Celebrities You Will Not Believe Are Grandparents

Jul 05, 2021Ncuthu W

Don't we all simply adore our grandparents? We brag about them and they spoil us rotten. Although being a grandparent is one of the greatest joys known to man, there are a couple of celebrities that have kept this one fact about themselves quiet. Well, that is until now! We're revealing some of the most low-key famous grandparents in Hollywood. Keep reading to find out!  

Image Credits: Getty Images /Jim Carrey at an event

Lionel Richie 

Thanks to his famous daughter Nicole Richie and her rockstar husband Joel Madden, Lionel is a grandfather to two kids. Their names are  Sparrow and Harlow and they have the cutest name for him. Lionel goes by Pop-pop. Isn't that adorable? 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Lionel Richie and Nicole Richie

Susan Sarandon

We loved her in Thelma and Lousie, Shall We Dance? and other film hits but for her the greatest joy comes from being a grandma. Her daughter Ava Amurri, who is also an actress, has three children that Sarandon simply adores. When asked what she loves most about the role, she responded, "Everything!" Isn't that sweet? 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Susan Sarandon

Eddie Murphy 

The talent Mr. Murphy has so many things that he's good at including acting, singing, and being a comedian. But he's also a family man as he has 10 children! They range between the ages of 1 and 30. He became a grandfather in 2019 when his second-born son Miles had his first child. Murphy says being a grandparent is a blessing

Image Credits: Getty Images/Eddie Murphy

Kiefer Sutherland 

When he's not in a fight scene or playing music on stage, Kiefer is being a granddad. His stepdaughter Michelle Kath has two young sons and the actor seems to be enjoying his grandfatherhood. The next actress waited a long time to be a grandmother and it surely paid off. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Kiefer Sutherland

Candice Bergen 

You've seen her in plenty of Hollywood films but you probably had no clue that she became a grandmother in 2020. Her daughter Chloe Malle welcomed a baby boy named Albert in May last year. She shared that she didn't want to push her daughter into having children but once the little boy arrived, she was overjoyed. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Candice Bergen

Terrence Howard 

We all know and love him as the music mogul on the hit series Empire. But did you know he became a grandfather back in 2013 when he was 43? His daughter Aubrey Howard gave birth to her firstborn twins. It's not every day that you see a grandparent look this young! 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Terrence Howard

Damon Wayans

You probably recognize him from his countless comedies and starring roles. But he holds one more title other than actor, writer, producer, and director. He's also a grandpa! His eldest son Damon Kyle Wayans Jr. is also a part of the Wayan's comedy dynasty. The actor has two daughters who may join in on the family legacy. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Damon Wayans Sr at an event

Damon Wayans Jr. 

The 30-year-old star is known for his starring roles on The Coach, New Girl and he is also the voice behind Wasabi in Disney’s Big Hero 6. The Wayans are certainly a force to be reckoned with. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Damon Wayans Jr

Garth Brooks 

For the love of music we just can't get enough of Garth Brooks. But he's got much more love for his grandchildren. The musician's second daughter August Anne gave him his first granddaughter in 2013 and he fell head over heels in love. Brooks has an incredible love for his family and it shows in his adoration for his granddaughters. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Garth Brooks at his New York Press Conference

Alice Cooper 

Also known as The Godfather of Shock Rock, Cooper is a grandfather to twins Riot and Falcon. With names like that, it would be so easy for them to step into their musical legacy. Reports also shared that the rockstar grandad has a promising name suggestion for their future rock band, 'Falcon Riot.' 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Alice Cooper

Marie Osmond 

Marie is a jack of all trades; she's a country singer, actress, talk show host, and philanthropist. But her most beloved roles are mother and grandmother. She has whopping 8 children and 3 grandchildren. Osmond's family is a great source of inspiration and she continues to thrive because of the love and adoration from them. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Marie Osmond


The musician is known as the lead singer of the British band The Police. However, he prefers to be a father and grandad above everything else. Even though Sting is a very rich man, he has taught his kids the value of hard work and holds his grandchildren to the same standard. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Sting's familly

The Most Unspoilt Kids?

The singer has shared that his brood will not be receiving any of his wealth but they seem to be accepting of that fate. This is due to their high work ethic and they regard themselves as not being born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

Image Credits: Getty Images/Sting

Dog The Bounty Hunter

Duane Chapman who also goes by the name  “Dog, the Bounty Hunter”, had his first great-grandchild back in 2019 when his grandson Dakota had his first child. Yup, that's right! He's a whole great grandfather, and a proud at that! Of course, he was incredibly thrilled about that.

