Bond Girls Then And Now

Jun 07, 2021Shanal Govender

James Bond has been gracing TV screens for decades thanks to his good looks, smart gadgets, and one extra special feature—a dazzling lady! Over the years, "007" has been seen with many women, but often his irresistible style stole the show ... until now! More than just pretty faces, these goddesses actually contributed to the franchise's success in many ways. The fiery stars have also reached spectacular heights—one Bond girl appeared in the popular Game of Thrones recently while another married a Beatles member! Can you guess who they are?   

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Diana Rigg

Fans will remember her as Countess Tracy di Vicenzo in the 1969 hit On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Rigg continued to pursue he acting career until she died in 2020. However, she was recently in the spotlight again for playing Olenna Tyrell in HB's popular medieval-styled series, Game of Thrones

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Honor Blackman 

Honor Blackman is definitely one of the most iconic bond girls. She starred as Pussy Galore in the hit movie Goldfinger. Blackman continued her acting and singing career throughout her life and is well known for her role as Cathy Gale in The Avengers. Sadly, she also passed away in 2020. 

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Ursula Andress

Who can forget Honey Ryder in Dr. No? This stunning actress served as a model for all of the bond girls that came after her. The now 85-year-old Swiss actress made her final movie appearance in 2015. She's kept a low profile since then and seems to be enjoying her retirement. 

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Carey Lowell 

Carey Lowell starred across Timothy Dalton in his final bond movie, License to Kill. After her role with 007, she continued her acting career in Law & Order and later married actor Richard Gere. However, after 11 years of marriage, the couple split up, and it seemed like Carey took a hiatus from acting until her recent appearance on Blue Bloods.

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Sophie Marceau 

French Actress Sophie Marceau is famous for her role in The World Is Not Enough. She's had several successful films in Europe, which include Braveheart and Firelight. The actress is now behind the scenes directing movies and was named Best Director at the Montreal World Film Festival for Speak to Me of Love

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Alison Doody 

Irish Actress and Model Alison Doody made her feature film debut in A View to a Kill. She later acted in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and has been a consistent face in the film industry. The gorgeous actress has now weaved her way into the Bollywood scene with the film RRR

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Rosamund Pike 

Pike also made her debut into the industry as a bond girl named Miranda Frost. Since then, she's snatched roles in many hit movies such as Pride & Prejudice and Gone Girl. Her most recent performance was in the film Radioactive which was released in 2020. It was a take on the life of female scientist Marie Curie, and Pike seemed to fit the role perfectly.   

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Shirley Eaton 

Shirley Eaton's "death-by-gold" in the Bond classic Goldfinger is probably one of the most memorable moments of the entire franchise. Eaton is now 84 years old and the last remaining member of the Goldfinger cast. She retired from acting in 1969 to focus on raising a family.   

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Maud Adams 

Maud's first appearance as a Bond girl was in The Man with the Golden Gun, where she played Adrea Anders. A few years later, she was back on screen in Octopussy. After her movie deals, she settled into a few small television roles before becoming a cosmetics company president

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Eunice Gayson

Most people regard Eunice Gayson as the original bond girl. She acted in not one but two 007 movies as the character Sylvia Trench. After a 15 career in the film industry, Gayson retired to live a quiet life. Sadly, she passed away in 2018 at the age of 90.  

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Eva Green 

Eva Green mesmerized fans in the 2006 bond movie Casino Royale, and she even received a BAFTA Rising Star Award for her portrayal in the film. The brilliant actress went on to star in the horror drama series Penny Dreadful for which she was nominated Best Actress in a Television Series at the Golden Glode Awards.  

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Daniela Bianchi 

Italian actress Daniela Bianchi was well known in her native land before landing a role opposite James Bond. She appeared as the Soviet cipher clerk Tatiana in the famous From Russia with Love. After a few film appearances, she retired from acting to marry a Genoan shipping magnate.   

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Lois Chiles 

Lois Chiles declined a role in The Spy Who Loved Me but later starred in Moonraker as Dr. Holly Goodhead. The 74-year-old actress is also featured in The Great Gatsby, Death on the Nile, and The Way We Were. Recently she was spotted teaching a course in film acting at the University of Houston.  

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Tanya Roberts 

Fans might remember Roberts as Julie Rogers on the final season of Charlie's Angels, but she was also a bond girl. She played the part of Stacey Sutton in A View to a Kill. The esteemed actress later landed screen time on That '70s Show before leaving to take care of her husband. Sadly, she passed away in 2021 from a sudden illness.  

