January For Cancer: Drastic Changes Ahead

Now that the end of the year festivities are over and you are stepping in the first month of the year, there are so many things that will change, Cancer. You better get ready as this month will be quite challenging for you. Which aspect of your life will be tough and which part will be rewarding? 

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Hard-shelled people that are born on June 21-July 22 are Cancers. They’re symbolized by the crab, hence the hard-shell nature. That does not mean that they are stubborn. It means that they are protective of themselves and they rarely let anyone in on their life. They are one of the most secretive signs. But like the crab, they are soft inside. 

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They’ll not look like it, but they will go out of their way just to nurture other people and will try to always help those who are in need. They just retreat to themselves when they feel like they are too vulnerable, and someone will hurt their feelings. Cancer is a water element, and its ruling planet is the moon.

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The people that surround Cancers and think that they are pushovers must know the pincers of these Crabs hurt when they decide to fight back. They will cry over hurtful words for a little while then they’ll come back stronger without even overthinking it. Thanks to the moon, they have the ability to change moods quickly. 

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As they are known to be emotional people, others would expect that they are very sensitive and are always in tears all the time but in reality, they are tough. They hate confrontations but they will never back down in a fight, and they will defend themselves or their loved ones no matter what. 

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People that have Cancer friends will find themselves so lucky because they have someone that brightens up their day whenever the clouds are starting to roll in. Once they get past the hard shells of these people, then they will see how comfortable it is to be with the soft side of the crabs. Their presence is simply cozy. 

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Cancers will never fail to pour out their love to people if they think that those persons are deserving. They are also lovers of animals and plants! They have a good connection with nature. If you go to their place with a heavy heart, then you will surely leave like you did not have anything to worry about. It’s their gift.  

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It can’t be denied that even though you are one of the comfiest friends out there, you also have some crazy sides that will also drive the people around you mad sometimes. Who won’t find you crazy if there are times you will just burst out for an unknown reason and nobody can comfort you? 

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That’ll cause the people that care about you to worry because they don’t know what to do in order to make you stop crying. When someone also says something about you, yes, you won’t overthink it but then you’ll also be unforgiving. You may also use your kindness as a way to get what you want. Dear Crabs, that’s manipulative.

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Those who are born with Cancers are perfect to become celebrities, don’t you think so? They have a personality that seems invincible because of their tough exteriors but they will have connections and understanding to other human beings because they have their soft interior personalities. 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Noel Vasquez | Sofia Vergara is a Cancer.

Actors and actresses such as Meryl Streep, Khloe Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, Kristen Bell, Solange Knowles, Eve Green, Diane Kruger, and of course, Ariana Grande are the perfect embodiment of Cancer. They may look intimidating but when you search deeper, you’ll find out about their works that show their empathetic side. 

Image Credits: Getty Images / C Flanigan | Ariana Grande is a Cancer.


It seems like the stars are in favor of your romantic life this month as there will be happiness in your relationship the entire month, with just a few misunderstandings here and there. It won’t take too long and you will be in harmony again. You will also have pleasant moments and memories with the love of your life. 

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Those who are single don’t have a reason to be in despair for there is a person in your circle that is just waiting for the right opportunity to speak with you about how they feel. Just open your eyes and heart so that you will see the one that’s patiently waiting. 

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This month you will not be at the stage where you will get to meet new people because you will be choosy when it comes to selecting new friends. Blame Pluto for that. But thank the planet also because that means that you’ll surround yourself with sincere people and they will be showering you with the care that you need. 

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This is a great start of the year for your family because you will be off to a smooth-sailing ride. The children will not need much attention for they will have a positive influence around them and they will be more disciplined than ever before. The elders in the home will also still be in a festive mood

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Overall, it will be a cheerful environment and there will be no major misunderstanding and rifts that will happen. Just make sure to give some financial support and your time as well to the people in the house. This will lead to developments and renovations that will happen in your house, how exciting! 

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You will be lucky in the sense that there will be high positions that will be open for you this month, but you must pay the price in order to sit on that high chair. You’ll have to work more and play less and you need to double your effort if you really want to reach your goal. 

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Saturn in your house will also bring hardships. This planet will make you sluggish and will make you lose some sleep that you need. You must fight against the pull of drowsiness in order to be a sufficient worker and for you to get that promotion, so stay awake! Don’t work on a partnership business this month, it won’t be good. 

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The Crabs will also have a good amount of money coming in their pockets this month, but they must remember that in order to become wealthy, they must know how and where to use their money properly. Budgeting plans are badly needed by you at the start of the year so that you can keep track of all your expenses. 