Image Credits: Getty Images/Duane "Dog" Chapman during March of Dimes Honolulu Fundraiser

Ice Cube

The rapper whose real name is O’Shea Jackson Sr. has a son who is not only the spitting image of him but also carries his name, O’Shea Jackson Jr. He's also taken a stab at acting and rapping. O'Shea Jr. and his ex-girlfriend welcomed a daughter Jordan Reigh Jackson, who is Ice Cube's first grandchild. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Ice Cube attends the 7th annual Governors Awards

How Ice Cube Got His Name 

One night, during a bedtime story, Ice Cube shared why he got his stage name and we can't decide whether it's hilarious or terrifying. “My eldest brother, he [said he would put] me into a freezer and pull me out when I was an ice cube. I just started using that name, and it just caught on“, he told her. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Ice cube and his son O'Shea Jackson Jr.

Anna Wintour

She's the editor-in-chief of one of the most popular fashion magazines in the world, Vogue. But in 2017, she became a grandmother when her firstborn Charlie Schaffer became a dad. He and his wife Elizabeth welcomed their daughter Caroline. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Anna Wintour

Caroline's First Photo Was A Classic 

In her first photo, Caroline was adorned with a mega ribbon, nothing surprising as grandma has one of the greatest eyes for style. Anna also does a great job of balancing her demanding job and being a grandmother. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Anna Wintour

Cedric The Entertainer

Comedy fans will instantly recognize the comedian and actor. Although these days, he affectionately refers to himself as 'GrandCeddy'. He became a granddad and debuted a cute picture of his granddaughter Kylo Faith Kyles on Instagram and described her as a doll. Obviously, he's happy and very proud.

Image Credits: Instagram/Cedric The Entertainer

Nicolas Cage

There's a couple of things you might not know about this famous actor. Like for instance, the director Francis Ford Coppola is Nicolas's uncle. In 2014, the Coppola family expanded when Cage became a grandfather. His grandson's name is Lucien Augustus Coppola Cage. Up next is a singer and despite her young age of 36, she's already a grandparent. Yup, that's right

Image Credits: Getty Images/Nicolas Cage and his family

Fantasia Barrino

Fantasia welcomed her grandchild at the age of 32! She goes by the name Glammom to her grandson is Khoen. He is a product of Fantasia's stepson Treyshaun Taylor and his wife. Despite her grandmother's title, Fantasia is also expecting her third child. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Fantasia Barrino

Billy Crystal

The actor is known for his fast wit as well as lending his voice to the animation films Monsters Inc. He's also a father to two adult daughters Jennifer, who is a TV writer, and Lindsey, a director. Jennifer became a mom in 2003 when she gave birth to Billy's first grandchild Ella. Since then, he's gotten 3 more grandkids. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Billy Crystal

When Your Grandfather Was On Monsters Inc 

Well, the children have realized that their grandfather is famous, but how did this happen? Well, it all took place when they found out that he is Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. They made him talk in his 'Mike-voice' for 6 months! 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Billy Crystal

Sally Field

She's played some of the most popular material figures in the film industry but she's also an awesome mother and grandmother. The actress has one grandson and 2 granddaughters that come over for sleepovers at Sally's home all the time. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Sally Field

Harrison Ford

Captivating roles such as Hans Solo and Indiana Jones catapulted Harrison into stardom and earned him millions of dollars. But these days he's more focused on his family life and 3 grandchildren. The first time he became a granddad was back in 1993. That was ages ago! 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Harrison Ford at the world premiere of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker"

Harrison's Grandkids 

His son Willard and his wife welcomed his first grandchild Eliel. That was followed by his eldest son Benjamin who welcomed two children. Harrison is very private so we don't know much about his personal life. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Harrison Ford arrives at the Premiere of 'The Call of the Wild' at the El Capitan Theatre

Ozzy Osbourne

Also known as The Prince of Darkness, the frontman of Black Sabbath became a grandfather when his son Jack and his wife had their first child. The Osbournes are a huge family and surely enough they may just usher in a whole new musical empire. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, & Jack Osbourne

Martha Stewart

We're all familiar with the great Martha Stewart. We love her TV shows especially the one with Snoop Dogg Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. She also spent some time doing things that are quite the contrast to her homemaker image. However, she's an excellent grandmother as you can imagine. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Martha Stewart and Alexis Stewart

She Has Two Grandchildren 

Her only child Alexis Stewart welcomed Jude and then Truman. Of course, the lifestyle expert was over the moon with this good news. The two are very spoilt and it's just the way things go when you have a grandmother like Martha. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Martha Stewart at the opening night of "Tina - The Tina Turner Musical

Tom Hanks

He's one of the most beloved stars in Hollywood but he also became a lovable grandfather when his son Colin Hanks and his wife welcomed their first child Olivia back in 2011. As you can imagine, Tom is a doting grandfather. Not long after that, Colin had his second child Charlotte. But that's not all of his grandchildren. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks

3 Granddaughters 

His other son Chester Hanks also welcomed a daughter named Michaiah. Tom isn't shy about sharing how much fun he has with his granddaughters. In fact, he thinks he's a cool granddad and we have to agree with him.

