job stability have also taken a toll.    

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Delaware has been steadily increasing its economic prospects in the past year, however, it is still not enough for the people who are looking to make it big. As such, it has been ranked on the seventh place of locations residents want to leave, many with hopes of finding a better quality of life in a different state.

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It might seem strange to see New Jersey on this list, especially since it serves as a residence state for many people living in both New York and Philadelphia. While it remains one of the states with the highest educated workforce, it seems that these workers are looking for places with a smaller cost of living.

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The lack of employment opportunities as well as low quality of life rank as the main reasons why residents have decided to leave Louisiana. Not only that, but its increasing crime rate, low education scores, and less than pleasing health rankings have also led to Louisiana to become one of the less favorable states to live in.

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Although Illinois is one of the states with the highest concentration of big companies, especially when you consider their revenue, the net migration of the state has been increasing over the years. This might be related to how the state’s finances have been getting worse by the year since 2017, currently being rated the worst ever in the country.

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This state keeps losing residents but has everything ideal for businesses. South Dakota counts with the lowest costs for businesses in the nation. With a highly developed job market, especially in the retail, finance, and healthcare industries, it seems that it would be the ideal place for people to move into. Hopefully, we will be able to see a changing trend in the future. 

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West Virginia is once again at the bottom of the list, however, it has been moved up one spot in the Forbes’ ranking for the Best States for Business just two years ago. Sadly, this is the country with the lowest population growth in the country, and it is also one with the least college graduates in the nation. 

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The top of the outbound migration states is awarded to New York, which seems contra-intuitive, due to the state’s strong economy, especially in the banking, finance, and media industries. One of the main reasons residents are leaving this state lies with the high cost of living which doesn’t allow for high living quality.

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Although there has been a big change in the locations residents are deciding to live in, it can be said with certainty that these lists are not an indicator of how good or bad a state truly is. In fact, many of the states that currently show a negative inbound migration rate have all the benefits to allow for a business to prosper. Do you agree with these top ten locations to live in the US? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to share this article with all your friends, but especially those who are looking to relocate to another state! 

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