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Aug 24, 2021Eric

Have you ever had a dream so strange and unusual you couldn't stop thinking about it in your waking life? Have you ever felt strong emotions in a dream that carried over to the real world? Dreams confound us with their outrageousness and downright surrealness. But apart from the detailed, idiosyncratic dreams we sometimes have, recurring dreams are not always so elaborate. Recurring dreams can often be signs of something else going on in your subconscious. A recurring dream can be a message your subconscious is sending you to address something important in your life. 

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The Tidal Wave Dream 

This type of dream can have several meanings but it is usually found in people who have suffered trauma in their lives. The wave, or a tidal wave, is a strong image that can trigger many responses in people. People who have been in accidents have been injured, abused, or experienced a violent event that can often be plagued by this image for its evocation of helplessness and being overwhelmed by an unstoppable force. 

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Being Chased 

This is one of the most common recurring dreams. It does not involve actual physical violence, but simply the feeling that someone or something is out to get you. Again, the dream does not involve any actual physical violence, but even the threat of violence can be scary. The most obvious interpretation of the dream is that the dreamer is unwilling or unable to confront something important in their real life, so they choose the flight response. 

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Trying and Trying Again 

The myth of Sisyphus informs this kind of dream. Like the figure from Greek mythology, a person can dream that they are pushing a rock up a hill only to have the rock roll back down the hill once you get to the top. There are many variations on that theme and the dream may not always use that same image. This dream can signal to the dreamer that they should try a different approach to a problem, rather than the approach they have been using all this time. 

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Frozen By Fear 

The adage "like a deer caught in the headlights" is one often used to describe someone who cannot decide between fight or flight as the fear of an impending danger paralyzes them. Uncertainty is what marks this recurring dream, as the dreamer may not be able to resolve an important problem in their life. It could also signify that an upcoming event or situation is causing undue stress on the dreamer. 

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The Eating Dream 

Not all recurring dreams have to be frightening or scary. People can often have positive recurring dreams that are full of satisfying experiences. The eating dream is one of these dreams. Although it may seem like a normal dream, it can also be the sign of something else. While the obvious conclusion is that an eating dream can mean you are overindulging on your favorite foods, it could mean the opposite. It could also mean that you have been too busy to enjoy the simple pleasures in life - like a good meal. 

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Being Late 

Being late, for anything (a meeting, a date, a train) can be stressful enough when you are awake, and that stress is also felt even in the dream world. Some people have a genuine fear of being late, and it can create undue stress. While being punctual is admirable, the recurring dream of being late could be a way of your conscious telling you to not overwhelm yourself with too much, as you feel the need to do everything on time. 

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The Swimming Dream 

This may seem like an innocuous dream, as it doesn't involve anything scary of fear-inducing. But what may seem like the simple act of swimming could also be the portent of something else. Interpreting this dream requires context. Where are you swimming, a pool, a lake, the ocean? Are you struggling to swim or is it easy? The repetitive nature of swimming could also mean that you are stuck in place and that you may need to restart your life by trying something new or changing something about your circumstances. 

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Being Locked Up 

Everyone is, at least, a little afraid of being locked in a room with no way out. When this scenario starts appearing in your dream-life it can be even more frightening, as the claustrophobic feeling can be overwhelming to some. The dream is not, however, a manifestation of that fear, but of something that you are hiding or have "locked away" that it is trying to get out, despite your attempts to keep it locked up. If you are keeping something important from someone, it may be time to come clean and free your conscience. 

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Yes, snakes are inherently scary. They not only look scary but, in some cases, they can also be life-threatening. But what does a recurring dream about snakes mean? It doesn't have to do with fear necessarily, but something cyclical. While snakes have historically been tied to malevolence, they are also important symbols of rebirth and even regeneration. A recurring dream about snakes could mean that it's time to break the cycle you have been in and start anew. 

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Finding Money 

This dream may appear, on the surface, as the easiest to explain, who wouldn't want to find the money somewhere, by accident? But it is not so simple, it rarely is with recurring dreams. Finding a literal treasure trove may be the ultimate in wish-fulfillment, which points to an unsatisfied desire within you. Finding money is easy, but if you want something that bad, the dream may be telling you to be more proactive in getting what you want out of life. 

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The Flying or Soaring Dream 

This is a classic recurring dream. The feeling of weightlessness and the ability to fly through the air like any winged creature is appealing for a lot of reasons. But the simple desire every person has to fly does not explain everything about this dream. This dream can actually signify the opposite, as the flying can mean you are not grounded enough or that you have been lost in your thoughts and imagination for too long, which means its time to come back down to earth. 

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Falling Dreams 

Falling dreams are, of course, often accompanied by feeling a loss of control and the panic that comes with that. Falling in your dream can be just as frightening as in real-life. What it all means can vary, but the most typical associations with free-falling are often tied to that fear of a loss of control. It can also be the fear you have of initiating a major change in your life and the consequences that are sure to follow from that life-changing decision (quitting a job, break-up, divorce). 

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Being Dressed Inappropriately 

While this may seem like a recurring dream that occurs more in women than in men, both sexes can experience this dream. This dream does not necessarily inspire fear or anxiety, it can cause people to feel embarrassed or ashamed. This dream can stem from the fear of new experiences, which can range from moving to a new city, the first day of work or school, and just wanting to fit in but failing. It may be a sign to take the pressure off yourself to fit in and just be who you are. 

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Being Confined/Tied Up 

This dream is also based on a common phobia that people have. While it may not seem that frightening, a lot of people are afraid of being restrained, tied up, or bound, which is akin to being stuck in a small room for some. The dream may stem from a fear of consequences, as you are unsure of what will happen when you make an important decision that can have lasting consequences. It may also come from a fear of the commitment of being, figuratively, tied down to someone or something. 

