January For Pisces: Drastic Changes Ahead

Dec 23, 2020Danica

As 2020 finally comes to an end, let us all welcome the new month that it’s bringing along with it. This January will be beautiful yet challenging to our darling Pisces out there. If you are a Pisces wondering how you can get on top of your relationships, health, and more then keep on reading this article!  

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Our darling Pisces are born on the 19th of February up until the 20th of March. They are water signs just like a Cancer and a Scorpio; this means that they can be a bit too sensitive and sentimental. Although, there is no better friend than a Pisces because they will really listen to your heart’s desires and they will never let you down. 

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Pisces is naturally taken over their emotions, and sometimes this can be used to their own advantage. They are some of the rawest, authentic, and emotionally attached people out of all the zodiacs. However, their emotional side can sometimes be the cause of their downfall because they might not be able to separate their feelings from real-life… 

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If you have Pisces in your life, then you surely know how infectious their smiles and their positive energy can be. They are some of the friendliest, most positive, and sunniest people out of all the zodiacs. They are shy, but they know how to get a crowd going and that is one of their special skills.

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Once a Pisces gets into a situation that they cannot control, they simply tend to look into the positive side of things. They never let life get in the way of their own happiness, and this is a trait that can sometimes be super infectious towards their own circle. Pisces’ will also never leave you hanging, that is for sure!

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Just like most people, our darling Pisces also have a negative side to them. They are not always sunny and positive; since more often than not, their emotions can get the best of them. There are times when they will feel secluded, unloved, and quite distanced from the people that they care about, and this is something that they do not really like.

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Another thing that you have to know before getting involved with a Pisces is that they never really get angry. Instead, they tend to distance themselves from the people who hurt them until one day, they might simply be unreachable to you. So it is best to communicate with a Pisces especially if you feel like you have offended them in some way.

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Our darling Pisces are some of the most positive people out there, and so it is no secret that they will dominate Hollywood. Their smiles are so infectious and in return, the people love them and their character portrayals. Some of our favorite actors who happen to be Pisces are Drew Barrymore, Daniel Craig, and Glenn Close.

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If you have Pisces in your lives, then you surely must know that they are also very experimental when it comes to art. So it is to no one’s surprise that they might try to dominate the music industry as well as…and to succeed in this endeavor as well! Some of our favorite singers who also happen to be Pisces are Adam Levine, Rihanna, and Jon Bon Jovi.

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This coming January will be a really lucky month for our dear Pisces who are in a relationship. Your affections and your intimacy with your own partners will flourish, and it might even lead to a deeper sense of understanding between your partners and yourselves. So be prepared to go further and do not hold yourself back; this is the month for you to go all out!

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For our darling Pisces who are single, there really is nothing for you to worry about. January will bring you love as much as luck, and you might even be bumping into a potential match one of these days. The key is to be prepared and to not be afraid to communicate, because we all know that communication is key when it comes to making a relationship work. 

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Your familial relationships for the month of January might be a tad bit rockier than the rest of the year to come. There might be a bit of internal conflict between you and the more senior members of your family. This might be due to the fact that there might be a bit of a generational gap, but this really is nothing to worry about.

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We all know what kind of conflicts generational gaps create, so it probably is best for you to not get too involved with this. Try not to lose your temper when you go defend your side to your family because you would want to keep your heads as cool as possible. After this month, all seems to be well, so really keep a light head and just be understanding.

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As you might already know, a Pisces is one of the best people that you can ever have on your side since they are loyal, affectionate, and very understanding. For our darling Pisces, this coming January is the month where you really need to be strong as a friend. One of your friends might be going through something terrible, so just be there for them.

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This particular ‘friend’ might be someone that you are not really close with, but it still is important to make them feel loved and cared for. Plus, this might just be the chance for you to really kickstart a deeper relationship with this person. So just be understanding and make them feel welcome in your lives because they surely need these types of assurance!

