January For Sagittarius: Drastic Changes Ahead

Dec 24, 2020Rita

The first month of 2021 will be full of surprises for all the Sagittarius out there. Let's have a look at the predictions for January and find out what you should expect and, better yet, how to better prepare for the changes ahead! From relationships to health and wealth, this is what is going to happen to Sagittarius in the new month!

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Those who were born between November 22nd and December 31st can proudly call themselves a Sagittarius, also known as the Archer. Ruled by Jupiter, people born under this sign have fire as their element, which is also shared with Aries and Leo. But, what does it mean to be a Sagittarius? Let's have a look.

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One of the first things other signs notice about Sagittarius natives is their energy and motivation, which is caused by the fire element. People born under Sagittarius are able to easily find inspiration from anything around them and have an intense passion for life and living. Not only is Sagittarius known as the Archer, but in certain situations, it is also called the Centaur. 

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On top of that, Sagittarius is also intelligent, and will always stop what they are doing to have an interesting conversation. Paired with that, they also enjoy having fun and being surrounded by friends, which becomes even better when a spontaneous adventure happens out of the blue. Being one of the most energetic signs, people around them tend to follow their passion. 

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Sagittarius love talking and sharing their ideas and views of the world, which often are extremely positive. They have expert skills in conversation and are not afraid to quickly change topics. In case you are ever bored, just hang out with a Sagittarius and you will have things to do and talk about for hours! 

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Charismatic is another word to describe Archer, whose simple way of living makes everyone interested in learning more. While they are often called the "free-spirit" of the Zodiac, they are also very good at saving money, which seems like a contradiction. But, while there are several positive things to say about this sign, there are also some weaknesses to be worked on.

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Sagittarius natives tend to be very good at making friends and being loved by those around them, but there are also some deal breakers in their personality. The Archer has a terrible difficulty when it comes to commitment, which can be justified by their high energy levels. This makes them feel bored very quickly, and they are not afraid to move to the next exciting thing. 

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Another weakness from Sagittarius that is linked to their high energy is their inability to finish their projects. While they can have brilliant ideas, they often leave them to other people. Sagittarius is also honest, which can often lead to problems, especially because they don't have a filter and usually don't think about how the other is going to interpret their comments. 

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With some of the most well-known Sagittarius traits mentioned above, which celebrities do you think were born under this sign? The truth is that there are a lot of famous Sagittarius, probably because of their wonderful charisma. Actors such as Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo are Sagittarius, but also Sarah Hyland, Christina Applegate, and even Ben Stiller!

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Don't get confused, there are Sagittarius celebrities making it big in other industries as well! For instance, did you know that the music superstars Miley Cyrus, DJ Khaled, Rita Ora, and Janelle Monae were born under Sagittarius? Other celebrities that took advantage of their centaur personality include Sarah Silverman, Jon Stewart, and Raven-Symoné.

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The new year will start with a focus on love for Sagittarius, with those who are already in a committed relationship. People born under this sign will have a dominant role in the couple but should be careful about how that is going to impact their relationship, especially when it comes to communication during silly everyday arguments.

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Single Sagittarius will also feel the same planetary influence, however, it may become a hindrance in their pursuit of love. While there will be several romantic opportunities to take advantage of during this month, it is crucial that you present yourself as someone who has their feet on the ground in order for the relationship to flourish.

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While the love department might become a little troubled in January, Sagittarius should be happy to discover that their family life is going to be quite positive. You will feel harmony within the household and those who are closest to you will give you the feeling of support and certainty that you will be looking for.

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There might be some less than positive news coming your way, however, especially when it comes to extended family. While this will be a piece of difficult information to process, it is imperative that you do not let yourself feel down because of it. Over time, things will slowly improve and be solved, so just keep going strong!

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January is going to be a very boring month when it comes to friendships in the lives of Sagittarius, and that is because no changes are expected to happen. You will continue to take profit from those close relationships you have built over time with your closest circle, and you may even become closer to them by the end of the month.

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Something that is important to mention, however, is that January is going to be the right month to make amends. The Sagittarius who has broken a friendship during 2020 should take this month as a chance to erase bad memories. You can apologize or seek apologies, and ensure that you are able to move forward without the burden of the past. 

