January for Aquarius: Drastic Changes Ahead

Dec 23, 2020Kara

2020 was not a walk in the park for the water bearers but it did not bring them down either. As a new year begins to unravel itself, there will be a great shift for our dear Aquarians. Watch out for your finances and career and learn more about the big challenges coming your way! 

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Progressive, idealistic, and creative individuals who are born between January 18 to February 20 belong to the sign of Aquarius. As it is an air element, the water bearers are free-spirited and eccentric. The sign is also ruled by the planet Uranus that’s why they’re so innovative.   

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The symbol of the sign which is a water bearer is also the gods’ symbol of bringing nourishment to earth. The Aquarians are as stubborn as they go, but they are also shy and quiet. Their lucky numbers are 4, 7, 11, 22, and 29. Their lucky color is blue, and Saturday is their lucky day, so keep that in mind this month! 

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One of the most important facts about Aquarius is that for them, the first impression really lasts. They will decide if a person is likable in just a few minutes after knowing them, and that decision will rarely change. It may sometimes be hard for an Aquarius to communicate because their heads are full of complex thoughts and feelings.

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They would always analyze and observe the things that are unfolding around them. Just don’t try to control them because once they feel like they are being held tightly, the more that they will slip through your fingers. These strong-willed people may take a long while in deciding something, but once they made up their minds, it will never change. 

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The first and most prominent quality of an Aquarius is their progressiveness for they are visionaries. The Aquarians are born with compassion and a sense of justice, and they want to see changes around the world. It wouldn’t be a surprise to find them on the streets shouting for action. 

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They are also highly intelligent and are big-picture thinkers, because of that, they are big problem solvers. They also enjoy genuineness and they simply hate unoriginal ideas. They think outside the box and will come up with revolutionary designs. The Aquarians are usually talented with the arts. Painting, dancing, singing, are some forms of their self-expression.

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Because they have a less emotional way of looking at things, the water bearers usually appear cold to those who are not used to them. They’re pragmatic thinkers so they may also be insensitive at times. The Aquarians will be also detached from reality sometimes because they overanalyze things.  That’ll make it a little uncomfortable to work with them.

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Also, they are intelligent and that may lead them to be condescending. There will be times that they maintain they are right even when others already told them that they are not. This trait of the Aquarians can be frustrating to other people. Being a visionary is also their downfall for they tend to set some impossible standards.

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There are people that are the perfect embodiment of their signs and the ones that are very visible are of course those who can be seen on television. One Direction’s Harry Styles, Shakira, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock, Seth Green, Emma Roberts, Elizabeth Banks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alicia Keys, and Justin Timberlake are all Aquarius, and it really shows, doesn’t it?

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Aquarians will start the year in a romantic and emotional period and this January, you will have the chance to get closer to your partner. You must make use of the time to build some deep foundation for your future together. Cherish each moment with them, have wholesome conversations, and create beautiful yet attainable plans that you’ll work on together.

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Those who are still single may also find the love of their life this month or will develop certain connections that they haven’t experienced before. You are still also encouraged to build a foundation for yourself so that when things go wrong, you won’t crumble and be fully dependent on another person.

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This is a little sad because even though things will be doing well in your love life, your friendship will suffer this month. There will be no direct confrontations or fights, you will just simply not click with the people that you are closest to before. Your relationship with them will cool down and it will just drop for a while...

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You won’t even know where to find the courage to communicate with them again or how you can reach out. They will seem so far even though they live just a few minutes away from you. Just let it be. Don’t strain yourself and think too much about it. This is just a certain phase that will soon pass. 

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Start the year by getting rid of all the bonds that are keeping you from reaching your goals and dreams. Yes, even if it’s your family. If there are members that do not support your endeavors, do not push yourself to connect with them, do your thing, and let them indulge in their own thoughts. 

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Let the people who hurt you go, or if you cannot make them go away, be the one who maintains distance. It may be difficult for you since you love these people for you are related by blood. But then, your emotional state will improve once you’ll get used to it and it’ll bring good results in the long run.

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If you use your bravery and guts when it comes to your career this month, there is no doubt that professional growth will be achieved. Of course, there will still be hurdles to overcome and obstacles that will stop you on your path. Thankfully, Mars in Aries will aid you this month and you will be able to remove those obstacles.  

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Try to speak with your boss about promotion and a raise in salary and you’ll be surprised at how much you mean to them. Your seniors will appreciate your knowledge and experience this month but be careful and not let it get to your head. Stay grounded for it will also be one thing that will lead to more success. 

