Burning Questions Left Unanswered In Harry Potter

May 20, 2021Zhenia Lis

We're about to answer all your Harry Potter burning questions right here! Some of them with the help of J. K. Rowling and some of them based on the film series theories by fans who love the books. What Emma Watson thought about playing Hermione Granger? And what about the rest of the cast? Let's find out!

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Wizards can repair broken bones, grow gills, and invent extendable ears. They can even transform into animals! Why can't they fix poor eyesight then?? Nobody knows... Okay, Harry spent the first 11 years of his life with the Dursleys, and he didn’t have any access to magic at that time.

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So we can assume that he just got used to his glasses. Right? But Dumbledore wears glasses too! And so does McGonagall. And both of them are pretty powerful magicians. So why didn’t they fix their eyesight? Does this mean that poor sight is a problem that can't be fixed with magic?

Could be. Some Harry Potter fans believe that just like laser surgery can have some unpleasant consequences, spells directed at eyes can be dangerous too. Plus, laser surgery isn't allowed to be done on teenagers because their eyes are still developing.

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Maybe it's the same for the wizarding world too? And don't forget about the attractiveness issue. There are those who consider glasses stylish. Tell that to Mad-Eye Moody! We'll go into the controversy behind his magic eye soon ...


The first book and movie had a fairytale tone. So when we found out that Harry got tons of galleons after his parents died, we didn't question it. It just added to the magical element of the movie. Though as the tone of the franchise became darker and more dramatic, several questions arose.

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For example: How rich was Harry? Did he spend all of his savings? And where did his parents get that huge fortune from? Money questions are always fun to discuss. According to fans' calculations, Harry’s fortune is estimated, in Muggle terms, to be around $300 thousand. Jeeeezuz Christ!

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And that was just at the beginning of the franchise - After Harry turned 16 he inherited even more money. Looks like the Potters were indeed a very special wizard family... According to what J. K. Rowling revealed after all of the books were published, Harry’s parents inherited all this money from James’ father, who was a famous magician - Fleamont Potter.

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After James and Lily died, Dumbledore left Harry on the stairs of the Dursleys' house, saying that they... Didn’t you find it weird that we never heard about his other relatives? How about his grandparents? Surprisingly, this was never answered either in the books or in the movies.

And when the fans became really curious about this question, J. K. Rowling did her best to make it all clear. Or should we say ‘waaaay super clear’? Cause Rowling traced Potter’s family way back to the 12th century!! WOW! We won’t dig THAT deep over here, we’ll just explain what happened to Harry’s grandparents.

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Putting it simply - unfortunately, they died. At least his paternal grandparents did. James Potter’s parents Fleamont and Euphemia died from dragon pox. And that’s why Harry was given to his mother’s sister Petunia, who comes from Muggles.


The cloak is considered to be one of the three deathly hallows. Super powerful. And one of a kind. Right? How come then, that Mad-Eye Moody, when he was Barty Crouch, saw Harry under his invisibility cloak in The Goblet of Fire book?! I mean, even Death couldn’t look through this cloak! Does that seem like a plothole to you? Could be.

But we’ve heard a theory about how this could be possible. And it is mind-blowing! Do you remember what the symbol of the deathly hallows looks like? It’s a triangular eye. Which looks a lot like the All-seeing Eye. In Greek mythology, which J. K. Rowling used a lot in Harry Potter, there’s an eye that was created in order to search for three powerful objects created by God…

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And one of the three objects was... the cap of invisibility! That magical eye that sees all the objects belonged to the Gray sisters. You might be familiar with this mythology if you watched any Disney cartoons about Hercules. Remember those creepy old ladies who shared one eye between the three of them?

That’s the eye that most probably could see through Harry's invisibility cloak! And if this theory is true, then it means that this eye somehow got into Moody's possession. Sounds like J. K. Rowling is even more genius than we thought, huh?

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There are just so many questions about the tournament left unanswered that we’d need a whole other video to cover them. For example: Why were there only three schools taking part in the tournament? I mean, the tournament is huge! And there are definitely lots of other great wizarding schools that would love to participate in it!

Ilvermorny, for example. Yes, that’s the school that was mentioned in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. And what about the foreign press coverage? Both in the books and movies, we only see British reporters, which is kind of weird. Also, while watching The Goblet of Fire there’s no way you wouldn’t have another question.