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This is not the perfect time for you to invest in speculative activities, you must take a long time and observe how that business goes so that you won’t fall into a pit. The best way to keep your money is to have bank savings. 

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There is a need to be vigilant about your health this month as Saturn will test the structure of your body and your past behaviors as it stays in your sign. Some health problems that are related to earlier health concerns will pop up and you will now need to take them seriously or else it will worsen. 

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The first thing that you should do is to remove the food from your diet that is not good for your wellness. On the other hand, grain, cucumbers, seaweed, beans, and natural sugars must be included in your plate. Try to have some calming tonic as well so that you will alleviate your anxiousness. 

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You were told that some potential partner is lurking just around the corner this month and you may be able to notice them and start a relationship. Before that happens, you need to know which people are compatible with you in order for the relationship to sailing smoothly in the turbulent sea of love. 

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It’ll be good to have a romantic adventure with Taurus this month as their sultry nature will look so good to you and they will be understanding of your emotional outbursts. They will know what to do with it. Virgo will go with your slow pace and will not push you to go faster while Scorpio will never leave your side.  

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Start off the year with a happy disposition... It will only happen if you surround yourself with people who get your perspective and emotions. That is why you must stay away from aggressive Aries because they’ll clash with you. You will not be able to keep up with Gemini’s social skills, and the extroversion of Aquarius will drain you. 

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You might think that dating a person with the same sign as you will be a breeze, think again. Both of you will undoubtedly have the same kind of interests and it will be like you've found another version of yourself in this person. Sounds great, right? Well, that's actually the problem -- this person will have all of your faults too.  

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This January, look at everything that's causing friction between you and your Cancer partner. Try to take a step back and discern if you'd react the same way if your roles were reversed. Chances are, you will. So you have to keep an open mind and be understanding of the similarities you have - both the good and bad. 

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If you're looking for a hefty dose of romance for this first month of the new year, then Leo's got your ticket. The lion's capacity for passion and playfulness is only rivaled by yours which means that sparks are definitely going to start flying. However, you're both following each other in the order of the zodiac's which could bode some negatives. 

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One could argue that your styles in handling everything from problems to everyday things are total opposites. Don't let this get to you. Revel in the fact that both of you are hopeless romantics. The new year might be a great time for some grand romantic gestures, but even little things like a cute date under the blankets paired with your favorite movie could do the trick. 

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Seeing a Cancer and a Virgo come together is like seeing a meeting of the minds. These two sentimental zodiacs will be drawn together because of the values and virtues they both share and hold dear. The maiden's practical and logical mind will be something that draws you in and makes you think "Hey! that's how I like things done."  

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Cancer is perfectly suited to be the considerate partner of the overthinking and perfectionist Virgo. Your capacity for empathy is your ace in supporting the maiden's turbulent nature. Virgo in turn will be the intellectual partner that delivers a higher level of love, understanding, and support that you so crave for this start to the new year.  

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Did you know that Libra and Cancer are one the most explosive romantic pairings of the zodiac signs? Both signs are geared toward having a structured, close, and dedicated relationship. To put it in simple terms, this is a perfect example of opposites attracting each other on a high level. Sparks fly when their paths cross.

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Okay, let's get our heads out of the clouds. No relationship is perfect, but as perfectly sounding as this paring is there will always be some friction. Being a water sign makes Cancer an emotional and turbulent partner who follows their feelings. On the other hand, Libra follows logic. This January, try to improve communication skills and find common ground.

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How deep can an ocean go? Well, if you have your answer, that's about how deep a relationship between Cancer and Scorpio can go. The two water signs are perfect complements for each other because of their proficiencies in empathy and intuitiveness. There will be more than just physical attraction between these two. 

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Scorpio is one of the most emotional and moody signs out there, but you know what? Cancer is the best at offering balance for the scorpion. Cancer's ability to be the flexible wall that cares for their partner is going to be rewarded by a ton of love and passion from the overly Scorpio. 

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The centaurs are notorious for wanting fun and freedom over anything else. Conversely, Cancer wants emotional stability and a deep, loving connection over anything else. If you put these two together, you're gonna get a lot of misunderstandings. Thus, if you're dating a Sagittarius this January, learn to compromise. 

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This is not a one-sided thing though. Both you and your centaur must master the art of compromise. If one of you fails to do so, resentment might seep into the relationship and tear it apart. Sagittarius will definitely get you out of your comfort zone and get you experiencing new things. Just make sure that your partner also likes staying in your comfort zone every now and then too!

