Pets That Accidentally Scared Their Owners

Aug 16, 2021Leo Chiu

We all love pets here (not so much for cats sometimes, you know why... but some of them are fine) and when things are rough they're always by your side. However, sometimes they do manage to give us a mini heart attack that we are not thankful for. Here are some of those moments. Note: no pets were harmed in the writing of this article, if anything it was the owner who was panicking. 

Image Credits: Reddit/coots007


Well, let's be honest - cats are weird (and some of them evil.) And we honestly have no idea what they are doing sometimes - but imagine this, you walk into the bathroom and see your cat doing this, it must be a bit scary and you can't help but wonder... just what was the cat doing in the bathroom the whole time? Summoning some ancient demons? 

Image Credits: Imgur/kirakittykatt

My Cat Turned Into Cat Food! 

Ah yes, that good old optical illusion. But seriously, we would have a small heart attack as well if we stumble upon our cats like that... though some people would say that it was unintentional but hey, they are cats after all so we will never know. On top of that, one question remained unanswered - did the cat just sneaked into the cupboard to devour all those cat food? 

Image Credits: Imgur/IdLikeToLickALemonLollipopInLillehammer

You Know That Reference... 

The first time we saw this picture all we could think about was that infamous anime reference, between a girl and a dog... yea, you know which one. But seriously, who would put a mask like that on a dog? Moreover - who would buy a mask like that in the first place? We simply cannot find a logical reason behind this. Seriously. 

Image Credits: Imgur/ClovenSafe

Returning From a Different Dimension 

Luckily it's the daytime or else it would have been much, much scarier - cats having multiple eyes, something nightmarish straight out of a Lovecraft novel. But well, it could be that the cat had too much catnip and it finally wakes, seeing the past present and future all at once... beware, fellow humans. 

Image Credits: Reddit/DEX_Wrecks


Yes, this is a cat. But seeing it from afar does make it rather confusing where we thought that it might actually be a bird or something, the lighting really made all the difference here. Normally it really isn't scary - but imagine that you looked on the floor while working... that brief moment of confusion that your cat turned into a bird. That can be a bit scary. 

Image Credits: Reddit/coolgiantass

Must. Hide. Evidence. 

You know all the talk about cats being evil? No? Well, you will hear plenty of those as we go on. Imagine walking downstairs in the middle of the night and see your cat struggling on the floor in a pile of blood... if that doesn't cause a heart attack we don't know what will. But luckily it wasn't blood - just some paprika powder after the cat got into the spice shelf. 

Image Credits: Imgur/bessiboom


Cats in the most unexpected of all places... nothing new really. But parking lot though, we don't really expect to see a cat in the parking lot, especially not on top of the pipes, staring at you with their shiny eyes. Oh, right, also a black cat... the psychological horror goes way deeper than it appears. 

Image Credits: Imgur/SubRabbit

Where's The Head? 

This one is not that scary for the one playing with the cat, but for those passing by it might be a small shock still... the cat is wiggling on the floor, but where's its head? Just what happened to it? A good old optical illusion, but still scary if you are the cay owner yourself. 

Image Credits: Reddit/Kaphraxus

The Cushion Has Eyes...

This is not that scary to look at, pretty cute actually - but you have to put yourself in the shoes of the owner himself/ herself. Now imagine this, just right before you sat down you realized your cat's there... which is incredibly lucky, cause who would know what could have happened if you actually sat on it? That's the truly scary part. 

Image Credits: Reddit/Isai76

The Floor is ALIVE! 

Again, now that you are looking at the photo it might not be that scary, but if you try and put yourself in that scenario it would be a totally different story... especially after a long night out, coming back home all tired and drowsy, as you realized that the floor is moving by itself... staring back at you at the same time. Not nice man, not nice. 

Image Credits: Reddit/DylanDE528

Detachable Tail

Ah yes, those fluffy white tails... how can you say no to that. But wait... why's the tail detached from the cat itself? What's going on here? Is that really a cat then? Or perhaps it was an alien, after all, pretending that it's a cat to blend into our daily lives? You know how people say perspective is everything? Here you go. 

Image Credits: Reddit/mrsix

The Cat is Sinking 

This one is not that scary luckily, but one would require a second look to understand what happened here - and it can be scary at first sight. At first sight, it does look like half of the cat's body disappeared, sinking into the couch itself. But upon closer inspection, you would realize that it was just an optical illusion, and a very confusing one at that. 

Image Credits: Reddit/Darklyte

Crushed Cat

The cat seems to be in pain, but for cat owners this is really quite a normal sight, just cats yawning and doing their cat thing, incomprehensible to us mortals. It looks like it was being crushed by the garage door, which can really freak people out... but nah, it's just a cat doing their own cat thing. 

Image Credits: Reddit/modestmouse89

Cronenberg Dog 

This one looks like something straight out of a Cronenberg movie (not for the faint of heart if you don't know who Cronenberg is). It looks like two dogs somehow were spliced together, and the result is a monstrous creature with multiple eyes which is quite unsettling. But no need to worry here - it's just two dogs having a good time, that's it. 