Image Credits: Getty Images/Tom Hanks and his family

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Let's be honest, you would not mind having Catherine Zeta-Jones as your step-grandmother. The actress stepped into her new role when her stepson Cameron Douglas became a dad in 2017. He and his wife also welcomed another daughter late last year.

Image Credits: Getty Images/Catherine Zeta Jones

Snoop Dogg

It's probably a little weird to imagine him as a grandfather but that's what he is. The rap sensation welcomed his first grandson in 2015 from his son Cordé Broadus. Cordé also had another child and it happens to be a granddaughter so of course, she's got her grandfather wrapped around her little pinky. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Snoop Dogg

The Family Went Through A Rough Patch 

In 2019, Snoop welcomed another grandson but unfortunately, he didn't make it past his 10 day birthday. However, the family remains strong and looks forward to expanding, we wish them happy tidings in the future!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Snoop Dogg

Rosie O’Donnell

Thanks to the show Star Search, we have Rosie O'Donnell. The actress has 5 children and her older daughter Chelsea gave birth to her first grandchild Skylar Rose, in 2018. Those who follow Rosie on Twitter know how proud she is to be a grandmother, she even has a specific hashtag #nananews for anything grandmom-related. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Rosie O'Donnell at the 5th Annual Athena Film Festival Ceremony & Reception

Brett Favre

This one is for the sports fans! The popular NFL quarterback became a first-time grandfather in 2010 when his daughter Brittany had Parker Brett. From then, two more grandchildren came. Of course, the granddad can't get enough of his grandkids. Would he like for his grandkids to follow in his footsteps? 

Image Credits: Instagram/Brett Favre

Is Football In The Future For His Grandchildren?

During an appearance on a talk show, the retired sportsman was asked whether he would like for his grandchildren to play professional football one day. His response was that he would never push them into it because it's a tough sport and he's a protective granddad. 

Image Credits: Instagram/Brett Favre

Flavor Flav

The rapper is known for being an MC for the supreme rap group Public Enemy. Flav is the father of 7 and according to reports, he has 2 grandchildren. When asked about his grandchildren, the hip-hop star said, “I’m proud of it. A lot of guys didn’t live to see this, but I did.”

Image Credits: Getty Images/Rosie O'Donnell at the 5th Annual Athena Film Festival Ceremony & Reception

Charlie Sheen

The Two And a Half Men star is one of the most controversial figures in Hollywood and has experienced no shortage of news headlines. Despite this fact, he's still a family man. His eldest daughter Cassandra Estevez had a daughter named Luna in 2013. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Charlie Sheen

Lauryn Hill

The rapper and actress is a former member of the 90s group The Fugees. Over the span of her career, she's only dropped one album and earned 8 Grammy Awards. She was also in a relationship with Bob Marley's son Rohan Marley for 10 years. 

Image Credits: Getty Image/Lauryn Hill

She Became A Grandma At 41 

In 2017, the former couples' son Zion Marley and his wife welcomed a son named Zephaniah. Lauren was just 41! We'll have to wait and see whether Zephaniah will follow in Lauren and Bob Marley's musical footsteps. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Lauryn Hill

Kid Rock

Kid claims the spot of being the youngest grandfather on the list as he gained his first grandchild at the age of 43. His son Robert James Ritchie Jr. and his girlfriend welcomed their little girl Skye. The rockstar and his granddaughter are often spotted out and about together and he's extremely grateful for his grandchild. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Kid Rock

Meryl Streep

She's one of the most prestigious actresses of all time and she became a grandmother for the first time at 68. Her second kid Mamie Gummer had a little boy in 2019. But don't worry, we doubt she's as intimidated as her role as grandma Mary Louise Wright in Big Little Lies. Now, last but not least, we've got one of the funniest actors to ever grace the silver screen. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Meryl Streep

Jim Carrey

The comedian and actor Jim Carrey welcomed his first grandchild in 2012 when he was 47. His daughter Jane Carrey gave birth to his grandson Jackson Riley Santana. Jim takes his role of grandpa very seriously. You can imagine how great he is at telling bedtime stories. And that's all we have for now!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Jim Carrey

So now that you're up to speed with all of the Hollywood stars you had no clue were grandparents, we want to know what you think? Is there any celebrity on here that came as a surprise to you? Or did you know that some of them were grandparents? Do let us know in the comments and don't forget to hit the like button and share this article with your friends!

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