January For Leo: Drastic Changes Ahead

Dec 22, 2020Danica

How is it possible that 2020 is over, and that we are about to welcome a new year? No matter how crazy and utterly challenging the past year has been, we can always rely on the fact that a new one is bound to come. If you are a Leo wondering how you can seize your moment this January, then keep on reading this article! Big changes are ahead! 

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If you are born between the 22nd of July up until the 22nd of August, then you are a Leo. Leos are naturally calm, very loyal and they can be really feisty when they are provoked. They are fire signs just like the Aries and the Sagittarius; so be careful and try not to let these signs lose their tempers… 

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As many people know, our darling Leos likes to be the leaders of the pack. They are the type of people who always want to make their loved ones feel special and protected. Their personalities usually give off a more parental vibe and this is a trait that they really use to their own advantage. 

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Loyalty is almost second nature to our dear Leos. Once they take it upon themselves to be your friend, then expect every inch of loyalty from them. They are the type of people to really defend the ones who cannot defend themselves, and they surely will make you feel protected whenever you are with them.

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Leos are also naturally fun and adventurous. They always want to try out new things that will really make them come out of their comfort zones. Always remember that some of the greatest trips include a Leo, so you know who to invite on your next exploration! 

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Just like everybody else, our darling Leos also have their negatives traits. Since they love making people feel loved and protected, they sometimes feel annoyed that not many people can reciprocate the efforts that they are exerting in a relationship or friendship. Sometimes, they simply cannot fathom why people are not more like them. 

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Another thing that you should be wary of before getting involved with a Leo is that they can sometimes be a bit too manipulative. Sure, they do put a lot of work in making their relationships successful; in return, they will try to manipulate these people into doing what they want. Just be mindful of everything and try not to bump heads with a Leo.

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Due to their innate loyalty and passion for life, it is no surprise that our Leos would dominate Tinseltown. They are some of the most hardworking people out there and they will do everything in their power to succeed in whatever career that they end up going for. Some of our favorite Leo actors are Sandra Bullock, Matt LeBlanc, and the lovely Helen Mirren.

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We know that our darling Leos would also want to dominate the music industry. They usually like embarking on different art forms, and music is no exception to them. Some of our favorite musicians who happen to be Leos are Joe Jonas, Dua Lipa, and the legendary Mick Jagger. 

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For our dear Leos who are in a relationship, this January might bring you one of the best surprises that you will ever receive. This could be the month when your partners will finally pop the big question, or it could be the month where your relationship will really level up. Bear in mind, you should keep your expectations at bay and try not to get ahead of yourselves. 

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For our darling Leos who are single, you might want to keep on mingling in order to find a match this January. Another thing that you would have to work on is your communication skills. We all know that communication plays such a vital role in any relationship, so really work on this for the month to find success in your love life!  

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January is looking pretty great when it comes to your familial relationships. There might be a particular relative who will really look up to you for advice this coming month. So it is important to check in with them every once in a while and to really encourage their talents so that they will succeed in whatever it is that they want to pursue.

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We know that sometimes our family members tend to annoy us, but January is looking particularly pleasant for our darling Leos. Your budget allocation for your family members will also increase, so that is surely one thing to be grateful for. January is a great month for you and your family, so be sure to spend more time with them whenever you can!

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As we have said time and time again, Leos are some of the best friends that one can ever have. They are loyal, protective, and naturally caring. However, these are the exact traits that might land you on the negative side of your friendship spectrum for the month of January.

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We all know that Leo’s overprotectiveness is really genuine and they only want to care for their friends. However, some people might feel manipulated or trapped because of this, so it is best to tighten your grip for the month of January. In doing so, you will not only give your friends the space to breathe, but you will also refrain from being hurt yourselves.

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Starting in January, a lesser-known planet called Rahu will be on our Leo’s side. This will affect how our Leos socialize and this planet will give them the extra bit of energetic streak that they need to really work on their plans for the year to come. There will be no promotions lined up for you this January, but that does mean that it is for the worse.

