January for Aries: Drastic Changes Ahead

Dec 23, 2020Kara

It's a brand new year, Aries! Filled with new adventures and fun... Is your fiery self ready for the challenges and changes ahead of you? We know you want to kick the year off right, so we're here to help! Read up for the full scoop on January 2021's drastic changes! 

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The bold and ambitious rams are born on March 21-April 19. These people would like to come in first in everything and will dive headfirst without thinking much about the consequences. As it is a fire sign, they are usually cheery and passionate but they will also get frustrated easily. Did you know that Aries is also a cardinal sign? 

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Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, will be the cause for their explosive tempers and their frequent outbursts. They opt to go with the “every person for themselves” mentality and will be determined to do certain things for themselves. Their lucky numbers are 8, 9, and 6 while their lucky colors are blue and blue-green. Tuesday is their best day! 

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They may one of the sweetest people, but when there is someone that will break their trust, Aries will be heartless, no doubt. For them, a lot of friends are not what they need and all they want are genuine friends that they can open up to anytime without the fear of having their secrets spilled.

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There is a great need for those that’ll have a relationship with Aries to be strong because they will be handling hard-headed rams that do not like to be left in the dark. They hate sneaks but will appreciate those that are straightforward and honest to them. Their friends will always have stomachaches caused by laughter when they’re around.

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It seems like those who are born under the Aries sign are made to become great for they have everything that someone who will work under the spotlight must possess. They have the courage, the passion, and the drive to reach their goals and they will also be tough when it comes to criticisms aimed at them.

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Those who belong to the list of Aries celebrities are Reese Witherspoon, Celine Dion, and Mariah Carey, versatile comedian Eddie Murphy, and none other than Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. The iconic Elton John, Pharrell, and the ever-famous Chinese action star, Jackie Chan is also native to this zodiac.  

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It is expected for Aries to be hotheaded as they are under the fire element, but though they are quick to be angered, they rarely hold grudges and that is what people love about them. The Rams will also be vocal on where people stand in their life, and will directly let out what is on their minds. 

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The children of Ares will never be afraid to do something that is right in their eyes. When they are quiet, it’s because they are thinking things through and they do not want to be bothered. Their sense of humor will never fail to crack others up and they are usually open books that do not have anything to hide.

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These tough people have their own weaknesses too and of course, the first one on the list is their anger issues. Aries natives simply just don’t know how to deal with their exasperation. Others may also misinterpret their straight to the point way of talking as harsh and there will be some rifts because of that.

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It’s also rare for an Aries to be a team player because they’re impatient people and their mates will not be that close to them and will even be irritated by that attitude. It cannot be denied that the Rams are good when it comes to speaking in public, sadly it’s quite ironic because they are not good at communication.

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The first month of the year will be a crucial one for the pre-existing love lives of Aries. You should really know how to keep your temper because it is such a delicate moment in your relationship. Your partner will be sensitive for some unknown reasons so you should be the one to adjust and make the situation easier.

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For those who have not yet find their partners, you would have to wait for another month because this isn’t the time that you’ll meet someone who’ll make your heart flutter. There’ll also be some disagreements with past flames that will eventually lead to a loss of the fire. Just cross your fingers and hope that February will be better.

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Having friendships with people who do not have the same personality as you have will be quite hard this month so you must find your place among other rams as well. Of course, who can keep up with you but your fellow Rams? Your energy levels are the same so it will be fun. 

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They will surely go with you when you’ll ask them to accompany you on any trip at a moment’s notice. They will not ever rain on your parade, and that is one of the most important things when it comes to choosing friends. However, you just need to watch out because your fellow Ram can also lead you to trouble.  

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It is sometimes hard for other people to imagine a selfless Aries, but you will prove them wrong this month as Jupiter will have an influence on your family life. You will be playful and it will have a positive impact on the children in the house. It’s not a good time to have more kids though as the year will need you to think about your career more often. 

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As it was said, you will be selfless when it comes to your family this month and with the help of Neptune in Pisces, you will be able to spend more time with all the people inside the house. Do something for each family member, even small things matter and they will all appreciate you for it.

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You are not the best communicator out there, but things are changing. Venus in Capricorn will lead you to have an improvement in your communication with the people in your workplace. It will even be surprising for you and your team, but it will be easy for you all to work on a teamwork project this January.