Image Credits: Reddit/luke_ww__

Conjoined Dog 

Not that conjoined doesn't appear in nature, they do, but it's a very, very rare occurrence, just like conjoined humans. They're not scary to look at, but imagine you being the owner, opening the door after a long day at work as you return home, greeted by a doggo like this... no everyone is prepared for it. But seriously though, you are just looking at two dogs close together waiting for their owner, so no need to worry here. 

Image Credits: Reddit/mosnegerg

What Kind of Creature is This? 

You might be wondering... what kind of creature am I looking at here? An alien perhaps? What is this exactly?! Well, it's a dog, a dog curling by itself under the blanket. But the optical illusion it creates is still pretty unsettling for us if we have to be honest with you. 

Image Credits: Reddit/loganhudak


Is this a dog or a log? Well, both actually. But it does look like a dog was somehow cut in half, with its lower part being a piece of log. That's some uncanny color match between the dog and the log, and the angle makes it all too confusing for us, and probably for the owner himself/ herself as well.

Image Credits: Reddit/esquonk

Dog With Blue Lips 

Last time we checked, this kind of blue does not appear in animals naturally, so there's no way that this dog actually has a pair of blue lips like that. Okay, it's kind of obvious actually, but what is that exactly though? It's not a ball for sure, but what is he biting at? Can you guess? Answer: it's a blue frisbee, and a very flexible one. 

Image Credits: Reddit/tone_is_everything


This is probably not scary for the owner themselves but definitely would scare the soul out of any passerby if they are not paying any attention. Since when did dogs have human arms and legs? And even getting themselves a place on the train? Is this real? Or is this just fantasy? Note: it's just a dog and a woman, with some optical illusion. 

Image Credits: Reddit/camel69

It's Nap Time 

Again, this is probably not scary for the owner himself since he appeared to be taking a nap, but it would be for his family members. Imagine your dad suddenly becomes a dog as he is lying down on the couch... we want to insert a dad joke here but we couldn't think of any, so you can thank us later. 

Image Credits: Reddit/iliketurtles242

Ed ward...

You know the anime reference we are going to make here, so we will try to be nice and not go any further. But yes, if you have watched Full Metal Alchemist before, you know what we are talking about, one of the most unsettling scenes in anime history, actually. Not that scary if you haven't seen it, but it is going to bring out some unpleasant memories for anyone who has. 

Image Credits: Reddit/Sword_Warrior124

Where's the Body?

Imagine being the owner of this cat, casually taking a stroll outside the house and saw this... nothing remains of the cat but its head. Did a murder just take place, and the killer is cruel enough to just leave its head there outside the door? Oh wait... just the cat taking a peek from the ledge, everything's alright then. 

Image Credits: Reddit/vinu143143

A Portal? 

According to the Redditor who posted the picture, he/she "did a 180 turn in my living room and was immediately confused." We can totally see why - how did its cat get through that? Was it broken or anything? Then the realization comes... right, there are two cats actually. 

Image Credits: Reddit/dingleDangas


Although unlike cats who like to get into confined places and simply hide there (especially when it's warm, which makes an oven a perfect place for hiding), it doesn't happen much with dogs. But should you find a dog in the oven for some reason, instant panicking would ensue without a doubt - only that in this case, the dog wasn't really in the oven, it was just a reflection there. 

Image Credits: Reddit/angrykoalie

Dog On Fire 

Guess we can really say that this dog is on fire... does the pun work? No? Okay, we have to work on our sense of humor then. Dogs are men's best friend, so of course, it would be scary to find one caught on fire but luckily, in this case, it was just the reflection from the flame outside. No dogs were harmed here. 

Image Credits: Reddit/jujumajikk

Broken Leg?

The picture doesn't look too scary at first sight, but it is for the owner himself/ herself, or if you love animals in general. Can you notice what's wrong in this picture here? No? Well, according to the Redditor who posted the picture, he/she "thought the dog casually broke his leg today." No wonder why we felt something was odd about this picture. 

Image Credits: Reddit/McKaylaMaroney

Where Did the Rest of the Cat Go? 

Honestly, we have no idea how the cat was able to do that - or how cats, in general, are able to do this. We gotta say that this is a cute looking cat but seriously, where's the rest of its body? How did it just turn into a ball of fluffiness like that? Well, again, perspectives, it's all about perspectives. 

Image Credits: Reddit/lrichardson126

Another Dog On Fire 

From the picture we feature earlier, the dog seemed to be rather calm that we can gather he wasn't really on fire or anything. But this one? Look at its face, it does seem to be suffering a bit here. With the raging flame that's burning in the picture, it does give the illusion that the dog is on fire, or perhaps we can call it... a hotdog? Sorry, we just can't stop ourselves from making this pun. 

Image Credits: Reddit/coots007

What Happened to Its Leg? 

Did the dog here just lost its leg? Why's it separated from the rest of the body? Scary right? But can you figure out what really happened here? Try again, look closer - can you see it now? It's actually just another good old optical illusion, where the dog of the carpet matches that of the 'shirt' (whatever that is), thus creating the illusion that its leg was separated from the body. 