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This coming month, the planet Jupiter will be on your side and this particular planet will give you a keen sense of adventure when it comes to your work life. This could simply mean that you might get the urge to try out something different or you might want to try a different work ethic. Although, it is best to probably not get too carried away.

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January is looking pretty bright for our darling Pisces who has been aiming for that special promotion. Your superiors will really see your full potential, and they might even take you higher than you expect. So simply work harder and wait for a bit more because your time is coming, and you will finally receive the recognition that you deserve.

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If you are wondering what to put on your resolutions this new year, then might we suggest sticking to a healthier habit? Our darling Pisces should really focus on eating right, being more active, and practicing their pauses every once in a while. There are no health problems heading your way in January, and so it is best for you to be consistent with your fitness journey!

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As for your finances, this coming month might be a bit trickier for you since you might be obligated to share your money with some people that you care about. We know how hard our Pisces work, but sometimes monetary help is required of us. If you are not willing to do this, then you must know how to compromise and help these people in other ways that you can.

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This coming January is pretty ideal for our darling Pisces, but this does not mean that there will not be a bit of ‘down’  time here and there. A match between a Cancer is really encouraged for this coming month because these signs have a connection that nobody else has. They both understand each other without saying a word, and this is generally such a beautiful relationship.

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If you want to stay away from any negativity this month, then might we suggest ditching that Gemini in your lives? Well, a Gemini might not really bring negativity but our dear Pisces might simply not understand the logic behind a Gemini’s keen sense of adventure. Geminis are too ‘free’ for our Pisces; in return, Pisces is too ‘serious'  for a Gemini.

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Another match that might not be really encouraged this month is one between a Pisces and an Aries. It is a given that our dear Aries are fun and they really know how to have a good time, but our Pisces are looking for something a bit homier this month. So if you are looking for someone to comfort you, then an Aries is simply not it.  

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If you are looking for a relationship that is somewhat platonic for the month of January, then a match between a Pisces and a Taurus is very ideal. Both signs are quite sunny, stoic and they do share a lot of things in common. This coming month, you might as well call that Taurus in your lives if you feel like you are in need of a special friend to hang out with.

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As we have previously stated, a connection between a Pisces and a Gemini is not really encouraged for the coming month. Our dear Pisces would want a support system that is somewhat more stable, and this is not something that our lovely Geminis could give. Yes, the twins are fun, but this is just not something a Pisces is looking for at the moment.

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As we have previously mentioned above, a match between a Pisces and a Cancer is highly encouraged for the month of January. Naturally, a match between a fellow water sign is great; but there is just something a tad bit special between a Pisces and a Cancer’s connection. Stick with them this month, and beautiful things will surely come your way!

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There is something a bit dysfunctional between Pisces and Leo’s relationship since they both are very different. This coming month might not be the best time to initiate a deeper connection with a Leo, because they might just not be ready for anything more. Instead, it might be great to solely focus on a more platonic relationship.

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If our darling Pisces is looking for a match that loosely translates to a ‘mentorship’, then a connection between a Virgo might do the trick! Our shy Pisces might learn a thing or two from the ever hardworking Virgo; they might even teach you the tricks of the trade! So really stick by Virgo’s side and learn a thing or two from them in order to reach your career’s full potential.

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Both a Pisces and a Libra are very easy going and they simply just go with the flow. This makes their relationship a very unstable one since they will both be following each other without actually knowing what is happening around them. This is a match that is highly discouraged for the month of January, so you better ditch that Libra in your lives for now…

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A match that is highly encouraged this coming month is one between a Pisces and a Scorpio. This is another match between a fellow water sign, so you surely know that this will only end up really well since both of you are very similar to each other. So if you are longing for someone who will always be there for you, then you might as well call that Scorpios in your lives.

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If our darling Pisces are not looking to be offended this coming January, then it might be best for you to ditch a Sagittarius. We all know how Sagittarians are notoriously honest and sometimes they feel like people should really know what they think; this honestly does not always sit well with most people…especially to a Pisces. So this match is a no go for now!