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Even your bosses will get along well with you and there’s no doubt that a promotion is coming your way. These days will be so hectic for you but then, you’ll be more productive than ever so there is a tendency that your energy will run out. You may find yourself in a stressful situation, but you’ll work on it, and soon enough, things will look better. 

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The start of the year seems to really be in favor of you because it is giving you a good chance when dealing with financial ventures. It is the time to invest in speculative activities for it will give you a good profit in the future. Mars will be meeting Uranus in your second house so you will be inspired.

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You will make more money in a new and innovative way and there will be no empty pockets. They will always be filled this month and it will seem like you have nothing more to ask for. What a good start to the year this is!

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By the start of this year, you may already have some fitness plans that are prepared in order to be healthier. That will be good since nothing ever goes wrong with a good diet and proper exercise. Just make sure that it has your doctor’s approval. You will also have no serious ailments or injuries. Your greatest enemy will be stress. 

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Don’t overwork yourself and have some rest once in a while. Don’t wait for a sickness to come before you let yourself have some relaxation. Prevention will be better than cure so have some calming tonic and get out of that working chair once in a while to stretch your idle muscles.

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There’s a need for you to know who you’re compatible with this month so that you won’t waste your time and not get hurt in the process. There will be a steamy relationship between you and Sagittarius, and Leo and you will be off to some great adventures together. Gemini will have a deep connection with your energy as well.

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Of course, there will always be people that you cannot click with and mostly, these are the three signs that are not ideal for you.  Cancer is too different from you when it comes to dealing with conflict. Your style and ideals will clash with Capricorns, while you simply have nothing in common with the Taurean Bulls.

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Nothing says a romance taken head-on like a couple of Arieses falling for each other. We're talking about one very impulsive relationship here. Having another ram as your partner-in-crime is going to result in a very dynamic relationship, one that's full of passion from the get-go. Though, it also has its downsides. 

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Just because you have the same sign doesn't mean you're perfect for each other. It also means you have the same faults, ones that you may have a hard time addressing within yourselves. As steamy as things could get between you, you both can turn completely apathetic during intense emotional times with a flick of a switch. Keep yourselves in check!

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Try as you may with a Taurus, things just won't work out the way you would like them to. There are barely any similarities between the two of you. While the ram loves adventure and a spontaneous lifestyle, the bull would prefer to revel in a life full of peace and comfort. So how could this ever work?

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Needless to say, dating a Taurus is gonna be a lot of work. It could get exhausting even - this goes both ways. Instead of seeing the way of life Taurus prefers to be dull and not exciting, try to see things through your partner's perspectives and appreciate why they appreciate certain things. It's a lot of work, but not impossible! 

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As we all know, fire cannot stay ablaze without air to fuel it. With that, what do you think about a pairing between the fire sign of Aries and the air sign of Gemini? It's definitely an explosive pairing. There is a romance that is natural, passionate, and like no other. 

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The most exciting thing about the relationship between these two is that they provide a kind of balance to one another that allows them to push each other to greater heights. The passionate Aries will always be inspired and encouraged by the Gemini's ability to naturally keep up and even improve anything thrown their way. 

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You've pretty much got nothing in common, you're both terrible when it comes to conflict and arguments - sufficient to say that you and Cancer don't have a high compatibility score. While you like taking things head-on, Cancer is inclined to be a nurturing and protective partner. 

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Your adventure-seeking personality will be difficult to handle for the Cancer who seeks emotional stability. The more that both of you show your ugly sides, the less the other will be able to handle it. The only way to work things out is to be as calm and discerning as possible whenever you have a rough patch. If you both allow your emotions to take over it could get worse.

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If you've ever seen a couple who just love engaging in some public displays of affection, or love sharing their relationship on social media - chances are those two are Leo and Aries. A union of these two signs is just overflowing with affection. These social butterflies are such a showy couple.  

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Both are adventurous and daring beings, drawn to physical attraction but are held together because of how much they value loyalty and honesty. The only trouble between these two is the argument on who "wears the pants" in this relationship. The ram and the lion are both born to be leaders. One has to give way for the other in order for this to work.

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Now for a case of opposites attracting each other. At first glance, you might think that there's no way for the ram and maiden to be compatible with one another. However, the two complement each other pretty well - with a little time and work, that is. Though there is a noticeable difference between the two, their compatibility proves evident as time passes.

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You, Aries, have everything the maiden wants in their ideal partner and vice versa. You draw out the adventures side of the maiden that craves to be released, and Virgo keeps you grounded and helps keep your life together. The only way this pairing will work for the best is by exploring and understanding each other's personalities and adapting oneself to them.  