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There will be much competition when it comes to your business this month, but then, the harder the battles, the sweeter the victory. Money inflow will still be going smoothly, and your pockets will never run dry. The financial stress that you had in the past year will not have a chance to enter your life this month.

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Listen to the elders in the house for they will teach you something about saving money that will be very beneficial for your endeavors. Now that you have all the money that you need, clear your debts, and don’t let it bother you for the rest of the year. Start the year by having a clean slate financially.

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Thanks to the transit of Saturn in Capricorn, this will be a month of benefits for your health and you will stay fit for the whole duration of it. You might have a minor cold still but it's nothing some simple remedy can't fix. Just remember that you must not over-exert yourself.

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Stress is the root of many health issues and you must stay away from it. Go and do some stretches if work is overbearing. Also, the food that you eat will be very crucial this month. Have a proper diet and make sure that what you are eating is not unclean or stale because your stomach will be sensitive to that.

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Starting the year right is a cliché but then it is still one of the most beautiful ones. By doing the right thing at the start, you will feel that everything will go smoothly, even in your love life. Now, let's get to know the signs that are the most compatible with you. 

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Why not have a go with a fellow Aquarius? Your shared traits will help you strengthen the bond and you both are passionate about justice. Gemini will also be good to be with since you are both air signs and are free spirits. You and Libra will create a playful match that will be delightful in the long run. 

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Of course, there will also be people that you just can’t share a room with and the first on the list is Pisces. Pisces will be too emotional for you and you can’t stand it. Taurus will be in conflict with you for they are old-fashioned while you seek progress, and Cancer will also be too sensitive for you.

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Being an Aquarius means you're the type of person who's always sure of yourself. You love that about yourself, and you'll love that about your Aquarius partner as well. You both value your independence which means that neither of you is the clingy and controlling type. 

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Your shared interest in anything new and exciting is a great thing to have, especially this January. So this new year, why not try and spice up your relationship by trying new things together. The only trouble with dating someone who has the same sign as you is that you both tend to keep emotions bottled up - a big no-no if you want to make things work.

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While we did single out Pisces as one of the least compatible signs out there for you, it doesn't hurt to know what you're in for if you ever end up dating one. A relationship with this sign is like a continuing battle between thoughts and emotions. You are ruled by logic and practicality. Pisces is ruled by their emotions. 

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At first, both of you will be extremely attracted to one another. You'll see what you lack in them. However, you'll come to realize they have too much of it. If you're determined to make things work out between you and a Pisces, you have to ensure that you both grow as a couple through loyalty and trust.  

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Aries can't help but fall for you because of your brainpower and charismatic visionary personality. The passionate and aggressive ram from the red planet can't help but keep their eyes trained on you at all times. Your thoughtfulness and genuine attitude will prove to be a selling point for Aries too. 

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However, Aries is a dominating partner. They always want to wear the pants in the relationship. Your natural desire for freedom will be a point of contention between the two of you. You will both have issues with how you run day-to-day matters. A lasting relationship between these two signs is only possible when both agree to loosen up a bit.

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There is a vast ocean of differences that separate you and Taurus, but still, it's not impossible for you to end up together. Though the attraction bells won't be ringing as loudly when it comes to your signs pairing up, there's still a chance for sparks to fly. Taurus is an idealistic being and a hopeless romantic. 

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You, on the other hand, are steadfast and meticulous in all things that relate to thought. Nonetheless, if you're pushing to continue your romance with your Taurus, be prepared for a lot of compromises. Allow yourself to swallow your pride sometimes and give way to the demands of your partner and vice versa.

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There is so much potential waiting to be realized in a partnership between an Aquarius and a Gemini. Starting a steamy romance with the twins is like dialing up the best communication hotline. Both of you are amazing free-thinkers who are also great listeners. All signs point to a long-term relationship between you two if things go right.

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This January, work on nurturing the passion between you and your Gemini partner. Put yourselves in situations that provide opportunities for you to work on honesty and loyalty - things both of you value greatly. This will only increase your drive to better versions of yourselves for each other!

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Seeing Aquarius and Cancer together is as tricky as can be. For starters, Aquarius is the type of person who can be emotionally detached at any moment's notice. Whereas Cancer has their emotions running on overdrive all the time. One will always be a handful to deal with in the eyes of the other.  