Isn’t the Tournament a bit too dangerous for kids?? I mean, all the wizards, including the adults who worked in the schools, were sitting on the sidelines watching teenagers fighting dragons, taking on mermaids, and surviving the maze where everything wanted to kill them!!

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And let's not forget, one student from the tournament actually did get killed... Poor Cedric... And what happened to the tournament after this tragic accident? Was it canceled? Was it relocated to another wizarding school? Nobody knows... Again, we don’t wanna consider all of the above as mistakes or plot holes.


There's no doubt it looks super cinematic. But if you dive into it you’ll see that there are lots of unanswered questions and issues around owl posts. For example, we know that owls can reach the exact person they need. They can even get inside Hogwarts (which is considered to be very well protected).

Why then don't Voldemort and the Death Eaters use owls to hurt Harry? They could use the owls to deliver some sort of a wizarding bomb, you know... Perhaps, that might mean that all the letters are screened by some Hogwarts magic. But how exactly?

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And how did Dobby manage to intercept Harry's letters in the second movie? Another question about the owl post is related to the first movie: Why were there dozens of owls flying to 4 Privet Drive? Wasn’t it too risky? Cause Muggles would definitely notice that. Hey, J. K.! Please tell us more about the owls!

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The next question is: How does the Pensieve work? When you put a memory into it, can you still remember it for yourself? Otherwise, how would you know what you put in the Pensieve, right? This is a pretty tricky question. It seems like you still have some trace of the memories that you store in the Pensieve, but you can't get into any real details.

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At least it looked like that in Dumbledore's case. Cause he remembered the memories he wanted to share with Harry. Another tricky question here is how Dumbledore could discuss those memories with Harry? I mean, will he still remember the conversation he had with Harry in the Pensieve about the memories afterward? Or not?

And what about that trace left in his mind about the memories he stored - would it bother him? Because memories are not just memories - They are always linked to emotions. So even if you forget something, you might feel an afterglow of that particular memory. Told ya - tricky questions!


The books and movies never gave an answer to this question. Even though it is a pretty important one. Especially if you take into account that the whole story revolved around Harry, Ron, and Hermione studying at Hogwarts! Luckily J. K. Rowling answered it.

And the funny thing here is that her answer is just like many of you would imagine it to be. What do you think: did Hermione go back to do her Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test? Of course, she did! She is Hermione! And what about Harry and Ron? Did they return to Hogwarts and studying? Nope.

Surviving that dark battle proved they were worthy of being in the Auror department. And let’s be honest - Harry and Ron were never too much into studying, were they?


Neither the books nor the movies answer that. And admit it - these two look like they would make a perfect couple!! The fans went so hard on shipping them that J. K. Rowling had nothing else to do, but to make things clear. Unfortunately, her answer was NO.

Neville and Luna didn’t marry each other after the events of the last book and movie. According to Rowling, Neville married Hannah Abbott. Yes, she was sorted into Hufflepuff House the same year Neville was sorted into Gryffindor. And talking about Luna, she was lucky enough to follow her dream and become a wizarding naturalist.

Sometime after becoming famous, Luna married Newt Scamander’s grandson Rolf. Do these updates make you feel a little happier for Neville and Luna? Let’s move on to the question that left us feeling the most confused...


Again, this might sound like a pothole. A giant pothole. But deep inside us there’s always hope that J. K. Rowling is so genius that she managed to hide some mind-blowing explanation behind it. The big question is: Why didn’t Harry ask Dumbledore’s portrait all the questions he had about the Horcruxes?

It was located in Hogwarts, and we all know that the portraits talk in the Harry Potter world! Maybe Dumbledore didn’t know where all the Horcruxes were hidden, but he at least knew about some of them. And maybe his painted copy could have explained that to Harry?

Or not?.. We’re not sure of the correct answer here, but we’ll try our best to come up with some explanation based on what we’ve read in the books. The wizarding portraits indeed contain memories of the people painted on them. But! We should not forget that there’s always a person who leaves his own mark on a portrait - the painter.

Each painter has his own feelings about the person he paints. This means that the final result he gets is not the actual person, but simply its projection. The painter paints the person as he saw him or her. In this case, Dumbledore’s portrait couldn’t say much about the Horcruxes, because the painter himself didn’t know a thing about them.

Does that make any sense to you? Maybe you guys have answers to some of the questions we talked about? Please let us know in the comments!

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