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The Genius Dream 

It's not always clear how this type of recurring dream can manifest itself. Maybe you make an important scientific discovery or you invent a world-changing device, but this dream has less to do with illusions (or delusions) of grandeur. The dream could have to do with wish-fulfillment, as you may not feel that you have the right skills or abilities to get ahead. If you have this recurring dream, you should take stock of yourself and find your strengths rather than focus on your weaknesses. 

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Losing All Your Teeth 

Losing one's teeth is a natural occurrence from when you first start to get them. But losing all of one's teeth is a major change to your appearance and self-esteem. For people who are experiencing this dream, the loss of all your teeth can be more tied to a loss of confidence in yourself. It can also signify that you are too image-obsessed and should learn to embrace your flaws instead of rejecting them. 

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Seeing Yourself in the Mirror 

Another dream that seems innocuous and is an everyday occurrence, looking at yourself in the mirror or any reflective surface can become a recurring dream for many reasons. It can be a sign that you need to admit a truth about yourself that you have tried to avoid. The obvious interpretation would have to do with a poor self-image, which is also possible. But another way of looking it could do with your obsession with self and the fact that you have been ignoring others, while only focussing on yourself. 

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Magical Powers 

When you dream that you can do anything (apart from things like flying or levitating) it can mean the opposite of what you think it means. The feeling that you have magical powers and can do almost anything might stem from fear or an inability to do things. The dream is your wish-fulfillment for the fact that you feel, in fact, powerless and are unable to bring a measure of control or stability to your life. 

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Storms and Tornadoes 

Tornadoes and other weather disturbances can be very frightening and awesome (in the original sense of the word), so it's no wonder that people often dream about these meteorological events. Tornadoes are random and hard to predict, which may point to a feeling of uncertainty in your life. It can also point to some apprehension that you have toward change and disturbing your everyday routine. 

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Being The Opposite Sex 

The dream of metamorphosis can entail several changes or transitions and one of those can be into the opposite sex. While there's nothing inherently scary about this proposition, it can be a little confounding, even a little exciting, as you can get a feeling of what it's like to experience the world in someone else's shoes (or body). The gender-swap dream could be a sign for you to embrace change, not necessarily regarding gender, but in some other sphere of your life, where you are hesitant to make the first move. 

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Bugs and Insects 

Creepy crawlies and the like are a real phobia for many people, even if it might be overblown in some cases. But the fact that bugs and insects can invade your dreams could be a sign of something like a fear of a loss of control. Insects are mostly innocent creatures and mean us no harm, but their presence, especially in great numbers, can be overwhelming. If they are in your dreams it could be a sign that what you think is scary in your life is not as frightening as you think. 

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A Physical Attack 

Another common recurring dream, the feeling of being physically attacked for both men and women can be terrifying. Unlike the chasing dream, dreamers who have repeating dreams of being assaulted imagine themselves under attack from someone or something. These dreams are often manifestations of a deep-seated fear that the dreamer feels anxious about in their real life. It can also be the result of guilt on the part of the dreamer for something they did for which they feel regret and shame.

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Dreaming of Being Killed 

This is something, unfortunately, not only tied to the dream-world. While it is not something that we think about all the time, the fear of being killed is present in everyone, so it is only natural that it can sometimes manifest itself in your dreams. A dream where you die is scary, and it can wake you up, literally and figuratively, to something that you may be ignoring about your health or about your life that is self-destructive and does more harm than good. 

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Paralyzed and Awake 

This is another dream that is not only restricted to your subconscious, as this is a real-life nightmare for many. It can come in many forms and can involve you being aware of your surroundings, but not being able to move your body. What it can mean for your life is that you are afraid of taking action, or are paralyzed by inaction. This dream can be a wake-up call to start making things happen in your life, as there is a threat that it can pass you all by. 

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Dreaming of a Presence Nearby 

This one can be a combination of factors from the feeling of being chased or watched by a supernatural presence. It can definitely be unsettling, as you feel like someone is there, even though you are all alone. If it happens in real life, it could be scary, but in a dream, it could mean something else. It could be a reference to someone or something you are ignoring or have ignored for too long and it's time to reach out. 

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Too Close To The Edge 

When you are too close to the edge of anything, in real life, it can be dizzying. The closer you get to the edge, the more is revealed, about yourself, and your limits. You know what you can put up with and what you cannot. This is what your dream of being close to falling or being close to an edge at great height can mean if you are constantly dreaming about it. You can have the impulse to test the waters of something new, while, at the same time, keeping your boundaries intact. 

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Fire and Flames 

The nature of fire is duplicitous. It can destroy, but it can also cleanse. It can hurt, but it can also protect and keep you alive. So if you are having dreams of fire or flames or anything of the like, it can be hard to decipher the meaning of it. If the image keeps appearing in your dreams, it could be time to take an inventory of everything in your life that needs to be taken care of, whether that means exiting from a troubled relationship, a stressful job, or a self-destructive habit. 

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Taking An Exam 

Writing an exam is a regular rite of passage for everyone, but it is also a very stressful time. A lot is riding on your success and it can determine a lot in your life, which is why when it shows up in your dreams it can be a lot of things. The act of having to write an exam over and over can be absurd, but it can also mean that you haven't resolved something in your life in the right way. Maybe you need to take more time in dealing with your personal problems and pay more attention to them. 

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What are some recurring dreams that you have? Do you have any favorites? What are some recurring dreams that we missed here? Let us know in the comments section below. Dreams do not always have to be interpreted. In fact, studies have shown that interpreting dreams do not, overall, affect a person's mental health, but they can still be important in learning more about yourself. Recurring dreams do not always have to be scary either, and they are nothing to be afraid of if you have them. 

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