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Buckle up, dear Sagittarius, you are going in for a ride! The first month of 2021 is going to be filled with surprises when it comes to your professional life and, sadly, not all of them will be positive. This is the time to truly think about what you want to accomplish in your career and make sure you take the right steps to achieve it.

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We know that it isn't always easy for you to keep true to your goals, however, this January is an important time to do it. Make sure that you keep focused on your professional career, as there will be several opportunities to make advancements during this period. Do not let go of professional networks or colleagues, as these will help you in your pursuit.

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The beginning of January will be a bit shaky when it comes to health. You may feel lower on energy than usual, which is saying a lot for Sagittarius. In order to ensure that you keep thriving, it is important that you do not ignore the signs your body and mind are giving you. Take some time to rest every day, and try to keep a healthy lifestyle in general.

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Although money won't be a problem in January, the start of the year is always a good time to think about what your main monetary goals are. Sagittarius is going to be given a clean slate this month to work with, so try to make the necessary changes to your budget in order to decrease your spending and increase your overall savings.

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As mentioned before, January will be a month with plenty of opportunities to meet new people, however, there is one particular sign that you should pay more attention to. Libra will give you the feeling of fresh air you are craving in a relationship, so keep an eye open to any Libra that might cross your path!

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On the opposite, however, this month is not the right time for Sagittarius to try and develop a romantic relationship with Taurus. This sign is known for being stubborn and possessive, which is something that will make the free-spirited Sagittarius want to run for the hills. This is not the right moment to have stressful relationships, even if just platonic.

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One of the best signs for Sagittarius this month is Aries. Not only can these two become best friends, but they can easily become more. These two signs have an optimistic outlook on life, enjoy talking and adventures, and more importantly: their energy levels are a perfect match. Sagittarius and Aries will inspire each other to accomplish wonderful things.  

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As mentioned before, this month (and the whole year in general) is not the right time to invest your attention and energy in building a relationship with a Taurus native. The amount of stress, headaches, and heartbreaks it will bring is just going to make you feel down. Instead, why not try looking for love in someone that will be more compatible with you?

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The Sagittarius who are looking for an adventure partner can find one in any Gemini that comes across their path! These two signs are one of the most interesting and exciting matches in the Zodiac, with both enjoying freedom and culture, learning new things, and overall just having fun. 

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A relationship between a Sagittarius and a Cancer is possible, however, it will vary in terms of stability depending on the individual personalities of each person. These two can have a wonderful love story, but it can also not happen at all. Both people need to be on the same page for this love to flourish.

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As mentioned before, both Sagittarius and Leo are Fire signs, which means they have a lot in common. Extroverted and ambitious when it comes to living life to the fullest, it is easy to find something that interests both. Moreover, this month there will be an even strong understanding between both signs, which can help at the start of a romantic relationship.

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Have you ever heard of opposites? That's what Sagittarius and Virgos are. Their different ways of looking at life are going to make it very difficult for these two to get along, especially if a long-term relationship is what you have in mind, dear Sagittarius. If you truly must pursue love with a Virgo this month it is important that both people make compromises with one another.

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Libra is definitely the number one partner for Sagittarius this January. Both are passionate, interesting, and charming, and love to take advantage of the best things in life. Do not waste any opportunity this month to try and get to know any new Libra that you may come across, as there is a great chance that a wonderful love will be born.

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Sagittarius and Scorpio have a lot of similarities, with both signs being strong and independent, which paired with their confidence make them become very intense people. While these two can easily fall in love this January, there might be some unnecessary arguments arising, as even though they have a lot in common, there are also some differences.

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Are you looking for an incredibly romantic experience this month? If yes, then you should try to build a relationship with a fellow Sagittarius. These two people will have so much in common that it will make their days exciting, however, there might also be some difficulties arising. The good part is that both will be able to voice their concerns easily.

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Although Sagittarius and Capricorns are really different, when they get together their connection can be magical. During January these two will be able to completely understand their differences and turn them into strengths, so make sure to take advantage of this positive news!