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Talk about perfect compliments for each other. Pairing up with a Capricorn is gonna bring out some interesting things in your life, dear Cancer. Despite having different traits, this pairing has a unique advantage over others. The qualities and quirks that one brings into the relationships are ones that the other lacks dearly.

Image Credits: Unsplash/Quynh Do

One thing you should know about your Capricorn partner is that trust is their biggest turn-on. This shouldn't be any problem for you as your desire for a deep and meaningful relationship is going to push you to be the best partner possible. All the mutual trust and understanding will do wonders for you. 

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The introverted Cancer will definitely have a lot of conflicting emotions for the extroverted Aquarius. Their charisma and energetic nature will draw you in and they will make you feel like such a gem. The important thing about making this "opposites attract" relationship work is to take control of the differences between you two.

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Don't let the differences between you cause a rift in the relationship, but take it as an opportunity to improve yourselves. Give yourselves some dedicated time to speak freely and from the heart about things that can improve your pairing. Doing this will make your connection even deeper and close the gap on your differences.

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Ah, another pairing of water signs ruled by their emotions. Having these two sensitive souls come together in a romantic way will see a ton of passion and empathy. The sheer amount of raw emotion between these two signs will produce a relationship wherein both of you will pull out all the stops to make each other happy.

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What makes this pairing so great is also what makes this pairing seem like it's on thin ice as well. With a lot of emotions in play, you have to remember not to overwhelm each other with too much of what you're feeling and abandon logic altogether. During moments of intense emotion this January, make sure you and your Pisces partner are thinking clearly. 

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There's one word that pretty much sums up what this relationship is going to be like, it's effort. Both Cancer and Aries are going to need to put in a lot of effort to make their relationship work. It's not impossible, but it's going to be an uphill battle and you're gonna need each other to get on top.

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The thing you'll realize this January is that your extremely emotional nature is something that Aries will have difficulty relating to. The often selfish and one-dimensional way of thinking of the ram will have issues empathizing with you. While you need to sometimes keep your emotions in check, Aries must learn to be there for you the way you need them to be.  

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The great thing about Cancer and Taurus coming together is that they both seek the same thing. Both signs are geared toward the pursuit of a long-term relationship versus a quick fling every now and then. When these two start dating, expect a whole lot of wholesome and deep passion. 

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The difference though is that the two signs seek different kinds of stability. Taurus is material in nature and thus seeks security in that, while Cancer is emotional in nature and seeks security through that. One might be able to supply what the other seeks in terms of security which makes them such great partners if this is the case.

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If a relationship between Cancer and Gemini starts, chances are it's gonna be like falling for your best friend. The two signs are neighbors on the zodiac wheel, making them highly compatible. They understand each other and compatibility as friends is almost always guaranteed. When it blossoms into romantic love, things get interesting. 

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Spend January discovering new things with your Gemini partner. The twins' ability to see the world through multiple lenses will show you a new way of looking at the world in front of you, filling your relationship with wonder. Your capacity for empathy and emotional stability will help Gemini develop into a more centered person.  

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Expand your emotional self's understanding of creative content with films, music, and tv shows that will get your mind buzzing with all the emotions on the spectrum. Your love for things finite and tangible like family will be satisfied with Disney Pixar's Coco which has an amazing message and songs that will hit all the feelings.  

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Fill your mind with fantasy with His Dark Materials and Lovecraft Country which offers a dose of wonder with their interesting premise. Get yourself in the mood to take on each day with some uplifting music like "I'll be there for you" by the Moffat's. The FRIENDS theme song is sure to get your day started right. 

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The best way for you to spend your 2021 is by being a better version of you! It's time to shake off the dust of that settled in 2020 and move on to new horizons. It's time for you to enter a brand new world, with many changes and many surprises coming your way. 

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As Jupiter enters Pisces this January, it brings along a lot of luck for signs like yours. You should take this opportunity for some self-improvement, because who knows what the new world will bring? Need not worry, the divinity will help you with this! Glad tidings for your finances are on the approach and you're gonna have a wonderful 2021. 

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In a blink of an eye, the turbulent year of 2020 is over and a fresh slate is upon you. Are you gonna take advantage of it? Of course, you are, Cancer!  The stars are all aligning for you to have a fruitful and bountiful year, and it starts this January! So keep a cool head and let us know what you are looking forward to in the new year! 

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