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The question about this relationship is: Is it worth dealing with? If it's love, of course! So this January, try working on the things about yourself you can adjust to suit the needs of your partner. Find some common ground that will allow you to accommodate both sides of your relationship's emotional spectrum. It's time to discover the true ins-and-outs of Cancer+Aquarius.

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Leo can learn a thing or two from Aquarius. The king of the celestial jungle is a "me-type" thinker, while Aquarius is a "me+everyone+everything" type thinker. The lion will surely be attracted to the visionary in you. There are a lot of differences between the two of you, but things could go for the long-game if done right. 

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The eccentric Aquarius in you will want to see the ever-ambitious Leo achieve their greatest desires. You'll be a great partner, one that sees big-picture, in Lion's corner. Leo must grow to not want to control you. As we know, no one can put the water bearer in a single corner and expect them to be happy with it.

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Talk about a clash in personalities. A partnership between Aquarius and Virgo is one complicated mess on so many levels. The maiden is a perfectionist that loves order and structure, you're a rebellious free-thinker. You see the world as a blank canvas, waiting to be painted while Virgo sees it as a puzzle with precise pieces that fit in specific places. 

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Virgo will be more than ready to sacrifice their happiness for you - but you shouldn't let them. There must be a proper balance to the chaos if you want to make things work. Don't let your need for freedom over-stress an already overthinking partner. Learn to be understanding of the maiden's quirks and they will be more open with your way of life. 

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When an Aquarius and Libra are coming together, the whole world can feel the passion burning from the two of you. There's nothing like the instant attraction you'll have for each other. You're so similar in how you act, feel, and speak. Your love for knowledge, culture and the arts is going to be a high point too! 

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However, make sure to take this stunning attraction with a grain of salt. Nobody is perfect, not even the two of you. You'll have trouble being patient with the indecisive Libra. They're also prone to being a little too self-indulgent during tough times in a relationship. This will definitely trigger you to be more emotionally detached. 

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To put it lightly, you and Scorpio are very different people. It's your ability to deal with your emotions that set the two of you apart, and it's quite the distance. Despite this, you will feel a strong attraction for emotional and passionate scorpion. Their genuine nature with their emotions will feel like a mystery to you. One that you'll want to solve. 

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Once you realize the truth behind it, things will only get trickier. Yes, there will be an intense passion for Scorpio. Things are going to get really steamy. But the absence of a concrete commitment with the Scorpion will lead to a lot of drama. So if you're going to dip your toes into the pool with a Scorpio, better make things clear from the get-go. 

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You and the centaur can barely count the number of differences you have with your fingers. The compatibility between you two is off the charts. Both intellectual, forward-thinking mavericks who aren't afraid to challenge the rules once in a while. If a Sagittarius is coming into your life this January, prepare for a wild and exciting romance.

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Growth is possibly the best word to describe a partnership between Aquarius and Capricorn. Though both of you have different approaches to life, you both have the capacity and desire to learn from each other - as soon as possible. You and the sea-goat might even start off as great friends.

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You are each the other's catalyst to become something more than you already are. The spontaneous Aquarius will help the methodical Capricorn learn to be more daring. The water bearer in turn with be taught by the sea-goat to see things holistically before acting. If you want to grow into a better version of yourself this January, a Capricorn may be what you need.

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If you think the holidays took a lot of energy out of you, that's fine! It may be a great time for some RnR on your couch. Kill some time by binge-watching shows that will help expand that creative, visionary mind of yours. For some mind-bending fun, check out HBO's Westworld, and Sharp Objects which stars Amy Adams. 

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If sitting on your couch watching shows isn't doing it for you, why don't you try your hand at some new hobbies for the new year? Have you ever tried challenging your already creative mind and see what you may come up with on a blank canvas? We bet you'll be churning out a masterpiece every time you paint.  

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This 2021, seek to integrate each aspect of your life at a higher capacity. This will lead to a feeling of even greater fulfillment in things. Looking at things closer to you, January will be focused on money because the plentiful Jupiter will enter Pisces, your solar 2nd House. 

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Jupiter being in this position means that you, as an Aquarius, will be spending more. Be mindful of what you spend on and if you do have to shell out some money, make sure you're doing it for a good cause - like paying your bills and not shopping for the things you want. 2021 is going to feel like everyone and everything wants a piece of you! Make the most of it.

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It looks like you're in for a lot of drastic changes, Aquarius. The new year is really like a blank slate, and you can decide what it's gonna be like! Don't let this grand opportunity go to waste. Just make sure you're going at your own pace, and learn more about yourself along the way. Let us know how the first month of the new year goes and be sure to share this article! 

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