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Your relationships with your colleagues will actually be strengthened for this coming month. Our darling Leos might also get the recognition that they truly deserve for all of the hard work that they are exerting. So simply work harder and socialize freely with the people that you spend most time with in your workspace. 

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To be quite honest, there might be a few health problems coming our Leos way this January. This is due to the fact that the sun will conjunct with the planets Saturn and Jupiter. Although, you do not have to worry since these health problems will be really minor and you will get over them as quickly as you can! 

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As for our darling Leo’s finances, January is going to be the redemption month that you have been waiting for! You will finally get a monetary compensation for all your hard work and you will even have an investment opportunity lined up for you. So really be careful before spending your money, because the rest of 2021 might not be as ideal… 

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The patience of our darling Leos will really be tested this month; for this reason, they would need someone who can offer them a fun and a supportive kind of relationship. This is something that a Gemini can give our Leos. These signs are both nurturing, spontaneous, and very adventurous so this is the best match for this month!

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This month, it probably is best to stay away from an Aquarius if you are trying to detach yourselves from any negative vibes this January. Aquarians are just naturally reserved, distant and emotionally mature so these are traits that might make a Leo feel annoyed. So if you are not in the mood to handle these types of people, then this match is a no go.

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A match between a Leo and an Aries can be quite successful for the coming month. Naturally, a match between a fellow fire sign is always recommended, so both these signs can share many wonderful moments together for January. If you have a particular Aries in mind, then it might be high time for you to call them!

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A connection between a Leo and a Taurus is the perfect platonic relationship for the month of January. Both these signs are quite different, but they do enjoy the finer things in life; plus, they also give each other the perspective that they lack when it comes to their personal relationships. So if you want a friend whom you can rely on, then a Taurus is your best bet.

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As we have previously mentioned above, a match between a Leo and a Gemini is really encouraged for the month of January. Both of these signs are going to be overcoming tricky waters, so they would need someone to add in a bit of sunshine in their lives. If there is a particular Gemini in your lives, then call them up today!

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Another match that might not be encouraged for the month of January is one between a Leo and a Cancer. We know how loyal our Leos can be, but our darling Cancers can be quite the challenge especially due to their constant mood swings. Quite frankly, this is something that Leo could not handle this month, so it is best to ditch this match for now.

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If there is another person who knows what a Leo could be going through, then it simply is another Leo. Naturally, a match between a fellow Leo is always really encouraged since you both know what the other wants and hates. So navigating through January with a fellow Leo by your sides can be really helpful, call them today!  

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A match between a Leo and a Virgo might also be encouraged since they are both mature, accepting, and very loyal towards the people that they care about. This month, our Leos will need someone to trust, and a Virgo is a very great candidate. So if there is a special Virgo in your lives, then it might be high time for you to explore your relationship with them.

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Another match that can be really great for a platonic relationship is one between Leo and Libra. Leos are naturally happy-go-lucky people whilst a Libra can be really sophisticated in their own beautiful way. Both signs can really teach each other a lot and they can learn various things about their lives just by hanging out with each other. 

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This month, a match between a Leo and a Scorpio is not really encouraged since both signs might have that fiery passion in their lives. Due to this, they might bump heads with each other and these instances could cause a bit of a fuss between these two signs. So instead of losing that Scorpio in your lives, might we suggest ditching them this January? 

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Another match that could be great this month is one between a Leo and a Sagittarius; obviously, this is another fire sign match so it is meant to be a great match! Sagittarians can be quite enthusiastic, forgiving, and very gentle towards our darling Leos this month. So they basically are the perfect support system to have on your side whilst trying to get your life back on track.

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Sadly, a connection between a Leo and a Capricorn is not really encouraged for the month of January. As we all know, both Leos and Capricorns are some of the most authoritative people out of all the zodiacs. This month, we simply do not see these two signs agreeing with each other...at all; so it might be great if these two signs can get out of each other's way.