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Another connection that is quite encouraged for the month of January is one between a Pisces and a Capricorn. There is a particular warmth and comforting nature that a Capricorn has that our darling Pisces really love. So if you are wanting to have someone by your side that can really assure you that things will be alright, then this is definitely a Capricorn.

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Quite surprisingly, a match between a Pisces and an Aquarius is actually highly encouraged for this coming month. There is just a keen sense of friendship and a whimsical nature to both a Pisces and an Aquarius. Surprisingly, these are traits that both signs love, and this is a match that can really be beneficial for both signs this January!

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Another match that can be great for a purely platonic relationship is one between a fellow Pisces. When you interact with fellow Pisces, you will be able to learn how you move and how you are really like as a friend. So if you are wanting to dive into being a better friend for all the different zodiacs, then you might want to hang out with a fellow Pisces this January.

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Since this coming month is about to be really great and a bit challenging for our darling Pisces, then might we suggest binge-watching something a bit more entertaining? A series that comes to mind is Love Island Australia…and yes, it sort of is just like The Bachelor, although this one is a bit funnier. So you should give this series a watch this January!

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If you are missing traveling or if you simply want to be transported all the way to Paris, then might we suggest listening to Paris Café Playlist on Spotify. This is truly one of the best playlists out there that can really make you feel like you are back in a tiny yet beautiful café in Paris…well, who does not want that?

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Why not start your year by reading a beautifully written novel filled with love, magic, and personal relationships? A book that comes to mind is The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom. This book is a work of art and it will surely tug your heartstrings; plus, this was set mainly in Spain, so it will give you a bit of a travel itch!

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If you have been wanting to eat healthier for the longest time, then January is surely one of the best times to start a healthy habit. Do not worry, since cooking and eating healthier is not as daunting as it might actually seem. So why not start with overnight oats, vegetarian omelet, or fluffy pancakes?

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We all have to bear in mind that eating a well-balanced meal does not have to be tasteless and it does not have to be fully vegetarian or vegan. Sometimes, a well-balanced meal might look like a nice serving of pancakes with fresh fruits on the side or it can even look like a delicious slice of chocolate cake with tea on the side. It is up to you, so simply eat mindfully

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As we have said time and time again, this month is looking particularly great for our dear Pisces out there. They will flourish in their personal relationships and they might even get that much-awaited promotion that they have been working so hard for! Every once in a while, it is important to pause and simply reflect on all the lessons that you have learned.

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Plus, it might be great to call some of the friends that you have been wanting to catch up with (but never really do). Allocate a time every day or a few times a week in order for you to call the people that you have been wanting to call. This might seem like such a simple gesture, but the thought behind it is really sweet and your friends will really appreciate it!

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As we have previously stated, you might have a bit of a rocky relationship with the senior members of your family this coming January. So bear in mind that it is probably best that you stay away from them if you can. In doing so, you will probably not bump heads with them and you might even diffuse the tension that is rising between you and your family.

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Although, if you are still living with your parents, then you should really keep a cool head. Sometimes, our darling Pisces’ temper gets the best of them and so they might really snap when they are provoked. So once confrontation is inevitable, simply breathe and talk to them calmly…this will do wonders to your relationships, trust us on that!

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We all know that 2020 has been such a hectic, surprising yet still quite a beautiful year. Although, just like everything else in life, it is finally coming to a much-awaited end. Before this year ends, write down the things that you are grateful for; in doing so, you will have a better understanding of what your life has really been like for the past year.

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Before we welcome another month and another year, let us all write down the goals that we would all like to achieve in 2021. In doing so, you will get a better grasp of what you actually want to do in the months to come. So you will be able to navigate your life easier…plus, it will make you less distracted.

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2021 is going to be a great year for our darling Pisces, and we cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for all of us! What are you most looking forward to doing this coming month? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and share this article with your family and friends! 

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