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Izabella Scorupco

Izabella Scorupco is a Polish actress, singer, and model. She played Natalya Simonova in Goldeneye. Scorupco had a brief career as a pop singer in the early 1990s. In 2012, the actress hosted Sweden's Next Top Model but later returned to acting in movies. 

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Denise Richards

Richards acted in The World Is Not Enough as a scantily dressed physicist called Dr. Christmas Jones. This superstar has continued her acting career, landing a part in the popular soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. She's also owned her role as a reality star alongside the other Real Housewives of Beverley Hills.  

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Bérénice Marlohe

Bérénice Marlohe caught the eyes of international fans when she starred in the 23rd bond film, Skyfall. Ever since then, she's continued to expand her presence in the U.S. In 2017 she appeared in the sci-fi thriller Revolt, which included an ensemble cast comprising Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, and Ryan Gosling. 

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Claudine Auger

Paris-born Claudine Auger wowed fans in her role as Domino Derval in the movie Thunderball. The part had originally been written for an Italian actress, but Auger's audition impressed the producers so much that they decided to make the character French. The brilliant actress continued her career in the film industry before passing away in 2019. 

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Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko is a Ukrainian-French actress who starred in the 2008 bond movie Quantum of Solace. This star, who doubles as a model, only began her acting career in 2005. Her most notable role is that of Nika Boronina in the film adaptation of the popular game Hitman

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Teri Hatcher

Hatcher played the role of Bond's ex-girlfriend in the 1997 hit Tomorrow Never Dies. Since then, she's become one of the biggest names in the film and television industry. One of the most notable roles in her acting career was as Susan Mayer on Desperate Housewives.  

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Carole Bouquet 

Carole Bouquet played Melina Havelock, the main love interest of James Bond in the movie For Your Eyes Only. After this role, Carole rose quickly as a star in her native country France. To this day, she continues to be one of the most popular actresses in French cinema. 

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Martine Beswick 

Beswick is famous for her role in two bond movies, From Russia With Love and Thunderball. Her acting career was active in the 1990s, but she took a 24-year hiatus from the film industry. Sometimes you have to take a step back after enjoying fame. In 2018, she made her reappearance in House of the Gorgon

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Famke Janssen

Dutch Actress Famke Janssen is one of the more popular bond girls. She starred opposite Pierce Brosnan in his debut bond movie Goldeneye. After that, the stunning actress remained in Hollywood and was given roles in the X-Men film series, How to Get Away with Murder and The Blacklist: Redemption

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Gloria Hendry

This beauty starred opposite 007 in the 1973 movie Live and Let Die. She played the role of junior CIA agent Rosie Carver in the film. Since then, she's appeared in a handful of low-budget films such as Savage Sisters and Slaughter's Big Rip-Off. Do you remember seeing her in the films?

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Britt Ekland 

Ekland appeared as Bond's assistant Mary Goodnight in The Man with the Golden Gun. She was one of the most photographed actresses in the 1970s and has since become a European reality star. Ekland recently starred in season four of BBC's The Real Marigold Hotel.  

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Grace Jones 

Grace Jones took on a different role than many of the other bond girls. She starred as henchwoman May Day in A View to a Kill. The actress has a lengthy resume, and even at 73, she remains a prominent figure in the acting, modeling, and music scenes.

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Maryam D'abo

D'abo acted alongside Timothy Dalton in his first bond movie, The Living Daylights. She played a young Czechoslovakian cellist named Kara Milovy. The 60-year-old actress still regularly acts on television and is also continuing her modeling career. At 60, she is still unstoppable, and we hope to see more of her on the big screen!

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Lynn-Holly Johnson 

Johnson is a professional ice skater and showcased her skills brilliantly in the movie For Your Eyes Only in 1981. After her role as Bibi Dahl in the bond movie, she went on to star in a few other movies. Unfortunately, she couldn't capitalize on her success in the 007 film and quit acting in 1996. 

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Corinne Cléry

Corinne Cléry is a French actress who appeared in the movie Moonraker as Corinne Dufour, Hugo Drax's assistant. She's had a successful stint in Hollywood, most recently appearing in the 2018 film Beyond the Mist. Cléry was also a housemate on Grande Fratello VIP, the Italian version of Celebrity Big Brother.  

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Aliza Gur 

Aliza Gur is an Israeli actress who starred in the Bond movie From Russia with Love as a gypsy. Most of her acting was done in the 1960s and included Exodus, The Hand of Night, and Tarzan and the Jungle Boy. Gur was also a semifinalist in the Miss Universe Pagent in 1960.     