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January is going to be a bit challenging for our dear Leos and they would need someone who can really make them feel comforted. Unfortunately, this is something that an Aquarius cannot do this month. So it is better to simply detach yourselves from an Aquarius for the duration of January...or else, be prepared to be stressed out! 

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This month, a connection that might have a 50-50 chance of working is one between a Leo and a Pisces. Our dear Leos can really make our Pisces come out of their comfort zone, but it might make them feel a bit rushed or forced. So it is best to think first whether that Pisces in your life is feeling a bit vulnerable before going on with your plans together.

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January is going to be such a thrilling and exciting month for our darling Leos. Due to the pressure that will be coming from their jobs and from personal relationships, they might feel a bit burned out by the end of every day. So might we suggest watching a great film in order to de-stress before you cap off your days? We have some great picks for you! 

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A great film that has a romantic edge and an underdog plot is the film, A Star is Born. Yes, this film was a remake of the classic one from 1937 which starred Janet Gaynor. If you feel like you need a bit of inspiration, romance, and a great cry from a film, then might we suggest watching this one since it has all of these themes and then some… 

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It is true that music directly affects all of our moods for the best. There simply is something magical when we listen to a piece of particular music that we like or whenever we discover music that sounds relatively new to our senses. Since this January is going to be hectic for our dear Leos, it might be great to have a musical accompaniment for this month. 

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If you have not yet heard, Taylor Swift released a new album (yes, another one, all in the same year!) This album was called Evermore and it is her sequel to one of her latest albums, Folklore. People were ecstatic as soon as Taylor dropped the news that she was releasing a new album; knowing our Leos, this really is something that they would be keen on listening to!

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January is the perfect time to really think about the books that you have been wanting to read and slowly starting to read them. For our darling Leos, reading can be a form of release and they actually enjoy it a lot. So it might be great to gather some books that you might want to read for the duration of the year. We have handpicked a great book for you!   

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For the month of January, might we suggest reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami? This book is filled with nostalgia, art, and the rediscovery of one’s self. If you are wanting to discover a more intellectual yet still very experimental story, then Norwegian Wood might be the perfect book for our Leos to read this January!   

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This month, it is really important for our darling Leos to prioritize the things that actually matter to them. Their families, their personal relationships, their careers, their health, and their financial stability all come to mind when we think of ‘priorities’. Although, it is important to ask ourselves this question: what really does matter to you?  

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Frankly, each person’s priorities vary and so when you ask people this question, they might give you quite a few different answers. That is only natural, so if our Leos would want to get on top of their game this coming January, then it would be great to set their priorities straight. Plus, always have fun in whatever it is you are doing because fun is essential in our daily lives.

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As we have previously stated, it might be a good thing for our darling Leos to loosen their grip with some of their friends. We know how loyal yet controlling our Leos are, so you might want to focus on your relationship with your friends instead of wanting to control them. Believe us when we tell you that doing this will save you a lot of time and effort...oh, and friends too!

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Another thing that our dear Leos have to keep in mind is to always get on top of their health routines. January is going to be pretty stressful when it comes to your physical health, so it might be great to focus on eating healthier food and moving at every chance that you get. Trust us when we tell you that these tips are for the best! 

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Finally, the end of 2020 has come and with it, we must bid adieu to the things (and people) that are holding us down. If we all learn how to welcome each coming year with positivity and great energy, then surely, we can all succeed in making our lives better. This year, our darling Leos will be challenged when it comes to their health and their friendships.

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However, this is no reason for them to feel depressed or to feel sorry about themselves. Just like everything else in life, our health and friendships have their ups and downs. Although, there is nothing to worry about since most of these ‘downs’ will only be minor inconveniences, so let us all welcome the new year with a grateful spirit.  

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Let us all dive into January 2021 with positivity, happiness and shared love between the people that we truly care about and ourselves. What are you most looking forward to doing this coming month? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and share this article with your family and friends!

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