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Sagittarius and Aquarius have a lot of common ground to make their relationship and fulfilling one. This January, the differences will be overcast by the similarities, and Aquarius will be extremely drawn towards the adventurous personality of Sagittarius. As long as both remain open to their differences, this is a relationship with a lot of potentials.

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If you are looking for chemistry, just try to meet a Pisces. Sagittarius is a fire sign, while Pisces is a water sign, which means that they will have an intrinsic and natural interest in one another. There are differences between these two, however, these are differences that both will want to learn more about. This relationship can be one of the best life experiences for both people.

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Being exciting, passionate, and interested in new things, Sagittarius love learning more about the world through any means they can - so why not do that through movies? This January we suggest that you have a look at “Ferris Bueller's Day Off” or even “National Treasure”. In case you are more of a series type of person, why not give "Emily in Paris" a try?

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Still, on the topic of the best series, there are several options for you to binge-watch this January, dear Sagittarius! We recommend all the Archers to have a look at “Disenchantment”, “Peaky Blinders”, “Our Planet”, or even “Street Food” if you like learning more about international cuisine! Let us know in the comments below which one you prefer!

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What better way to truly travel and explore than through music? You put your headphones on, shuffle through different genres, and eventually your mind is somewhere else! Sagittarius might want to have a look at this particular Spotify playlist as not only does it have excellent songs, but it was also made specifically for Sagittarius natives!

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For the Sagittarius who like to listen to other types of things, why not give podcasts a try? It is an excellent option to keep your mind busy while your hands are free to do all the things you want to do. We suggest that you have a listen to these picks, as they will give you some guidance on how to make the best out of the new year!

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What about traveling through books? We have a series of titles to recommend you this month, which we truly believe will be right up your alley, dear Sagittarius.  “Starry Eyes” by Jenn Bennett, “Sorcery of Thorns” by Margaret Rogerson, “Love & Luck” by Jenna Evans Welch, and “Songs from the Deep” by Kelly Powell are some good new additions to your library.

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Nevertheless, if you are the type of Sagittarius that doesn't like books, there are also some options for you - especially if you want to learn more about what is out there for you to experiment. These travel blogs are great and easy to read and don't require the same type of commitment a book would. Why not give them a try?

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Everyone knows that Sagittarius loves learning and finding out new things, however, sometimes you just a hobby that will let you put your mind at ease and rest. So, why not put all those ideas you think about onto paper? You can spend some time painting all the creative scenarios that pop into your head and even gift them to your loved ones. 

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As not every Sagittarius likes painting, why not use your creativity with something else? Journaling is an excellent way to not only write down all the ideas you have but also allow you to be crafty and have something to read back in some month's time and see how much your life has changed. There are several types of journals that you can opt for, so go wild! 

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As mentioned above, your health will not be excellent this January, so this is the right time to make an extra effort to take care of yourself. We recommend that you take some time each day to do some light exercise in order to keep your body moving and blood flowing, but also to stretch your muscles and back.  

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At the same time, it is important that you don't forget to take care of your mind as well. The stresses of daily life can build up and leave you having physical symptoms. In order to combat that, try to have some time daily do just unwind your mind, or even try out meditation in case you would like to see how that makes you feel!

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The beginning of the year is usually one of excitement and wonder about what will happen, however, this January you should also give some thought to the past. Think about what were the highest points of your 2020 as well as which regrets you had and wish to not repeat in the year ahead.

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This will help you not only be grateful for the good things but also ensure that you keep track of what you want to accomplish. As we said, this year is going to be filled with ups and downs, challenges and opportunities, so wouldn't it be nice to look back at what your thoughts were right now in a few month's time and see how it all turned out?

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Overall, 2021 will be a good year for Sagittarius, however, it won't be without any difficulties. While there will be some excellent news coming your way in the months to come, you should be prepared for some hardships and challenges that will require your full attention. The good news is that in the end, it will all be worth it!

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Are you excited about what January has in store for you, dear Sagittarius? Let us know in the comments below what your expectations are and make sure to share this article with any Sagittarius friends you may have!

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