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Michelle Yeoh 

Yeoh was prominent in many Hong Kong action films in the 1990s. She captured the attention of international fans in the movie Tomorrow Never Dies, where she played the character of Colonel Wai Lin. Since then, she's appeared in many hit films, including the 2018 dramatic comedy Crazy Rich Asians

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Talisa Soto 

Soto played the girlfriend of Bond's enemy in the movie License to Kill. Eventually, her character Lupe Lamora develops feelings for the leading man ... as they always do! She's added a few more films to her resume, her most recent role in the 2013 flick Elysium.

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Kristina Wayborn 

Kristina Wayborn is a Swedish actress who was cast in the television movie The Silent Lovers. Her excellent acting skills got her noticed by the producers of the James Bond movies. She appeared as Madga in the Bond movie Octopussy and has since starred in many other notable roles.

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Jane Seymour 

Many people questioned the addition of Jane Seymour to the bond cast. She was an unknown in the industry, but producers still decided to go with her. Seymour starred opposite Roger Moore in his debut bond movie Live and Let Die. After her sterling performance in the film, Seymour's career took off.  

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Barbara Bach 

Barbara Bach was a late addition to The Spy Who Loved Me cast. She played a KGB agent named Anya Amasova. Bach was also a sought-after model and appeared in international fashion magazines such as Seventeen and Vogue USA. However, her acting career was short-lived, and now she's more famously known as the wife of The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. Together with her husband, Bach has set up The Lotus Foundation charity.

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Caterina Murino

Caterina Murino made her breakthrough in the industry with the 2004 film The Corsican File. The Italian actress later appeared in the 2006 adaptation of Casino Royale. She received a European Golden Globe at the Italian Golden Globe Awards for her performance.  

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Caroline Munro

Munro is an English actress known for her role as Naomi in The Spy Who Loved Me. The 72-year-old has starred in several other movies, such as Domestic Strangers and Flesh for the Beast. She recently teamed up with a former co-star Christopher Neame to appear in House of the Gorgon.  

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Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Cucinotta was cast as a Bond girl for the movie The World Is Not Enough in 1999. The Italian actress has also worked as a film producer, model, and screenwriter. In 2012, this Cucinotta earned her star on the Italian Walk of Fame in Toronto, Canada. It is safe to say that she's a jack of all trades, eh?

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Jill St. John 

This Hollywood star appeared as Tiffany Case, Bond's love interest and diamond smuggler in Diamonds Are Forever. The 80-year-old actress boasts quite the resume. She's starred in a wide range of hit movies such as Batman, Magnum P.I., and Seinfeld. Jill's interests also included cooking, and she's even appeared in a monthly cooking segment on Good Morning America.

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Zena Marshall 

British actress Zena Marshall acted in the first-ever Bond movie, Dr. No, as Miss. Taro. The star is originally from Kenya, and her mixed heritage helped her land many exotic roles. Other notable movies that she worked on include Good Time Girl, The Lost People, and Helter Skelter. Sadly, Marshall passed away in 2009 at 83 years old. 

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Molly Peters 

Molly Peters is an English actress and model who starred in the Bond film Thunderball. Despite her success as a bond girl, Peters's career did not take off. Some say that this was due to her agent's strict rules after her time on Thunderball, but we're not sure how true that is. The actress later married and had one son. Sadly, Peters passed away in 2017 at the age of 75. 

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Lana Wood 

Lana left her mark on the bond universe with her portrayal of Plenty O'Toole in Diamonds Are Forever. In 1985, Lana retired from acting, but she's appeared in a few low-budget films since then. She's also the sister of legendary actress Natalie Wood. In 1984, Wood penned a memoir about her iconic sister, and she has even dabbled in directing.     

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Halle Berry 

Halle Berry needs no introduction. This superstar was one of the highest-paid actors of the 2000s. In 2002 she became a bond girl after joining Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day. One of her most famous roles was in the 2004 hit movie Catwoman. Berry has just made her directorial debut in the upcoming film Bruised

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The Bond World 

Over the years, there have been many bond girls joining the spy on his adventures. In 2006, many gorgeous ladies got together for a bond girls reunion at the Stone Rose Lounge in New York. We wonder who else might join this elite group in the future. 

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Which of the Bond girls is your favorite from the series? Were you surprised by any of the women and what they've accomplished? Please let us know in the comments; we'd love to hear from you. And don't forget to share this article with other James Bond fans! 

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