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Aries and Libra are situated opposite each other on the zodiac wheel. This means that the two signs are very important to each other - they are each other's mirror. While the tension between opposites can be great, there is no denying that there is an opportunity for an intense love between the two.

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Aries' confrontational and head-strong attitude keeps them from understanding others properly, Libras, on the other hand, are very calculated beings. As the ram's mirror, they are able to show the ram a better way of viewing things and themselves. However, Libra may cause the ram's impatience to trigger impulsiveness, making them become reckless in the relationship. 

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As these two signs are ruled by the same planet, Mars, there's no doubt that sparks will fly when these two signs meet. Aries and Scorpio love to challenge themselves in proving each other's love. These natives of the red planet are considered soul mates, and their attraction can be great but it can also spell trouble.

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Both signs are competitive and confrontational beings. This can lead to some conflict. However, all of that will be negated by the intense and fiery passion they have for one another. When they're in sync, they can accomplish just about anything. They both have a burning desire to win in just about anything in their lives. 

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If you're looking for a relationship ruled by passion, adventure, and never-ending exploration, look no further than Aries and Sagittarius. The freewheeling centaur will be a source of wonder and wanderlust for the ram that's always looking for a challenge. Both are fire signs which means they'll constantly try to outdo one another. 

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The amazing thing about the centaur is that they are one of the few signs that know how to deal with the ram during their lowest of times. In turn, the ram is also one of the few signs out there who's daring and strong enough to take the reigns of a relationship with a Sagittarius -- which to some degree, is a big bonus on for the archer. 

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To put things plainly, you and Capricorn are bound to have a complicated relationship. You, dear ram, are the symbol of zealous ambition and meteoric progress. Capricorn is the perfect representation of continued, steady growth, and improvement. Both seek the same thing but in very different ways. 

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Your common ground is that you're both extremely hardworking zodiacs, take solace in that. A romantic relationship between the two of you is going to be bumpy, to say the least, but you will also be equally enchanted by all the effort you both put into making things work. Your shared challenge is to ensure that you hear each other's concerns completely. 

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Conversely, the Aries and Aquarius are signs that hardly have anything to work on when it comes to attracting one another. Seeing these signs pair up is like seeing two in sync beings come together despite their differences. There is a great natural balance in a romantic relationship between these two signs. 

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There's something to be said about the fun and excitement an Aries can have when they pair up with a Pisces! These two signs are both pleasure-seeking, artsy, and altruistic in nature. Dull moments between these two are few and far in between. You'll often catch them trying out new things on a regular basis.

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The absence of dull moments doesn't always been happy moments though. As much fun as you may have with Pisces, you will have just as many conflicting moments. You, a fire sign, and Pisces, a water sign are bound to clash at one point or another. The key to making this pairing work is a compromise.

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Since it's the new year, this is the best time for you to pick up a new hobby. After all, new year - new you! Though, if you're having some trouble picking a hobby, don't worry we got you covered. Since you're an Aries, you'll excel in all things competitive, physical, and speed-driven. You love anything that comes with a rush.  

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If you're somewhere cold and snowy right now, definitely go for some snowboarding or skiing. Catch the slopes while there's still fresh powder out there! If you're somewhere tropical and warm, go on a hiking trip that will have easy access to some rock climbing stations. Be safe out there and have fun!

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On to the other side of things, here are some entertainment picks that will keep you occupied at home. As an Aries, it'll be perfect for you to binge-watch shows like Friends for some light-hearted friendly comedy that appeals to the socialite in you. Or you can get serious with Handmaid's Tale to tick-off everything you love about the harsh reality of life. 

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Remember Aries, Jupiter is headed your way! This means that the planetary giant is bringing along with it a lot of luck and opportunities. Be sure to revel in the new and exciting changes coming your way and capitalize on them. Jupiter is a sign of affluence, don't let this great opportunity to waste!

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Keep a watchful eye out for the eclipses that will cause you to re-evaluate some relationships in your life. Be sure to be as discerning as possible and do not let your emotions rule you so much in the coming months. You'll never know how your conduct could change things even more. 

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It looks like 2021 is heading toward you like a fastball, Aries. Are your rams ready to take the coming changes head-on like you usually do? Being that you're one of the strongest and most aggressive zodiac signs out there, we know you're fully equipped to take January by storm. Go out there and do your thing!

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