Image Credits: Reddit/TakingItOffHereBoss

A Severed Head

According to the Redditor who posted the picture, "my dog climbed through the bushes and lost her body." We really want to know where does he/she lives cause we are definitely not going to the bushes there, cause we don't really plan to lose our body. And nope, we still can't see the paws and the rest of the body after looking over the picture a few times. 

Image Credits: Reddit/lolzycakes

Houdini Cat

You know the saying about cats, if it fits it sits - but we didn't know that a cereal box is possible as well. Just look at this, who would have thought that a cat can actually fit there, the proportion is all wrong here. Also, imagine in the morning as you are trying to grab your cereal and your cat peeks out from the box. No thanks. 

Image Credits: Reddit/ShadowTony

Cat Turned Monkey 

Not a lot of people have monkeys as a pet - such as the person who posted this picture on the internet. As far as we know he/she has a cat as a pet, not a monkey, but one day he/she looked at the couch and saw this instead. Okay okay... it is actually just a cat with a monkey toy on the couch. But still, it does look scary. 

Image Credits: Reddit/fatimmehwish

Cat On Fire 

We have seen a similar image before already with a dog, but this time it's a cat, which makes it much, much scarier, cause you know how cats are known to be evil with their weird antics at the same time, who knows what they are planning... summoning a demon perhaps? You never know. 

Image Credits: Reddit/augustinay

Cat For Dinner 

Yup, another optical illusion on this list, but this picture is freaky on different levels. First of all, the optical illusion itself - it looks like you actually cooked a cat for dinner which is something entirely wrong. But on top of that, the way the cat looks at the chicken... it looks like he is about to devour the chicken all by himself, and there goes your dinner. 

Image Credits: Reddit/30-xv

Cat Assembly 

Who would have thought that cats come in parts where you have to assemble them together? Moreover, who would have thought that they can actually replace their own heads? Imagine being a cat owner witnessing this... a guaranteed mini heart attack. 

Image Credits: Reddit/Flums666

I Think You Misspelt Cat

We are not sure if you can actually call this one a cat, cause it behaves more like a bat than a cat. For the record, we don't think we know of any cats who hang themselves upside like a bat, so there's only one possibility - that it's actually a bat, but not a cat.

Image Credits: Reddit/elee0228

Dishwashing Cat 

If you ever owned a cat before (or now, please accept our deepest condolences) you will know that they love hiding, basically any place that they could find, and scare the living soul out of you when you are least expected. But honestly, this is still the first time we have seen a cat in a dishwasher (since we don't own one) but we hope that they didn't discover it after the dishwashing cycle. 

Image Credits: Reddit/jklaiho

Water Cat 

Remember how we said that cats are always found in the most unexpected of places? Cereal boxes, dishwasher... and now this, a water bottle case. This is a truly secretive hiding spot and if not for the exposed tail, it would be nearly impossible to spot the cat, so imagine what if no one notices and step on the case... we don't even want to think about it. 

Image Credits: Reddit/NoxSyndrome

A Cat Head 

Apparently it wasn't so scary for the owner himself, but for us, this is for sure extremely freaky and scary. Come on, look at this, it looks like a cat head was placed on top of a box or something... where's the body? Is the cat really alive? How can we be so sure? 

Image Credits: Twitter/Docm77


If you are a pet owner then you would understand the frustration every time you go to the vet - we all love our pets, and a visit to a vet can also bring unexpected outcomes. But probably no one would have expected that our cats' head would be removed and placed inside the monitor. 

Image Credits: Reddit/WhereTFAmI

Not Happy 

You see, sometimes the scariest moments aren't about what you see, but the suddenness of it - that's exactly why we have jumpscares in movies. But the same thing can happen with cats as well, especially in real life - where they hide in the least expected of all places and strike you when you are least prepared. Also, look at its face - that look of anger and vengeance... 

Image Credits: Imgur/capnchloe

Bow, You Mortals 

You really don't want to mess around with cats - remember how we said that cats are evil? Well, this is exactly why. Look at those eyes... nope, on second thought, don't. We are afraid that if you look into those eyes for too long your soul will be taken by the cat. Also, the fact that the cat is standing above you means that it has a very tactical position to strike whenever they please. Be careful, fellow hoomans. 

Image Credits: Imgur/theromans

Creepy Cat

According to Redditor Johngoodmansanus, this is his father's creepy cat from the 70s. We gotta say that we feel so much safer now that we know that thing is gone already. Look at those eyes, filled with grimaces and vengeance, we wouldn't feel safe to have that thing around for sure. 

Image Credits: Reddit/Johngoodmansanus


There's always an unnerving feeling whenever a cat stares at you like that... or just keep staring at you in general. Imagine having a cat peeking its head out, staring at your like that with those eyes. No one would feel safe.

Image Credits: Reddit/thekingsnicker

Here are some of the moments when pets accidentally freaked out their owners, unintentionally (except for the cats, we are pretty sure those are intentional). Which one is your favorite? Have you seen anything like that before? You probably have if you have a cat. If you enjoyed reading this, why not share it with your friends and family? Just don't show them to your cat, you don't want to give them ideas. 

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